January 31, 2011


[...posted by Ted H]

Sick...again. I've had all of 3 or 4 actual healthy days this year. It's awesome, really. I'll probably get healthy on wednesday, which is when the entire northeast is suppose ot be buried under [x]inches of snow, which Ill be shoveling, alone, and will leave me sick again.
I'm exhausted and unable to focus...Ive spaced out on more than a few facebook/aim convos this week and writing anything useful has gone out the window.

...so you get this instead...



I jumped out the window
And found I could fly
I soared strait on up
And out into the sky

I passed a flock of birds
And some ducks heading south
I tried so very hard
To keep bugs out of my mouth

I felt just like Icarus
Or that guy Clark Kent
I’ll fly so very far
Long before I’m spent

I’ll fly through clouds near stars
Deep into the night
You’ll sit on the ground and marvel
At my amazing flight

Now back to reality
Where I’ll be hitting the ground
As I’m about to land I wonder
Will I make a sound?

Watch me from a distance
Be sure not to miss
Remember when I hit the ground
To blow me a kiss

Wake up again I’m flying
Up high again once more
Pale, dead, transparent
And still yet I soar

And once again I’m falling
At the sound of some bell
For I committed suicide
And now I go to hell.

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