June 26, 2011

That One Night [5]

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[That One Night]

My eyes were trying to adjust to the room which was only lit by the moonlight coming in from the window. I kept my eyes trained on the doorway, expecting the shadow ghoul to float on in after me or bust the door down or something dramatic. After what felt like the most intense minute of my life, nothing happened. Nothing came in the room and nothing was going to happen to me, for now.

I had just breathed a sigh of relief when I realized my knees were wet. I quickly dismissed it as my pants still being wet from when Paul’s organs spilled out on me but I immediately noticed my hands were soaking in something on the carpet as well. Then I felt something drip onto my hand. I hoped it was a leaking pipe or something to that effect when I looked up and came face to toe with a foot. A bloody foot to be exact. I fixed my gaze up as I followed a steady stream of blood up from the foot to the leg and into the darkness of a blood drenched nightgown.


I got out from under her and looked at Abby. She was lynched from a hole in the ceiling. You couldn’t tell her nightgown was once white with the crimson that reflected in the pale moonlight that, as if on cue, came out fully from the clouds to illuminate my view of Abby and her room. Blood splatter was all over the walls and Abby was at the epicenter of it all, blood pouring out of every orifice and dripping onto the carpet which had created a pool under her.

Her mouth was fixed open as well as her eyes, which were staring directly at me. Creped out to say the least, I took a step to the side to avoid her gaze, which followed me. This wasn’t like a weird painting where the eyes always seem to be looking right at you, or when you walking into a room full of porcelain dolls that always seek you out to look at, this was Abby constantly adjusting her eyes so that they follow me. I watched as they twitched to keep up with me every time I changed location.

Abby’s body then made a spastic twitch, her head went from leaning to the left to leaning to the right and she started laughing. It wasn’t Abby laughing though, it started almost as a grunt, then changed to a higher tone with another, deeper voice laughing as she continued to twitch. I started backing myself up as Abby’s laughing and twitching continued to get more and more violent. Her arms and legs were now flinging blood everywhere, especially in my direction.

Then the rope snapped and everything ceased. Abby fell to the ground and didn’t move. I looked up towards the ceiling to see that the hole and other part of the snapped rope were gone. “Abby?” I whispered as I crouched down and approached her. She looked dead, but she looked dead before so I wasn’t taking any chances.

“You’re a dog…” I heard Abby say. She still wasn’t moving, her head was facing away from me, but she was obviously alive. “…Just like the ones I had. Do you know what I did with my dogs when I was younger? Mother never approved and stopped replacing them.” I really didn’t want to get any closer to Abby, my gut was screaming at me to run, but my head said I should at least make sure Abby was fine…which so far, she wasn’t. Besides, leaving meant possibly running into that shadow wraith thing again.

She had called me a dog. She called guys that when they acted rude around her, which was usually every time I saw her. I figured if she can call me a dog at a time like this, she might actually be alright. The shadow wraith I encountered outside along with everything else that happened so far begged to differ however.

She giggled again like she did before when I was talking to Karen, which made me briefly wonder where that particular girl was. “Abby?” I asked as I touched her shoulder and her head turned to face me, except it didn’t turn the proper way around. Her head twisted backwards around her head, I could hear every bone in her neck pop and snap as she did this, then faced in my direction.

She took a second to stare at me, her left eye twitching rapidly, then opened her mouth and screamed like she did before, blood and bile spraying out onto me and causing me to jump back and topple onto her bed. Abby then started to rise and I decided that now would be a good time to run again. I was propping myself on my elbows when-

-blood. Blood was soaking up through the blanket I was on. Then I realized the bed was lumpy, like there’s something on the bed with me, under the blanket. I jumped off and pulled the blanket to reveal Karen, or what remained of Karen. Her body was severed in various locations, and her pieces were rearranged on the bed. Some indistinguishable pieces were piled near the pillow with Karen’s head resting on top, her swollen tongue sticking out from between her teeth and her eyes fixed open with the eyeballs rolled all the way back.

-I think I‘ll take my chances with the wraith now…

I jumped up and made for the door to leave, though Abby was in the way of that. On her feet again and still screaming, Abby reached out and started to strangle me. Her hands were icy and unusually strong as they tightened around my neck despite my best efforts to pull them off. Blood was practically spewing out of Abby’s mouth fire hose style as she continued screaming, going up my nose and obstructing my vision. More and more blood came pouring out of her making me think the room would start flooding if she kept this up.

Not being strong enough to pull Abby’s hands from my neck, I opted to pick her up and toss her into the door, the force of it dragged her hands off of me, which left four deep scratches on each side of my neck. After wiping my eyes clear, I immediately retreated to Abby’s desk and searched through it for the best weapon I could think of, knowing Abby of all people would have it.

It wasn’t hard to keep track of where Abby was behind me with the wailing she was doing. Upon finding what I was looking for, I spun around and held it out in front of me like a shield. A crucifix. Small enough to fit in one hand even though it was quite heavy, due in large part to the Jesus that was hanging on the front.

Abby stopped screaming long enough to get a good look at ol’ Jesus before lunging out and biting his head off, taking the top of the crucifix with it.

-I guess that rules out holy water for plan B

I kicked Abby back and started beating her with what remained of the crucifix. My plan was to beat her onto the floor and keep her there until a better idea came to mind. I had Abby flat on the floor and stabbed her in the back with the crucifix. I used my foot to push her back down and was about to make a run for it when I felt something wet smack into my head.

I looked down and saw a foot fall to the ground. I looked back towards the bed and saw Karen’s severed arm was picking up other body parts and hurling them at me one by one. Abby was back on her feet, though not screaming-

-Choking on Jesus’ head perhaps?

-while Karen’s body parts were throwing themselves at me. I kicked Abby to the ground again as one of Karen’s floppy breasts flew into my face and slapped me. Her other arm was spinning end over end at me when I caught it in mid air then ducked as another appendage flew overhead and smacked into the wall. I watched as her arm dragged over to her chest, ripped it open and started ripping and tossing various organs towards me. Using the severed arm as a bat, I started hitting organs back before I used it to beat Abby back down, pausing for a split-second to marvel how a woman was finally throwing herself at me.

The arm then fought back as the hand clenched into a fist and started punching me. I tossed the arm down just as-”Head butt!!!” A voice cried out. I turned just in time to see Karen’s head fly into my chest, knocking me down near the door. Abby was back on her feet and approaching me as I reached up, opened the door and kicked myself out of the room, the door slamming itself behind me. I laid in the hallway for several minutes to see if anything was going to follow me.

Feeling safe, I stood up again and surveyed the hall. The light in here was still shitty but there was no one around. I figured Abby’s screaming might have awoken at least one person. “Hello?” I called out to no response. How can no one have come? Abby had been screaming enough to wake the dead, which was evident by Karen’s body (parts) coming to life, and yet no one else in the dorm had heard?

-Maybe they’re all dead…

Nobody had come. I knew that the dorms were pretty dead on party nights, but not a single person had come to investigate the screams. No friends of Karen or Abby, no Resident (I’m so fucking special) Advisors, no campus security guards, nobody. Something was seriously wrong here, and whatever it was, it had followed Marshall here.

“Help had to have come,” I said to myself as Abby started pounding on the door behind me. Help probably did come, and for all I knew, help ran into the wraith thing and got killed. No one was going to come.

I pushed the thought aside. There was no way this could be happening. “Hello?” I called out, louder now, and the only response I received was Abby’s wail as she beat uselessly at the door. I was convinced this wasn’t simply a nightmare since most people can wake up from those with a quick scare or pinching themselves, I on the other hand had been scared half to death and been enduring punishment much more severe than mere pinches.

“So where to now?” I asked to the darkness, but before I had a chance to think, something tackled me from behind, knocking me back onto the ground. I then felt the air above my head rush passed as if something had been swung right next to me. “Are you insane? He almost got you!” Marshall yelled as he pulled me up and started running towards the front door. “Who?” I said as I looked behind me and saw the shadow creature again. The next second, I was sprinting right behind Marshall.

We ran out the door and into the quad, the giant field in the middle of the campus. Every few seconds, Marshall would freak out and immediately change directions. This continued for several minutes as Marshall would shout about how “He was in my head!” and how “He knew where we were running to!” Not being in the best shape of my life, I quickly grew tired of the running charade. Ultimately I decided to take off my coat and cover Marshall’s face with it mainly because we had been running around in circles in the quad and getting absolutely nowhere.

I figured if Marshall didn’t know where I was taking him, “He” wouldn’t know where to catch us so we would be safe. I had made the realization that perhaps “He” was that shadow wraith thing I had encountered, so avoiding it was definitely a good thing. Marshall must have known what I was doing because he quickly stopped struggling and blindly followed where I took him. Either that or he couldn’t breathe through my jacket and was slowly suffocating. Either way he was quiet.

Where to go was a good question. We couldn’t go to the police or anything like that. Who would believe me and my seemingly insane friend? We obviously couldn’t go back to the blood bath that was my dorm either. I decided to head for the most logical place I could think of for this early in the morning, even when covered in blood. We went to Denny’s.

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