January 16, 2011

Fat Lady Rolling Down A Steep Hill

[...posted by Ted H]

Fat Lady Rolling Down A Steep Hill

Fat lady rolling down a steep hill
The rumble she makes, my heart be still.
Listen, smell that? Watch her tumble
As everything below her sets to crumble.

Fat lady lands hard in a puddle
As she gives the little animals a startle.
Look at her, you cant clean her with a mop
As everyone laughs at her from up top.

Fat lady slips and falls down
Sending an earthquake to the town.
You can hear the dying screams if you listen
But not this lady, she’s on a mission.

Fat lady slides and knocks down a tree
There is no more oak as you can see.
She stands up to see a grave
She takes a picture of which to save.

Fat lady’s foot sinks in the mud
Into the mans grave as she says “O crud.
This can’t get any worse as the rain pours on
The wolves start howling and the sun is gone.”

Fat lady brings her leg up with a pull
Only to find she brought up the mans skull.
Today you can’t find it, even if you look
But lost in a book, is that picture she took.

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  1. I love this!! :D I had to read it aloud to my husband. :D