September 13, 2015

Race for Safe Haven - Labs pt3

[Posted by Ted H]

Ya know what The Walking Dead needed more of? Actual zombie action where the protagonists were in danger against zombies, and not just against other fucking humans...


[Race for Safe Haven - Labs pt3]

            They returned to the lab door where the panel was no longer flashing red. Brandon pressed a few buttons and the metal door unlocked and slid open. A potent smell of death washed out and caused Rhett to retreat a few steps. "Christ," he said as he put a hand to his face "What the hell happened in there?" Brandon made a face, but marched forth. "Let's not linger," Brandon said as he cut a path through the lab, the majority of it covered in plastic covers, all stained red with blood.
            "What went on in here?" Rhett asked. "They attempted a cure," Brandon said as they reached the opposite end of the lab. Brandon paused before opening the door. "Listen," he said "We gotta cross an in-between area before we hit the other lab...If you thought the smell here was bad...just try to ignore what you see."  Rhett was taken aback. "I've been watching dead people get up and try to eat me all day. How much more disturbing could this next room be?" Brandon sighed and opened the door.
            The smell of death was more pungent when they stepped out of the lab. Rhett threw his hand over his mouth an tried to breath as little as possible as he walked. The lights were dimmed and at first Rhett couldn't place what the large piles to the sides of the room were. "Are you shitting me?" he asked as he began to notice the limbs and pale faces of the bodies packed in the room like sardines.
            "This really feels like the end, right?" Brandon said as he tried to avoid looking at the bodies "All these people, dead...and it's only a tiny fraction of the overall carnage." Rhett ignored him as he looked closer at some of the bodies. "You're...a little morbid, aren't you?" Brandon commented. "None of these people were zombies," Rhett said. "How would you even know?" Brandon said as he made his way through for the other lab.
            "They're all executed the same way," Rhett said "Something poked through their ear and into their brain. These people were killed before they turned." Rhett looked more at some of the bodies to see various incisions and injuries. "You wouldn't understand," Brandon said. "Try me," Rhett said as he folded his arms and faced Brandon.
            "What we did here..." Brandon began as he struggled for the words "We were trying to save the world."
            "A lot of bodies here suggest otherwise," Rhett quipped.
            "They were already doomed. Infected, no cure ready. They died knowing they were serving a greater purpose."
            "You didn't even come up with anything!"
            "Our job wasn't to do that."
            "Earlier, Williams said-"
            "Williams sugarcoated it. Our job here was to research the infected. See if we could study how it was spreading. You couldn't imagine the time crunch we were under, the world already falling apart. We had to forgo certain procedures to expedite the results needed."
            "Ethics too?"
            "Whatever it took."
            "So you lied about this purpose so foolish people would flock to you to be experimented on."
            "Just the infected ones. The healthy we ushered to Safe Haven."
            "What about healthy people with infected family?"
            "I don't know. There were so many."
            "Don't fucking lie to me Brandon!" Rhett screamed, his arms now at his sides with his fist balled up.
            "How many? Our morgue is overflowing with bodies! This hallway is just where the scientists began dumping corpses to save time!"
            "How many people did you kill for this inoculant?"
            "I didn't kill anyone."
            "I wasn't part of the science team. My job was to keep the infected people contained and to usher as many to the lab as the scientists needed."
            "On par with a train conductor to Auschuwitz."
            "I'm sorry, the fact that you alive right now, able to not get sick just by breathing, is that because of the efforts here? Because men like me were willing to do the things needed to get the research needed to make this miracle concoction?"
            "Too high a price," Rhett said "How many people died for this research?"
            "All over the world? To get the necessary data? It would keep you up at night."
            "And you're okay with the blood that's on your hands?"
            "They were dead either way. They died so some of us won't have to. So humanity can survive this."

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