May 23, 2013

Adventures in Oblivion

"Adventures in Oblivion"
By: Ted H

A play through of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
featuring: TheoKickAssius and his brave horse: Fuck-Your-Mountains

An interesting romp through a world with an exciting alternate hell reality, uncanny faces, and a terrible and nonsensical plot line that has me tearing my hair out....and the useless goits that are the Fighters Guild.

The Legend of TheoKickAssius


Ilend the Useless

A Better Game

The End of Ilend

The Hero Cyrodil Deserves, But Clearly Not the One it Needs

Fun With Guilds

What's That Mother? You Want Me to Kill Everyone?

What if Sherlock Holmes was Always the Killer, and He Was Just Figuring Elaborate Ways to Pin the Murder on Other People?

Kill ALL the Expendables!

Where the Game Decides an NPC Should Face the Final Boss Instead

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