January 29, 2011

It's been a couple of days.

[... Posted by Ryan]

Hey Everyone. I just realized it's been a couple of days. So I figured that since I haven't finished any of my stories and I don't want to post them yet I'll throw an old poem on here. I was at a club last night, and I pretty much had one of the funnest times of my life and it reminded me how much better things have gotten since I wrote this poem that I'm posting. So I hope everyone enjoys.


My Friend...

I’m sitting alone,
Scared of what tomorrow may bring,
By hope, thought, memory,
By friends, those who were there for me,

I’m sitting alone,
But I can clearly see,
My friend on the table,
Sitting right next to me.

My friend is tall,
Yet, he’s very short,

He wears a designer label,
But it doesn’t cover his whole body,

He has a long neck,
And a very open mind,

He has a bubbly personality,
Even more so than mine,

He likes glass and always arrives in style,
People cheer for him, 
At every Boilermaker Mile,

Sitting here by myself,
Lost in spirit, to atone,

My friends are sitting in cold,
Just begging me to give them a home,

My friend,
Well, he has a few friends.
They like to travel together.

They come in packs,
Sometimes 6,
Sometimes in 30 racks,

Right now he’s my only friend,
And now… I’m all alone.

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