December 31, 2011

Safe Haven - Let Me Tell You About My Day

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2011 ends...I have nothing profound to say. 2012 starts tomorrow and I'm prolly gonna start the year out with something a little different besides a constant stream of Safe Haven...I still have a lot of backlogged entries, but I'll change things up for my sake. My little December break is over and I'm itchin to write some new stuff, including the final Our Town 2 act and some more elaboration on my anti-LotD run.
I resolve to write more next problem...other authors? Who knows... See you on the other side and happy apocalypse!


[Safe Haven - Let Me Tell You About My Day]

Kate descended the rock slope into the basement of a collapsing building. From there she entered a hallway and forced open a door into another room. She was home. It wasn’t quite safe, and it was far from illustrious, but it was far enough away from the rest of the world for her to find some much needed solitude.

“Amber? I’m home!” she called out as she fished out a lighter and lit an oil lantern, illuminating the entire room. She wasn’t expecting Amber to answer her back, what with Amber being dead and all. Amber sat in the far corner with her head back and a bullet hole between the eyes. She was long dead, skin discoloration and decomposition had taken most of her features, one eye had rolled back into her skull and much of her hair had fallen off. She was frozen in a slack jawed, open eyed expression that made it look like she had the utmost interest in whatever someone was saying to her.

No sane person would ever live with such a sight, but Kate could never make herself part with her old friend. Everyone else she knew was either dead, John or Laura. There was also Patrick, but the two of them had a falling out and Kate never felt the need to reconcile. Amber died shortly after they had arrived in Safe Haven, managing to hide her infection from the ResEs. When she died for good, Kate didn’t know quite how to deal with removing the body, and when all her other friends were done either dying or hating her, she realized that she couldn’t bear to part with Amber.

The room was seldom entered anymore, Kate had since set up a different room in the basement to sleep in since this one tended to flood whenever it rained. The purpose of “Amber’s room”, besides secretly containing its one resident, was it was a good place to hide anything illegal, especially when Jezus stopped by. She didn’t need Jezus seeing any weapons or alcohol or bodies.

“Just here to grab a quick drink,” Kate said to the corpse as she went to the back of the room and relocated some rocks, granting her access to a stash of glass bottles, all but one of which were empty. “Hmm, not much left,” she said as she eyed the clear liquor, not sure what it was once. She downed it in several gulps, noting to herself very bitterly that it was pure vodka, then tossed the empty bottle with the others before adding her gun and John’s map to the stash. Then she replaced the rocks and made for the exit.

“Remind me to tell you about the day I had today,” she said as she slipped back out of the room, leaving Amber in darkness once again. She then made for the end of the hall where her current room was and entered. She killed the light and laid down on her bed, which was just a mattress on top of a couple pieces of particleboard propped off the ground by cinderblocks. She wrapped a thin blanket around herself and thought again about what had happened that day. She hoped John had gotten away, but she also needed to be ready to carry on without him.

She stayed awake as long as she could, hoping Jezus would show up and at least give her day a happy ending, but she eventually slipped into sleep. Kate would dream that night, and unfortunately for her, her dreams always turned into the same nightmare.


“If I don’t get my beauty sleep, Imma murder someone,” Nick said as he threw open the door and dropped all his weapons and equipment onto the floor as made for the couch. “Long day?” Brad asked from a corner of the room next to an open window, blunt in hand. “Lemme hit that!” Nick said as he stumbled over and took the blunt from Brad before he could even answer.

Kyle was tired, but he decided to indulge Brad in some conversation. Nick walked away with the blunt as he retrieved a beer for himself. “Thought you were tired?” Brad asked as Nick ignored him and proceeded to chug. “Why are you pantsless?” Kyle asked when he realized Brad was only sporting heart-patterned boxers below the waist. “I don’t kiss and tell,” Brad said with a smile “Just understand this: chicks dig the eye patch.”

Nick tossed Brad back the blunt, noticeably smaller than before as he made a strait path for the couch before collapsing onto it. The apartment style living quarters for the ResEs only had two small bedrooms each. The trio had drawn straws and Nick lost, meaning he didn’t get his own bed, but no one ever sat on the couch with him around, mainly because of the numerous and varied styles of stains.

“Some nut shot at us today,” Kyle said as he pulled a chair over and walked over to get a couple beers. “Rogues don’t like you,” Brad said as Kyle handed him a beer. “Wasn’t a Rogue,” Kyle said as he sat down “Civilian with a dead ResE’s rifle.”

“What’s the world coming to when just any nut can run around with a gun.”

“Very funny.”

“Actually I heard about that earlier. You guys chased him into a whore house?”

“Yeah…unless there were two civis running around with guns today.”

“Must have been nice.”

“Not really, no one got a good look at him and he gave us the slip.”

“Are you serious? You guys really suck.”

“Fuck you, cyclops. We rounded up everyone inside and none of them looked familiar.”

“Shit. At least you got a bunch of impromptu tit, right?”

“None, fully clothed the lot of them.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“They knew we were making the rounds and dressed beforehand.”


“Only nude was some fat loser with a tiny cock.”

“Bwaha! Only you guy could walk into a whore house and only find cock.”

“How bout I shoot out that other eye of yours?”

“So why was the naked guy naked? You not want to let him dress?”

“He was so scared he couldn’t find his pants fast enough. It was the last room we checked and I was impatient.”

“That means he was the guy you were looking for.”


“Guy runs into a whore house, strips anything incriminating off his body and runs to the farthest away room he can find? Definitely.”

“Alright, Sherlock, whatever you say.”

“And if his cock was as tiny as you say, then he wasn’t there for sex, that’s for sure.”


“Seriously dude, hear me out. A cock as small as you say knows better than to embarrass himself in front of a grown ass woman, though I’m only assuming he was with a woman, please don’t correct me if I’m wrong. But if he were, say, running away for his life and needed to blend in in a hurry, he may not have had enough time to get his “engines” fired up.”

“I stopped caring about this conversation when you said “cock”.”

“Well-wait, which time when I said “cock”?”

“Dunno, but clearly it’s all you talked about.”

“Ha ha, I’m only helping you do your job better, fuck-nut.”

“I’d appreciate help beyond wild speculation.”

“What are you doing to catch this guy?”

“Naked man or the real culprit?”

“Seriously. What are you gonna do?”

“I really don’t wanna do anything about it. All I plan on is interviewing all the people who were there again. We got their numbers. Not much hope in that plan though, so when it fizzles out, I can go back to doing nothing.”

“Why do anything?”

“Cuz The General is leaning down hard for someone to do something about it. Figure I’ll do it until he loses interest and drop it first chance I get.”

“You’re a man of action when it comes to not acting.”

“I do my best.”

“You got the naked dude’s number?”

“I don’t like how you worded that, but yeah, he’s on the list of people I need to find again.”

“Start with him, and maybe he won’t get away twice.”

“Whatever, I’m going to bed.”

“Don’t you wanna hear details about my day?”

“Not particularly,” Kyle said as he got up and tossed his empty beer can into a corner. “Well while you two were looking at cocks, I was having sex!” Brad called as Kyle ignored him and went to his room. “Nick, do you wanna hear details?” Brad asked as Nick turned over on the couch. “While I’m glad you finally lost your virginity, if you wake me up again, I’ll fucking kill you,” he said then turned back over. “You guys suck,” Brad said as he started to roll himself another blunt.

December 25, 2011

Safe Haven - CSI: Safe Haven

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Oh boy...Another sequence involving the Doctor...he Is based off a real creep I knew...Last post of 2011? Prolly not...


[Safe Haven - CSI: Safe Haven]

Jezus knew Juan was dead, but at least now he could confirm it, and finally quiet everyone around him saying there might be a chance he was still alive. Kendall had found him, at the bottom of a staircase in the basement of an office building. From the looks of the body, it seemed like he fell down the stairs and was later looted of his weapons, the day old hole in his throat told a different story however.

“Rogue?” Jezus asked to Kendall, who was knelt down examining Juan’s body. “No,” he finally said “Or at least not the one we saw. This was probably something else.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You’re the one last night who talked about them having a rendezvous point, this place is nowhere near that point. You’re gonna tell me another one of them happened to be over here at the same time they’re suppose to be elsewhere? And that Juan happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?”

“And you’re assuming he died around the same time cuz that’s when he stopped answering his radio.”

“Yeah. Takes about as long to get here from our starting point as it took the Rogue to get to where we got.”

“Maybe our mystery runner did it, then.”

“Then why was he here today? He didn’t kill Juan. Someone else did.”

“The girl?”

“As good a guess as any.”

“You think her and the runner are related in all this?”

“That would be asking a little much. Guy was probably a scavenger who stumbled onto the body, shot the radio when he knew we were looking and took off when I apparently got too close.”

“So who should we go after?”

“Let RC handle the runner. He seems to have a plan that I’m not privy to anyway. Not much I can do to help until we recover that rifle anyway.”

“So we’re back on the girl?”

“So it seems.”

“What’s the plan?”

“The plan is we call in someone else to deal Juan, get some rest, then worry about the girl starting tomorrow.”

“That should give me enough time to think up a new name for myself.”

Kendall called in the body and they waited until a few more ResEs arrived with a gurney. There they loaded the body up and walked it all the way back to the Hub where The Doctor was waiting for them. “So you did find him,” he said while licking his lips “Very good.” From there they brought the body down into the lower level of the Hub where all postmortem work is done.

“We’ll just be going,” Kendall said as all the ResEs started walking away. “Oh but, you can’t leave him,” The Doctor said as he grabbed Jezus’ shoulder “He’s your partner after all.” Jezus brushed the hand away and said “Got a new partner.” Jezus used his free hand to motion over to Kendall. “Oh but I insist,” The Doctor said as he reached for a nearby phone and requested connection to The General.

“Guy gives me the creeps,” Jezus said under his breath to Kendall. “Better you than me,” he said as he peeked into the next room where the body was. Above the door, written on a piece of tape was “Autopsy / Crematorium” since burials were not allowed for any reason due to a fear of the dead and the lack of space Safe Haven already suffered from. Dumping bodies outside the walls was once considered, but nobody liked the idea of giving the undead outside any free meals or incentive to stick around.

“Wonderful,” The Doctor said as he hung up the phone “Your new partner has the night off, Generals orders. That should free you up to assist me with the procedures for your old partner.” He then motioned Jezus to join him as he entered the next room. “Great,” Jezus said through his teeth as he looked over to Kendall as he was leaving. “How come you didn’t have to endure this when your partner died?” he asked. “Cuz when Will died,” Kendall explained “I took off after the Rogue and never saw him again. Someone else brought his body in. You unfortunately were dumb enough to waltz right in with the body.” Kendall waved goodbye as he left. “See ya tomorrow, partner,” he said as the door closed behind him.

Jezus dragged his feet as he entered the next room to find The Doctor already stripping his dead partner. Enforcer equipment didn’t grow on trees, and a dead ResE’s equipment is immediately taken and given to others (assuming it was still in desirable condition) so what The Doctor was doing was in no way out of line, but Jezus figured he didn’t have to look so happy about stripping down a dead man.

“First we must determine cause of death,” The Doctor said as he started examining Juan’s corpse. “Dude?” Jezus said as he pointed to Juan’s throat “Pretty sure that’s fatal.” The Doctor shook his head, dismissing Jezus’ statement and continued to grope about. “We need to be sure it couldn’t be anything else,” he said “Like these multiple abrasions, and I think the collar bone may have been fractured. Something else could have been in play. The gunshot may have come after.”

Jezus sighed loudly before pointing to the throat again. “He fell down a staircase but survived,” he said “We know he lived because the body wasn’t just lying at the bottom but it had been moving. Blood splatter around the area indicated he was shot while he was ALIVE and bled to death. Case Closed. There may never be any CSI: Safe Haven, but I’m pretty sure Kendall knew his shit when he explained things earlier. Examining the body does not help us determine who killed him, which is the only mystery.”

The Doctor stared at Jezus for a moment before looking back down at the body. “Help me flip him over so I may check the back side,” he said, completely ignoring everything Jezus just said. Jezus knew better than to argue anymore. The Doctor may be a perverted, old, godless idiot, but he was one of the Three Kings, and rumor had it there was something more than just business between him and The President. He silently helped The Doctor flip Juan’s body over and protested no further as The Doctor did little more than feel up a corpse. No incisions were made during the “autopsy” and no attention was paid to the throat.

When all was said and done, Jezus loaded Juan’s body onto a tray leading to the incinerator. “Sorry, partner,” he said as he closed up and watched as fire did away with Juan. “Alright then,” The Doctor said with a smile on his face. “You and your current partner will be required to meet separately in my office bright and early tomorrow morning.” Jezus stared for a moment before just nodding and walking off. He didn’t know what the hell The Doctor wanted now, but he figured that after his little outburst already, he could ill afford to argue anymore.

Juan was in a better place now, at least better than he was right before the incinerator. Jezus headed back to his room, wanting nothing more than to put the last couple hours behind himself. He made a note to make a pact with Kendall about what to do in the event of either ones death.

December 19, 2011

Safe Haven - How the Hell Do They Eat?

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Fuck you, I'm not a little some more...we also have a new author...whether or not this one posts something remains to be seen, but I got a good feeling bout this one

...Yeah, this update should answer some foodage questions Ive recieved...
Plus some more fun insight as to what makes a certain bastard tick...


[Safe Haven - How the Hell Do They Eat?]

“Access authorized,” the guard said as he opened the door for Joseph. The entire north face of Safe Haven was set up for food growth and processing, nicknamed Noah Sector, it was the only place to find animals in the city except for the rats. Cows, pigs, chickens and the like were kept here as well as several plots of farmland, rotated regularly of coarse. Second only to the maintaining of the walls, this was Josephs main concern in Safe Haven. People need feeding, a service that was freely given as well as all the amenities the city provided such as safety (both from the undead and within the walls) and health service.

These services were indeed free, but only at face value. Any and all of these can be taken away at the whim of Joseph or either of the other Kings. There was security in those facts, that the citizens will always step out of line from time to time, but they would never cross a certain line knowing what the repercussions would be. No food? No protection if the undead got in? No medical care? There are certain things the citizens have proven to be able to do without, but those three were vital needs, and vital needs that only the Kings could offer.

Of coarse food wasn’t Joseph’s only duty. He was the only one of the Kings to trouble himself with multiple duties. Thomas was of sound mind, and could easily handle the Enforcers, but that was all. Chase was a brilliant doctor, but that was all he was good at. Joseph on the other hand was building a career in politics when the world ended, and he applied his skills to his new city. He ran the day to day operations in the city, which included food, maintenance, schooling and keeping the citizens accounted for. He was every bit deserving of his faux title as “The President” as Thomas and Chase were of their “General” and “Doctor” titles.

Every month Joseph would take a walking tour of the Noah Sector to ensure everything was in top shape. In the early days of Safe Haven, the citizens made due with provisions that were acquired from markets and raided from farms. It was realizes from the very beginning that that food would never last and Safe Haven would never survive if it couldn’t produce its own food. So before Safe Haven even opened its doors, the north section was walled off and reserved for food production that started not long after the last bus load of people entered.

Noah Sector was not connected to the Hub, meaning if Joseph was to ever visit, he had to venture outside into the city. He had his own set of armed Enforcers to protect him and he would only travel after curfew, when all the common citizens were away and unable to ever cross his path. He saw himself as a great leader for humanity, but for now the masses were unworthy of his leadership and it only takes one crazy with a weapon to ruin the future of humanity.

The people of Safe Haven had come a long way to becoming like the civilization Joseph imagined, but there was still some progress to make. Despite the best efforts of the Enforcers, drugs and alcohol persisted still. People still smoked and weapons keep finding their way into the hands of people all too willing to use them on authority figures, leading Joseph to fears of just one psycho running out and gunning him down in some defiant manner.

Such an event almost happened in the early days of Safe Haven. Joseph was overseeing a lockdown procedure for the main gate when a crazed man approached him and pulled a gun, demanding to be released. Joseph remembers trying to reason with him, that he was better off dropping the gun and remaining safe inside the city. The man was having none of that and continued to threaten Joseph with his pistol. The Enforcers never could get a shot off without risking Joseph’s life, so he ordered the gates opened so the crazed man could exit and die of his own volition.

After that event, Joseph made sure there were at least five fully armed Enforcers with him at all times when he travels through the city. While it would be infinitely safer for him to just remain inside the Hub at all times, Joseph felt it necessary for the people of Safe Haven to know their leader isn’t going to be deterred from running the city in person when need be, even if they are never allowed to approach him. Most ResEs are even barred from approaching Joseph unless explicitly allowed.

The only people allowed to be near Joseph with regularity are the other two Kings and his personal entourage of ResEs, and the entourage changes every so often at his discretion. Chase had told him before that he was paranoid, but Joseph knew better. He knew that Chase could not comprehend just how important Joseph was, how much a target he had become to any anarchic individuals. One errant fool with a gun, that’s all it would take for the perfect future for humanity to come crashing down.

December 11, 2011

Safe Haven - Saved By The Lube

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Finally put Saints Row 3 down only to pick Mass Effect back up and play the shit out of that..."Our Town 2" may take a's more Safe Haven...


[Safe Haven - Saved By The Lube]

Nick and Kyle had finished rounding up all of the people in the brothel. It was a tight fit for all those people, so they sent some of the women upstairs since it was a man they were looking for anyway. Some of the more scantily dressed women were told to stay however at the request of Jezus.

“Anyone?” Kyle asked aloud “Anyone seen the man we’re looking for?” Kyle never got a good look at the guy when he was getting shot at, all he knew was the back of his head and his clothes. “All the skinny men sit down on the ground,” he instructed as the low number of men to choose from grew smaller. Either the guy he’s looking for was in this crowd, or someone had to have seen him.

“Stop protecting him,” Kyle said “Fat mother fucker, red shirt, just got done shooting at ResEs. Now we’re gonna start shooting people of our own if someone don’t step forward. “Back alley,” someone in the crowd mumbled. “Yeah yeah,” Kyle said “How convenient it would be for us to run out of here when he could have just as easily hidden here. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

“I don’t see him,” Jezus said as Nick shrugged and said “Yeah, I‘m not seeing no white boy fro either.” There were only about six overweight people in the room and none of them quite fit the description. “Fuck,” Kyle said as he shouldered his weapon “And NO ONE saw ANYTHING?” he shouted. “I’m gonna shoot something,” he said as Nick threw his arm around him. “Whatever man,” he said “Let’s wrap up and get a beer.” Kyle looked each of the standing men in the eyes. “Get their numbers,” he said to Nick. “Already on it,” Jezus said as he walked over with a pen and paper. Every citizen of Safe Haven had a five digit number tattooed on their right hand. It was originally implemented to keep track of everyone, and to ensure anyone kicked out wouldn’t be able to just sneak back in.

“We’ll be in touch,” Jezus said after he took down the number of every person, man, woman, skinny or fat. “Dismissed,” Kyle said as he turned to leave. He spotted Nick over by Perry the Pimp. “What the fuck do you get for this?” he was asking Perry, who was holding a rag to his face. “What?” Perry asked.

“There’s no currency,” Nick said “What do you get out of pushing these bitches?”

“It’s a service,” Perry said “People need it, and the girls need a safe home. Sometimes a favor asked doesn’t hurt on my part.”

“And of coarse ResEs are welcome at any time and get choice selection,” Nick said with a huge grin.

“We’re done here,” Kyle said as Nick slapped Perry in the arm. “I’ll be back real soon,” Nick said. “Just don’t come off duty,“ Perry said “You scare the ladies enough as it is.” Nick winked as he made a gun shape with his hand and mimicked shooting him.


Someone had Juan’s gun, but this one was different from the one who had it before. Kendall tried his best to catch up to the chaos, listening in on the radio and following the pursuit. The runner had been tracked to a certain building Kendall was now approaching. Just as he was about to turn the corner, he spotted two people with a rifle trying to sneak away down an alley. “Freeze!” Kendall screamed as he raised his rifle.

“The man holding Juan’s rifle didn’t even hesitate as he raised it and pulled the trigger, but the only thing coming out was the sound of a dry click. “Shit!” he said as the two men turned to run. “I said freeze!” Kendall said but neither man took heed. “Fine then,” he said as he squeezed the trigger on his own rifle. To the dismay of the person on the other end of the trajectory, Kendall’s rifle was loaded. Kendall fired off an even spread across the alley, two bullets hitting one of the fleeing men in the back. Unfortunately, he also happened to cover the other man, who had the rifle and ducked out of view.

Kendall ran down the alley, but knew the one with the rifle was too far away to conceivably catch. The downed man was a different story. His friend had left him behind as he crawled after. Kendall knelt down next to the man as he gave up his crawl. He was hit somewhere vital and was defiantly a dead man so Kendall decided to forgo the useless life saving attempt and instead tried to extract information.

“Who is he and or where is he going?” he asked as the man spit up blood, but otherwise said nothing. “You tried to steal the wrong gun, buddy. Where is he going?” the man still said nothing. “We can save you, patch you back up,” Kendall lied “But only if you tell me what I need to know. Where is he going? I need that rifle!”

The man looked up at Kendall and smiled. “Fuck you, bitch,” he said before he dropped his head to the ground and coughed up more blood. “Everyone’s a fucking hero,” Kendall said as he pulled out his knife and stabbed the man in his wound. He screamed, spitting more blood out before he finally gave out and died. Another ResE ran down the alley and looked at Kendall’s handiwork.

“Someone out there has a rifle,” Kendall said “It’s out of ammo but it’s Enforcer property and it’s vital that we recover it ASAP.” The other ResE nodded as he looked down at the body on the ground. “What about him?” he asked. Kendall shrugged “Bag him and tag him, I really don’t give a shit.”

Kendall walked out of the alley and down the street where the runner from before took off. “Taco, where are you?” he said into his radio.

“The whore house. Where are you?” Jezus responded.

“Right outside. You got things covered in there?”

“Yeah, all under control. Why don’t you come on in? The view is excellent.”

“No thanks. Listen, no one thought enough to pick up the rifle?”

“Nah, guess everyone was too concerned with catching this guy. Why?”

“Cuz I just watched someone take off with it. You at least catch the runner?”

“No. But RC thinks he’s hiding in here. Don’t worry about the gun either, it’ll turn up. The guy dropped it cuz he was out of bullets, or so I’m told.”

“He better be in there. Listen, I’m heading back to the outskirts. Only a few buildings left that we didn’t check and I don’t think it was a coincidence when that guy ran out with Juan’s gun when he did.”

“I’ll meet you there.”



“Never mind.”


John wanted to sit down when the ResEs finally left but there weren’t any chairs. He didn’t really mind as he backed up to a wall and slid down, keeping the top hat in front of himself. Sweat and lube dripped down his back as he was ever thankful that the woman thought enough to do something with his hair because otherwise he’d be a dead man. He looked over to Perry who himself was on the ground propped against a wall. What he went through was no small thing, and John was glad he had enough gall in the face of authority to protect friends.

Perry was holding a bloody cloth to his face and John guessed that the ResEs weren’t kind when they came looking for him. John didn’t even notice Perry until now due to the tunnel vision he had when he was marched out for the one ResE to look at, keeping an eye on each and every ResE just in case one of them recognized him. He remained ignorant of everything else going on until the last ResE walked out.

John took a moment to look about and noticed that nobody was making any effort to leave the room, out of fear or shock he wasn’t sure. The ResEs had left but they could still be heard talking outside. The unspoken fear was that they would barge in at any moment and do whatever came to mind.

When things quieted down outside, Perry finally rose and walked over to John. He checked to make sure he wasn’t bleeding anymore, then chucked the cloth at John. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he screamed as he wiped crusted blood from his nose with his hand “Do you know what kind of damage this will do to me? People, no, the WOMEN won’t want to come near this place if ResEs are gonna round people up like that. What were you doing!?”

John attempted to tell the tale of how things went down. Perry shook his head. “Go home, John,” Perry said as he signaled the woman he was with to go upstairs “Get some sleep or something. DON’T come back here. I’ll find you when I’m done hating you.” The woman then returned with John’s boxers and shoes. “What about the rest of my clothes?” John asked as he slipped his boxers on. “You’ll get the rest of your…stuff…later. What do you think’ll happen if you’re seen wearing a red shirt? Hell the fact that you were naked saved you. I doubt anyone would want to get a good look at you like that. Now go before curfew hits because you’re not staying here.”

John threw his shoes on and was out the door. He didn’t like leaving his gun behind, but he also didn’t have anywhere to hide it on his body, and he knew Perry didn’t have any extra clothes in his size. He understood why he couldn’t get his shirt back, but he doubted anyone would flag him down for his pants though. He wasn’t going back in for them though, Perry probably withheld them on purpose out if anger.

“It’s cold,” John said to himself as he rubbed his arms and started jogging off towards home. It was a bit of a walk to his apartment, and the sun was already setting.

December 4, 2011

Safe Haven - Anyone Think To Pack Beer?

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So just how much backlog do I have for SH? NaNoWriMo took 84 pages of one document...Counting this update, Ill have posted everything up to page 32...for those keeping score, thats about 50 more pages...Assuming I only post 1 page a week from this point on, we'll be at NaNoWriMo 2012 by time I need to churn out new stuff.
...Then again, theres also Our Town of the Dead act II and the continuation of Why Land of the Dead Sucked...
...shit, maybe I can run this blog singlehandedly...lets not test that theory though...


[Safe Haven - Anyone Think To Pack Beer?]

“I will never…EVER take the fun-run for granted again,” Tucker said as the Rogues finally stopped jogging. Everyone slowed up and tried to catch their breaths. Jake wasn’t sure if he had ever run that much in a year, let alone at once. The group had left the amusement park and ran through the usual assortment of the undead, but this time the destination wasn’t any tunnel leading to Safe Haven. There was no destination, they just needed to get as far away from the zombies as fast as they could. They had been running for hours in the general direction that would lead them to Interstate 40.

They jogged away from any danger, but to the dismay of everyone save fore Teto and Martin, they kept on going afterwards without stopping. When Teto finally fell behind with everyone else, Martin reluctantly stopped. “Nobody told me there’d be this much running,” Tucker complained. “A little fitness training wouldn’t kill you.” Martin said with a smirk. “Fuck you,” Tucker said as he snapped his arm out “Not all of us signed up to be a weekend warrior like you did.”

“I was a Marine,” Martin said, dropping the smirk. “So how come you didn’t die like the rest of them?” Tucker asked “Or did you run away?” Martin’s eyes went wide as he slowly walked over towards Tucker, looking to punch him. “Alright,” Johnston said as he got in Martin’s way “We really don’t need to be fighting on day one.”

“This was such a good idea,” Cooper said sarcastically to Jake, who rolled his eyes. “No more running,” Tucker said. “We’d get where we need to be faster if we double time it,” Martin argued. “We don’t even know where exactly we’re going!” Tucker shouted “And I already feel a cramp.”

“All in favor of only running when we need to?” Jake asked aloud as he, Tucker, Cooper and Johnston raised their hands. “Seriously?” Tucker asked Jordan, who had his hand down. “I dunno, I kinda like the exercise,” he said. “We’re gonna be doing this for DAYS Maybe WEEKS!” Tucker said. “Oh,” Jordan said as he raised his hand “Well in that case…”

Jake walked over to Teto who was busy studying a map. “Any clue where we are yet?” he asked as Teto looked up. “I need a landmark or something before I know for sure,” he said as he folded the map up and pocketed it “Maybe find a couple street signs and figure it out from there. If anything, we should stay on whatever road this is. Should take us somewhat in the right direction.”

“And we can figure a way back home, right?” Jake asked. Teto nodded. “I still remember a lot of the surrounding areas. May have been years since I did, but it looks familiar enough. Once we go too far I’ll mark the map or something.”

Jake knew Teto had been planning this trek for some time, but it was good to know he still had a handle on things. He had told everyone to pack for a long trip including plenty of ammo for guns. Everyone had supplies to last the trip back and forth to Texas (just in case they never find any help or supplies along the way) and while they were told to carry plenty of ammo, they were instructed to go light on actual guns. Everyone had a knife and sidearm plus their own additional gun. Jake had the only shotgun and Tucker carried his rifle as expected. Martin and Teto each lugged carbine rifles while Jordan carried a pair of submachine guns. Cooper had an AK-47 and Johnston used a hunting rifle.

“You know what I once heard?” Jordan asked as everyone started walking again “I heard that most of the zombies are all around Safe Haven. The rest of the world is safe.” No one responded to that and even Jordan knew it was only wishful thinking. “Anyone think to pack beer?” Jake asked as he lit up a cigarette, which was met by a chorus of “nope” “sorry” and “never crossed my mind”

“This is gonna suck,” Tucker said as Martin started jogging ahead.

November 30, 2011

Safe Haven - Perry the Pimp (NaNoWriMo update #12)

[...Posted by Ted H]

Yes, Perry the Pimp is based off a real person (as are all the involved characters) God help us if he realizes his pimping potential...

NaNoWriMo ends tonight...
What more can I possibly say? I'm awesome!
Exact word count checks in at 50,028 cuz I literally stopped caring once I crossed the finish line...a little editing for the last 3 days that added maybe 12 words...
There will be an update Sunday, probably more SH...I plan on finally finishing the play before 2011 ends, so you have that to look forward to in addition to more SH...


[Safe Haven - Perry the Pimp]

The moment the door started to open, Kyle pushed it in and slammed the end of his rifle into the other person’s nose. The man stumbled backwards grabbing at his face before he finally fell on his ass. Kyle took a moment to look over the man and marveled at how ridiculous he looked. He was wearing a ripped and worn pair of jeans, a torn rag of a shirt and a pair of shoes that were held together by duct tape. But what made the outfit so out of the ordinary was he was also wearing a leopard print jacket and bright green rave shades.

“What the fuck is he suppose to be?” Nick said when he entered and got a good look of the man. “I think he thinks he’s a pimp,” Kyle said as he leveled his rifle with the man’s face. “Listen to me very carefully,” he said “Your life depends on it. A civilian wielding a rifle like the one in your face was seen running into this building. I’m gonna overlook how the doors were suddenly locked for me and give you a chance to make up for it. Where. Is. He. Tell me and I may not shoot you.”

The “pimp” didn’t say anything as he clutched his face while blood gushed out. “Man, you too good at intimidating,” Nick said “He gone shit himself.” he then walked towards another door “I think this a whore house. Imma go interrogate some ladies. Maybe they’ve seen something’.”

“Focus, Mean,” Kyle said as he kept his rifle trained on the pimps head. “Last chance,” he said. “B-back door,” he said while pointing a bloody hand to another door “He ran through and out the back.” Kyle nodded for Nick to check it out, but he never moved the gun away. “Now how can I trust you?” he said with a smile.

“C’mon, man,” the pimp pleaded “Big mother fucker, mud stained red shirt and curly black hair. He ran in, locked the doors and went out the back. Why would I protect him knowing you guys were obviously following?” Kyle though about it a moment, then finally lowered his gun and allowed the pimp to stand. Nick returned and shook his head. “There’s a back door alright but I didn’t see no sign of anyone. Fuckers either long gone or this kids a liar.”

“What’s your name?” Kyle asked the pimp. “P-Perry,” the man said.

“Well Perry the Pimp, here’s what’s gonna happen,” Kyle said as two more ResEs entered. “One of you cover that door, the other in the back. No one gets in or out. If they try and leave, shoot them,” he then turned back to Perry “We’re gonna round up everyone in here. That means you, your little whores and all your patrons and you better pray you’re telling me the truth. If we find who I think we’re gonna find here, then that means you lied to me. And if you lied to me, I’m gonna drag you outside this city myself and shoot you in the nuts, then watch as the masses tear you apart. One more time now, and this one’s for keeps: Is he here?”

“He’s not here,” Perry stated plainly, still holding his nose with one hand. Jezus entered and whistled. “Been a while since I’ve fucked around in here,” he said. “Keep watch here,” Kyle said “Nick and I are gonna round up the whole lot. That fucker’s in here somewhere.”


“I don’t understand what you want me to do,” the woman said as John closed the door and frantically kicked off his boxers and shoes. “Clothes off,” he said as he grabbed a top hat off the nearby dresser and sat down on the bed. “There’s a policy,” the woman explained “I only work when Perry says I’m working, not when Joe Shmoe comes in off the streets and grabs me.”

“You know enough,” John said “ResEs are looking for me and all they know for sure are my clothes. We need to act like we belong here or we’re fucked when they search the building.” The girl, still fully dressed, put one hand on her hip and shook her head at John. “So paranoid,” she said “How do you even-”

She was cut off from a scream down the hall, followed by a ResE screaming orders. “Not my first rodeo,” John said as he held the top hat in front of his crotch. “Shit,” the woman said as she walked over to the dresser and started digging though it. “What are you looking for?” he asked as the woman walked over with a tube of lubricant and squirted a large glob into her hands. “They’ll know your clothes and they’ll know your large head, dumbass,” she said as she ran her hands through Johns head. “I don’t have hair gel, but lube is the best we can do. Put the hat on,” she said as she knelt down between John’s legs.

“This would be a lot easier if you were hard,” she said as the door was kicked in and a ResE entered aiming a rifle. “Nobody fucking move!” he screamed. “What is it with the freaks today?” he said as he looked over John who was wearing just a top hat and a nervous smile. A black ResE entered next and took a glance at John and the woman. “Well shit,” he said with a smile as he slapped his partner “Don’t YOU look familiar!”

John was sweating bullets and being confronted by the ResEs he was running from not even five minutes ago. “You think this one’s the guy?” the white ResE asked. “Naw,” the black one said “I’m talkin’ about the bitch.” The white one looked at the woman for a moment before cocking his head back with a smile. “You’re that bitch we raped last week, aren’t you?” he exclaimed. “What?” the woman asked nervously. The two ResEs then looked at each other. “Guess not,” the white one said. “Well, maybe she’s the bitch we’re going to rape then,” the black one said. Both men laughed.

“Alright, fun’s over,” the white ResE said “Both of you, let’s go, into the main hall.” The woman slowly walked out, careful to avoid looking at either ResE. John attempted to follow her until the black ResE stopped him. “Pants,” he said plainly. John went for his boxers until the ResE looked around the room quick and asked “Where the fuck your pants-pants at?”

“I don’t have time for dress up, Mean,” the other ResE called as John was immediately pushed out the room before he could even grab his boxers. All he had to hide himself with was the top hat. “We really want some fat, naked white guy to look at?” the black ResE asked. “The fuck if I care,” the white one responded “If anything, his three inch cock should give everyone a nice laugh.” Both men laughed again.

November 28, 2011

Safe Haven - Listening Party (NaNoWriMo update #11)

[...Posted by Ted H]

Man, today feels awkward. Its still November and I feel I should still be writing, but I deserve a day off. Did a little editing though which ended up adding a whopping 3 words to my final yeah. the book done? Not by a long shot. I'd say its anywhere between 1/3 and 2/5 done now...its gotten that complicated. It it now easily the longest thing Ive written already when you add the 50,000 to what I already had written before hand.

I dont know how long itll take for me to post everything Ive done through NaNoWriMo but it'll definatly last me a while...which means I wont be missing any updates for a long time. Ill keep posting multiple times a week, but Ill eventually go back to once a week once we get into December.

...And I'm pretty sure we're getting a new that might actually post...


[Sage Haven - Listening Party]

“I had a date,” Jezus complained “Who knew Janky would find him though, right?” Kendall ignored him and readied his rifle as he and Jezus got to the outskirts of the city. The meeting with The General went more or less as Kendall expected. He was in the middle of a lecture of how he and Will should have been more aware of their surroundings when the secretary busted in with news that Janky might have found Bell, or at least Bell’s radio.

Jezus’s request to let the two of them team up was approved to little care of The General, at least until Juan’s fate was determined. Thus began “the adventures of Taco and Slain” as Jezus put it…at least until he could come up with a new call sign since he claims the whole Bell-Taco thing was Juan’s idea.

He listened in as Janky enlisted RC and Mean as support for the investigation. Fitting, Kendal figured, since their carelessness of that girl kicked off the chain of events that killed Will. He allowed himself a moment to fantasize RC catching the girl and the Rogue killing Mean instead. Not many people liked Will and his impulsiveness, but nobody liked Mean and many ResEs would’ve preferred if Mean was killed instead of Will.

“Hey!” Jezus called out, breaking Kendall from his imagination “You need to start paying attention, man. You got ADD or some shit?” Kendall ignored him. “Anyway,” Jezus continued “Hope this don’t take too long. Bad enough I’m not getting that week off, the least I can do is not waste time finding my old partner.”

“You always this uninterested in your partners, or did you just not like Juan?”

“Us stereotypes gotta keep together, man!”

“You’re not a stereotype.”

“Are you kidding? Me and my partner walked around calling ourselves Bell and Taco!”

“You’re not a Mexican.”

“Juan was.”

“So why were YOU Taco?”

“We found it funny. Juan was originally Taco, but too many idiots kept assuming we were both Mexican. It was like The DR never existed or something and Everyone south of the US was immediately from Mexico. So we just decided to switch names and nobody noticed, cuz you’re all idiots.”

“That’s funny. We just assumed you two were the idiots who didn’t realize.”

“So why was Will named Double-D?”

“Ya know, he never got around to telling me.”

“Now that’s funny.”

“You two busy making out or what?” Mean said over the radio. “Almost there, you fucking monkey,” Jezus said. Kendall looked over and saw the two of them standing around in position. Kendall waved over to them and was promptly returned with a middle finger by Mean.

“Which one is it?” he asked as Jezus shrugged. “Building by building I guess,” he said as the two split up and started looking around blown out and crumbling buildings. The two would check in with each other every so often via radio and Janky would chime in if one of them was moving too far away from Juan’s signal on the radar. They weren’t even sure it was Juan’s radio, but it was the only signal Janky could find that never answered back, so the odds were good it was the one they were looking for.

They didn’t bother doing any major checking, just a quick check of any rooms. They were looking for a body, not just a radio and since Jezus didn’t seem to care for the fate of his old partner, Kendall decided not to concern himself too much over it either. What they really wanted to do was find that girl. In the meeting Jezus had theorized that maybe Juan had gone after the girl instead and was killed in pursuit. So if they find a body, there might be a clue as to who the girl was. It wasn’t much, but it was as good a starting point as any.

A few hours of fruitless checking had passed and Kendall was getting tired while RC and Mean were voicing their boredom. Kendall offered them an invitation to help search, but they said that wouldn’t do anything about the boredom. Kendall was beginning to think how long they were going to do this. Were they stuck out there until they find something? Would a second search team come in and relieve them? What if curfew hit? Would The General allow four ResEs to not be on duty at dusk, especially when four were already either dead or missing not even 24 hours ago?

“I just lost the signal,” Janky said over the radio. “How?” Kendall asked as Mean broke in “We give the cripple one job and he fucks it up.” Kendall looked over to Jezus who wasn’t even stopping as he continued to another building to search. “Are we at least where we need to be?” Kendall asked, ready to just give up and go home. “You were both right on top of it,” Janky said. “A lot of good that does us,” Kendall said to himself. Him and Jezus were at least thirty yards apart and were both apparently right on top of Juan’s signal.

“One more building,” he said as he approached a pair of twin office buildings. “Eeny menny miny moe,” he said as he moved his finger in the air between the identical buildings. “Left one it is,” he said as he finished and walked into the building. It wasn’t that tall, maybe three floors depending on what damage had been done to the roof. He decided to work his way up starting from the basement but found the door locked. “Better use my key,” he said as he stepped back and kicked the door down. It was dark down the stairs and Kendall needed a moment to adjust his eyes before going down.

“We’ve got movement!” RC screamed. Kendall didn’t pay much mind. When he heard gunfire though, he was running back outside in a heartbeat. “Which way?” Kendall asked but another round of semi-auto fire was a good hint. “Who is shooting?” Kendall screamed.

“It’s not one of ours!” Jezus said.

“Fucking Rogue Whooooooo!” Mean shouted.

“It’s not a Rogue, it’s a civi,” RC said

“Yeah, cuz all civis carry rifles, fuck you,” Mean responded.

Kendal sprinted while the two idiots bickered. He caught sight of the person as they turned around and sprayed bullets back at the pursuing ResEs. “That’s not a Rogue,” Kendall said as he took aim and fired. “What I wouldn’t give for a sniper,” he said as his shots went wide and the person took off behind cover.

“We have a runner with an unauthorized weapon,” Kendall called in as he started running again “Large male, carrying a semi-auto-” he stopped as he turned around. “Taco,” he said again into his radio “That guy has Bell’s gun! RC, where did that guy pop out from?” RC didn’t answer him though so Kendall took up running again. He had no chance of catching the runner, but maybe the other ResEs won’t kill him so Kendall can interrogate him, mainly about how he got a hold of Juan’s gun.


The only way John could be more proud of Cayra was if she was his own child. That still didn’t diminish the amount of pride he had for her as she showed him and Kate the remains of the ResE she said she killed last night. “Holy shit, you fucked this kid up!” Kate exclaimed “John, are you crying?” John hadn’t stopped smiling since he arrived to the basement of a crumbling office complex and didn’t bother responding to Kate, but he did pretend to wipe a tear from his eye.

“We can’t leave him here like this, can we?” Cayra asked. Kate shook her head. “I forget what Jezus said exactly, I’m not even sure he knew what he was talking about,” she said “But they do have a way to track their people with the radios.” John walked over to the body and pulled out the radio. “Can’t turn it off either,” Kate explained “Unless its battery dies.” John listened in on the radio. “I can hear them!” he said with another smile on his face.

“If it’s that easy to listen in on the ResEs, why don’t the Rogues just steal a radio?” Cayra asked as John held up a finger so he could hear better. “ResEs keep a check on every person they employ,” Kate whispered “A radio goes missing or a ResE dies, they can track it. John said one of them told him that they prefer to be undetectable, which is hard if you have a GPS on you the ResEs can reference.”

John stood up quickly and put down the radio. “What?” Kate asked as he walked over to the nearby stairs. “The door there is locked. Trust me,” Cayra said as John silently turned and went for the other staircase. “What’s wrong?” Kate asked and John shushed her. “I’ll be right back,” he said as he crossed the basement and disappeared up the stairs. “I don’t like this,” Kate said as she grabbed the radio and inserted the earpiece to listen.

John snuck up the stairs slowly and crept to where he could look out into the streets. Sure enough, there were two ResEs walking up, no doubt looking for the body in the basement. They split up and entered different buildings. They were far enough away that if the plan was to go building by building, then it would take them a while to make it to John’s building. He could wait things out and hope they never check this particular building, or run for it when they both are busy inside other buildings.

John returned to the basement and found the girls huddled next to the dead ResE. Kate was listening to the radio so John knew she knew that ResEs were around as well. “We can run for it,” John said “Two of them, that’s all, and they’re both preoccupied searching elsewhere. We can slip passed them.” Kate shook her head as she put the radio down “No way. Two more of them on watch duty. They’re bored as hell, but they’re observant.” John swore, then went over and pulled the rifle from the corpse. “You can’t take four of them,” Kate said “Not spread out like that and backup being one radio call away.”

“I can’t be caught,” Cayra cried out “Why’d I even come back? Why didn’t you tell me they could track themselves!?” Kate ignored her as she pulled out her handgun. John dug out another handgun from the corpse and offered it to Cayra. Cayra shook her head and pushed the gun away. “If shit goes down I’m not gonna worry about you,” John said “So take it.” Cayra reached under her coat and revealed a handgun of her own. “That’s the Rogue’s gun?” Kate asked and Cayra nodded.

“Whatever,” John mumbled as he put the ResEs handgun behind his belt next to his magnum, then went to retrieve the ResE’s knife and spare ammo clips. Kate went back to listening to the radio as John headed back for the stairs. “John, seriously,” Kate pleaded “You’ll just bring more down and we’ll be fucked. Our best bet is they don’t bother looking down here and get tired of looking.” John shook his head “That’s a shitty plan,” he said. “Yeah, and it’s all we got,” Kate said.

The next few hours crawled by as John went back and forth going upstairs and watching the ResEs, occasionally going back down to update the girls to their location. Kate would spend the time nervously listening in on the dead ResE’s radio. John noticed one of the ResEs making his way, building by building, in a direction that would miss the office complex, but the other one was picking buildings to search almost at random, hitting two or three consecutive buildings before skipping around to a different area. What didn’t help was there were two buildings with access to the same basement and a locked door wasn’t going to deter anything.

John heard a gunshot ring out from the basement and he immediately crouched low, readying his rifle. It wasn’t that loud of a shot from where he was, but he wanted to make sure none of the ResEs out there had bat ears and would suddenly come rushing over. One of them walked out of his previous building, but wasn’t in any particular rush. John then snuck back to the stairs and went to figure out what the gunshot was from.

“I figure they wouldn’t know where to look anymore,” Kate said as he observed that someone had put a bullet in the ResE’s radio. “And you think they’ll just stop looking if they can’t track the radio?” John asked as Kate shrugged. John let out a sigh and walked back to the staircase. “Try not to shoot anything else,” he said “There’s one not too far from here.”

John returned to the first floor again and tried to sneak a look outside to find that nearby ResE. When he couldn’t find him, he switched to a different part of the building that offered a different view outside and almost shit himself when he saw the ResE right outside, trying to decide between both of the twin complexes. When he picked the other building, John quickly snuck back to the stairs and ran down.

“Your plan failed,” John said as he pulled the girls away from the other staircase. That fucker’ll come down that way and immediately see his dead friend.” The three of them went up to the first floor of the building. “There’s only three out there-” John said, imagining a battle plan. “We need a diversion,” Kate said in a panic “Something so we can sneak out while they’re preoccupied.”

“Yeah, we got a great diversion in the basement,” John said “Too bad it’ll bring every fucking ResE right on top of our position.” John looked about and tried to find the ResE from before. “I don’t know where he went,” he stated as he stood up and cocked the rifle. “What are you doing?” Kate asked. “For all we know he could be in the other building about to enter the basement,” John said “Or he might be in this one. Either way, we need to move. Wait for me to clear them out and run afterwards.”

“John, please,” Kate pleaded. “I’m not gonna try to kill them,” John said as he took off running. He wasn’t sure where the other ResE was searching, but he had a good beat on where the other two sere standing. When he saw one, he let off a stream of bullets in his direction to get his attention. After that he full on sprinted behind cover and in the direction of the city.

He checked back and saw three ResEs in pursuit. “Not good enough,” he said as he turned and fired again at the ResEs. They all took cover and John caught a glimpse of the fourth running up. “That’s all of ‘em,” John said as he started running again. Bullets flew in his direction but he wasn‘t about to let that unnerve him, they were all too far away to make any accurate shots. He only hoped Kate had enough sense not to try and follow. This whole plan was to give her and Cayra an exit. Now it was time for John to safely disappear.

“Out of my way!” John screamed as he entered the city and blew passed random people. He was still two blocks from where he needed to be and now he couldn’t risk shooting wildly behind himself now lest he hit someone else. Citizens of Safe Haven will look the other way if you fuck with the ResEs but they wont hesitate to turn you over if you’re a threat to them as well.

“One more block,” he said as he turned the corner and ran for the other end of the street. He could hear the ResEs screaming after in and he was sure help was on the way from God knows where. He spotted two more ResEs coming out of an alleyway so he fired his rifle, making them duck for cover before they got a good look at him. He fired until he ran empty and ditched the rifle. He had the other clips but he didn’t have time to reload.

He turned another corner and ran halfway down the next street unopposed to where he needed to be. He all but kicked down the door as he entered. “Mr. Joooooooooohn!” Perry called out as he stepped out from behind a counter. Perry ran the only brothel in Safe Haven and was a good friend of John. “What brings you down here?” he asked as he went over to hug but John stopped him.

“I need to disappear, NOW!” he screamed as he pulled out his magnum and the other handgun. “Hide these for me too,” he said as he shoved the guns into Perry’s hands. “What’s going on?” he asked as he examined the guns. “Is that a ResE’s gun? Shit, John, what did you do now?” John quickly turned and locked the front doors. “There a back door?” he asked as he took off his shirt. “Yeah, you know that,” Perry said as he handed the weapons to a nearby girl and said to hide them as well as John’s shirt.

“Any empty rooms?” John asked as he grabbed another girl and led her to the stairs. “A couple,” Perry said “John, are they coming here? Why are they coming here, John?” John didn’t answer as he kicked off his pants and sprinted upstairs with the woman. Perry grabbed the pants and tossed them to another woman and instructed her to hide them as well. “I think there’s a knife in there, be careful,” he said as someone tried to open the front door, then pounded on it furiously.

“Residential Enforcers! Open up!” someone on the other side screamed. Perry told the rest of the girls to exit the room as he approached the door to let in the ResEs.


“Go go go!” Kate said as she watched the last ResE run after John. She led Cayra along as they ran for the city. “What about John?” Cayra asked as Kate ignored her. John was on his own. Should he get caught or killed though, Kate had to make sure that the Rogues shipment remained hidden, meaning she had to get a hold of John’s map.

Back in the city proper, the girls slowed up but didn’t stop. Kate spotted the occasional ResE rushing to where she could hear gunfire. By time they made it to where John’s apartment was, there was no more gunfire, but Kate couldn’t stop to think of what happened. John never locked his doors and Kate made it in without issue.

“Close the door,” she said as she and Cayra entered the bedroom. “Help me,” she then said as the two barely were able to move the dresser away from the wall. Kate dropped to the ground and removed the floorboards. She retrieved the map, grabbed all the ammo left behind from before and attempted to replace the boards. Kate, why are we rushing?” Cayra asked as Kate gave up on the boards.

“I don’t know!” she screamed “This is just so fucked up! I’ve never been hunted before!” Cayra took the floorboards away from Kate and started putting them back for her. “They’re not hunting you,” she said “They’re after John right now and they’re after me for last night. They have no idea you’re involved.”

“Kate stood up and laid down on the bed. Cayra was right but Kate knew that if John was out of the picture, then there was no one else to deal with the shipment distribution. She knew Cayra wouldn’t touch that type of stuff and after so much time of insisting on being known as John’s partner, it was now time for Kate to show it.

She helped Cayra move the dresser back and the two of them got out of dodge as fast as possible. After a couple of blocks of walking together, Kate finally stopped. “We need to split up,” she said “Jezus will probably visit me and I don’t want you anywhere near there. In fact, try to stay away from me entirely.”

“What? Cayra asked with an eyebrow arched. “The man you killed was named Juan, Jezus’ partner,” Kate said “He saw your face last night, right?”


“Then he’d know you if he saw you. You need to stay away from me.”


“I promise I’ll help you but I can’t do anything for you if Jezus sees you.”

“What do I do now?”

“Go stay with Laura tonight and I’ll visit tomorrow when I know Jezus won’t be around.”

“Ok. But what about-”

“Just GO! It’s almost curfew and the streets are already crawling with ResEs.”

Kate then turned and took off towards home. Of all the ResEs Cayra had to kill, she just had to kill Juan. Not only that, but she’d be willing to bet Jezus was one of the ResEs chasing John, the two probably shooting at each other. All this was too much for her to deal with at the moment, especially with the sun setting.

November 27, 2011

Safe Haven - She Can't Find Her Mommy (NaNoWriMo update #10)

[...Posted by Ted H]

Greetings from a little place I'd like to call the winners circle!

50,000 words and then some for good measure...all accomplished in less than a month! I'll talk more tomorrow...for now, just bask in my greatness and enjoy a small sample of my months toils!


The door was open to John’s apartment. He sure as hell didn’t leave it that way either. “I smell bacon,” he breathed as he pulled out his magnum and kicked open the door. Someone screamed and John saw them finish ducking into his room. “Gotcha,” he said as Kate tailed him into the apartment with her own gun drawn. “What’s going on?” she asked “And who are we about to shoot?” John nodded to his bedroom.

He didn’t know who it was, either a ResE or someone who thought they could steal product from John, either way they were as good as dead. “Step on out, bitch,” John called as he kept his magnum aimed at the door. The door slowly opened and out stepped a girl with her hands over her head. “Please,” she pleaded “Don’t shoot, it’s me,”

“’Me’ who?” John asked as Kate slapped the back of his head. “It’s Cayra, you dolt!” she said as she walked over. “Whatever,” John said as he concealed his gun, “Why the fuck are you even in here?” Cayra stared at him a moment before turning to Kate. “I need your help. Something’s happened.”

Cayra went on to explain her run in with the ResEs from the previous night. When she got to the part where she killed a ResE, John ran over and threw his arm around her. “I’m so proud of you!” he said “Your first ResE kill!” He then took a moment to remember his first ResE kill while Cayra escaped from under his arm. “It’s not funny,” she said “What do I do now?” Kate hesitated a moment before asking “Do you know the ResE’s name? The one you killed?” Cayra shook her head “Not the one that chased me. I don’t remember the other twos names either, why?”

“What did you do with the body?”

“I…I just left it there.”

“With his radio?”


“They’ll find him eventually.”

“But will they come after me? They’ll remember what I look like.”

“John didn’t remember your face, you think a couple of ResEs will know you?”

“Kate, please, you need to find out if they’re looking for me.”

“How would I do that?”


“I sleep with one? Is that what you wanna say?”


“Just, stay low until the heat dies down, ok?”

“Where is the body?” John asked. “Why do you care?” Kate asked. “I want that shit the ResEs have…and hell, we could always frame someone else by planting the fucker‘s head under someone’s bed or something,” John said “Can you take me there?” Cayra nodded slowly. “You’re fucking weird,” Kate said. “Let’s go,” John said.


“I can’t find my mommy,” a child said as she tugged at Nick’s shirt. “Is mommy hot?” he asked while not even bothering to look at the kid. He had hoped the kid would go away but she was persistent on telling him about her missing mommy. “Fuck off kid!” he shouted as the kid cowered, but did not run away like he had hoped. “I don’t give a shit about your mom and I sure as fuck don’t give a shit about your problems!”

“When will you?” the kid asked as Nick flared he nostrils and flipped off the kid. “When you’re 18, now GIT!” he screamed as he pointed his rifle at her and she ran away. Nick laughed his ass off as Kyle walked over. “Remind me to hire you as a babysitter when I have kids,” he said as he sat down on some nearby steps.

“I fucking hate daytime duty,” Nick complained as he reached into his pocket.

“Really, I never noticed,” Nick responded as he flipped a pair of sunglasses over his eyes from the top of his head.

“Hey dumbass, it’s cloudy today. There’s no sun.”

“Your point?”

“Nothin,” Nick said as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

“The fuck are you doin?” Kyle asked.

“You tell me, Sherlock.”

“Don’t fucking smoke those out in the open like that.”

“Bitch bitch bitch.”

“A citizen with a big mouth sees you, and the whole city’ll wonder why they don’t get to smoke…then it’s gonna be about the drugs, then the booze, and then-”

“Since when were you a pillar of Enforcer morality? As I recall, you were right up in there with me fuckin’ that bitch last week.”

“That’s different. We were punishing a woman for breaking curfew.”

“Yeah yeah, say what you will to justify your actions, scumbag. At least I’s honest about myself?”

“Honest, eh? Then why’d you say we fucked her when you really mean we raped her?”

“Man, she wanted it. Just didn’t know it at first.”

“And ya know the difference between what we did then and what you’re about to do now? We raped that woman in private. You’re about to light up in public. Big fucking difference.”

“Whatever, bitch, I’ll put it away. Didn’t even feel like finding my lighter anyway.”

“Hey, ya know what?”


“Was that woman a mother?”

“Fuck if I know. You think I bother asking those types of things?”

“Well, what if that kid that bothered you earlier’s missing mother was the same chick?”

“Hahaaaaaa! No way! That’d be hilarious!”

“What did you do with her afterwards?”

“Oh that’s right, you lasted about a minute then bolted out of shame. Even the raped girl felt sorry for you.”

“Thought you said she wasn’t a rape victim?”

“Whatever. Point is I don’t know where she is. I just left her there and left. She wasn’t moving much but it’s not like I did anything.”

“Fuck, what if we go back and find a corpse?”

“Then I guess we orphaned that kid.”

“Should be adopt her then? Ya know, since we’re the reason her mother’s dead?”

“Shit man, why?”

“I dunno…the right thing to do I guess.”

“Well what if we don’t bother checking if she’s dead. If we remain ignorant to her fate?”

“Then I guess we’d have no responsibility to the child since we wouldn’t really know.”

“I like that. Let’s make that our plan: Not bother checking.”


“Rotting Cure? Come in Rotting Cure,” the radio buzzed.

“For fuck’s sake,” Kyle said “What now, Janky?”

“We have a possible beat on the location of Bell. I repeat: we may have found Bell,” Janky said. “So what do you want us to do about it?” Nick asked. “We have two men on their way to check it out,” Janky said “You two are closest to the area and can provide support.”

“Support for what? It’s a fucking corpse pick up,” Kyle complained. “We don’t know for sure,” Janky said “Plus there may be Rogues involved. Just a precaution.” Nick and Kyle’s eyes lit up at the mention of Rogues. “I hope they’re there,” Nick said as Kyle stood up. “Just tell us where we need to be.”

November 22, 2011

Safe Haven - Cooper (NaNoWriMo update #9)

[...Posted by Ted H]

Ah man, only about 10K more to go...never been this close....a little exciting if you ask me. Winners can start confirming their word counts this weekend. I wont be ready by then but it just proves that the finish line is within sight...

Current status of my 2011 NaNoWriMo: 39,695 / 50,000 (10,308 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 27th

Keep pace with me or join me if youre doing it too:


[Safe Haven - Cooper]

There are two things to know about Violet Cooper. 1) Don’t feed her bullshit and 2) Never, EVER fuck with her. Her ex-fiancé learned that the hard way the day the apocalypse started. When the dead were first rising for inexplicable reasons, Cooper rushed home from work to make sure her man was alright. When she made it, she discovered a car in the driveway she never saw before. Inside her bedroom, on the bed she shared with a man who she was going to marry was another woman fucking her man. There they were, blissfully unaware of her looking at them from the window and definitely none the wiser about the zombies.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to kick that bitches ass and kill her fiancé but she had to restrain herself. The zombie apocalypse was happening and she didn’t want to waste valuable time screaming and fighting. Instead, she snuck into the basement and retrieved her fiancés hunting rifle and snuck back out, leaving every possible door and window wide open. All that was missing was a “free food” sign for the zombies. Cooper then climbed a tree and waited.

It didn’t take long for the zombies to get inside, and when the woman came shuffling out, lifeless and naked, Cooper made sure she didn’t miss with the rifle. Her fiancé was a different story. Somehow he avoided getting killed and was circling around from the back yard to get to his car. Again, Cooper made sure to hit her target: her fiancés kneecap. He got about three feet before a group of the dead gathered around their easy meal. It provided enough of a distraction for her to jump out of the tree and run for her car.

Her plan was to drive up to New York City where her sister was, but she found out that all tunnels to Manhattan had been blocked off and the surrounding area was hopelessly gridlocked with traffic and zombies. She gave up on family and headed west, eventually ending up in a military safe zone in Indianapolis. They made her abandon her car, but she got to keep her gun. They told her it was safe, but they insisted on helping the injured and infected. A week on the road taught Cooper a lot about how the infection spread. She asked how the soldiers were going to deal with the infected people knowing that they’ll turn and the soldiers kept telling her that they “had everything under control”.

Cooper knew better than to believe that bull shit, so she hotwired herself a new car and took off before that safe zone was overrun from the inside. Shortly before taking off though, she caught wind of a place in southern California called Safe Haven. The important fact they were broadcasting was that they were not just turning away infected people, they were shooting them on sight. So after leaving Indy, Coopers next destination was a no brainer.

The trip to California wasn’t exactly easy, there was no way her old car would’ve been able to get her there, but the car she stole was one of those off road types that allowed her to drive wherever she wanted. Nothing short of a monster truck would’ve helped her more. Gas had become a problem, but by her estimations with her maps, she would only have to hike the last leg of the trip for about a day, unless she happened to run into a gas station that wasn’t either tapped dry or blown to hell, which she knew better to hope for this close to Safe Haven.

When the inevitable hike came around, Cooper came to realize just how ill stocked she was for survival in the wastelands. She took what she could sneak out when she left Indianapolis, but that wasn’t much to rely on when she made it to the address Safe Haven was suppose to be at.

Cooper knew it as she approached. Safe Haven was nothing more than a fucking bus station. She cursed the sky at how her last chance for survival was such a waste of time. She then picked up whatever things she had left and continued forward, because there was no other option.

The new plan was simple, make it to the ocean and hope for the best. Hawaii was always a good choice, but Cooper very much doubted the reality of making it that far, especially since she’d never even attempted to navigate a boat before. Days passed and Cooper eventually fired her last bullet and abandoned the rifle. She had long since run out of food and water was dangerously low. All Cooper had were the clothes on her back and half a bottle of some spring water shit she found at the “bus stop for suckers” she had disaffectionately named Safe Haven.

She could still outrun a zombie and she was smart enough to avoid them when she could, which was why she wasn’t dead yet but she rarely got enough sleep after she abandoned her car and wandering the wastelands had been taking its toll on her stamina. She had been slowly continuing her death march one night when a glow of light on the horizon caught her attention. She wasn’t sure what it was suppose to be but she felt like that might end up being the Safe Haven. Then she realized that the “bus stop for suckers” might’ve been an actual bus stop.

Cooper didn’t sleep that night as she slowly made her way for the light. She was still way too far away but it gave her hope. There were zombies but she could still jog faster than them but her alarming lack of energy was finally overtaking her as she tripped over and couldn’t get up right away. She tried to push herself up but ended up collapsing every time.

When a zombie finally came to claim her, she found just enough resolve to launch her foot into its stomach, knocking it back. She wanted so badly to sleep after that but she made herself try one more time to get up. She propped herself up to her elbows then tried moving her legs so she could at least crawl. After a few feet she rose to her feet and immediately started running.

She knew she was going to pass out, her only hope was she could lose the zombie before that happened and find somewhere to hide. That was the plan until she tripped again, and she knew she wasn’t getting up that time. She had landed on her side so she rolled just enough so she was on her back looking up. She watched as the zombie approached as she was blacking out just as a loud crack sounded and the zombie jerked backwards and fell out of view.

When she awoke, Cooper found herself inside a building. Her whole body hurt but she didn’t feel particularly eaten. She stood up and found she was inside a gas station convenience store. Outside it was raining as she walked up to the big front window, amazed it hadn’t been shattered, and peered into the dark grey sky. “I’m amazed it even rains anymore,” a voice said and Cooper spun around. Over behind the front counter was a man smoking a cigarette, gazing out his own window.

“Sorry,” he said “I saw you walking yesterday. Didn’t actually intend to help you until I saw you fall.” Cooper stared at the man for another moment. She didn’t know what to say so she decided to keep it simple. “…Thanks,” she said and was amazed at how her voice was so crackly. She hadn’t had to talk since Indianapolis, which she didn’t even know how long ago that was.

“Need a drink?” the man asked as he pointed to an opened 30-rack of beer. Cooper walked over and opened a can. She was 25, hung out with friends weekly at a bar, once dated a bartender for 4 years and both her parents were heavy drinkers who always kept cold beer in the fridge, but Cooper hated the stuff. Still, it had been too long since she drank anything and chugged the can down.

“Food?” the man asked when Cooper walked right up to him and asked “Who are you?” The man didn’t even blink as he said “Does it matter?” Cooper crossed her arms “It does to me,” she said. “Jake,” the man said as he put out his cigarette.

“I’m not gonna fuck you, Jake.”


“Just because you saved me, don’t think I’m gonna do anything to thank you.”

“Right…my master plan, ruined.”

“I appreciate it…but don’t expect much else.”

“Believe me, I’ve already been given enough shit for helping people this week. The fact that you don’t hate me for helping is thanks enough.”

“There are other people?”

“No…not here.”

“Where? Safe Haven?”

“That where you’re going?”

“Isn’t that where everyone’s going?”

“One way or another I guess.”

“You know the way? We’ll stand a better chance if we go together.”

“I’m not going back.”

“You were inside? Why the hell are you out here then?”

“I’m not wanted there. They pick and choose who they let in.”

“They denied you?”

“Ah…no. I kinda got myself kicked out.”

“Why would you-”

“I guess after everything I went through, it just wasn’t worth it. Personally, if I were you, I’d avoid it.”


Jake went on to tell Cooper about how Safe Haven was run, the people in charge and the ResEs. He told her about the shitty conditions and how it wasn’t as safe as people thought. Cooper dropped her head low. She had been bull shitted again, and this time she almost died in the process.

“So what are you gonna do?” she asked. Jake shrugged “Word was people had been gathering in Arizona, but I never heard anything solid about it. I figure if I’m gonna die finding somewhere new at this point, it’s gonna be somewhere I actually want to be.”

“Where is that?” Cooper asked. “Hawaii,” Jake said and Cooper smiled. “You don’t say,” she said. Jake turned back to watch the rain. Cooper wished it rained like that when she was dying in the wastes. “So what’s your name?” Jake asked, not turning his gaze from the window.


“That your legal name?”

“Violet Cooper.” she said “But don’t call me that.”

“There a reason why?”

“When we get to Hawaii I’ll tell you.”

Nothing more was said that day as the rain poured on. Cooper and Jake would later attempt to gather supplies to survive on when they ran into the Rogues. The flimsy Hawaii plan was scrapped and they joined up. Cooper didn’t bother to sneak into Safe Haven with Jake at first, but curiosity eventually got the better of her and she went in to check things out. It was just as Jake had described, which made her realize Jake had been the first person yet in the apocalypse to not bull shit her.

The Rogues meant well, but Cooper always had this idea that eventually they would become as bad as the ResEs. She didn’t trust many of them, not even Teto when she met him. Teto seemed to have a solid plan to bring down the city authorities, but gave off the idea that he had no clue what to do afterwards. He said he would figure something out when the situation came up, but Cooper felt that was more bull shit.

Cooper stuck around because it was something to do and she knew that even if she or Jake didn’t want to admit it, Hawaii would have gotten them killed. Over time she grew to trust and like some of the other Rogues, even Teto to an extent, but she trusted Jake more than the others because he was the only one from the beginning to keep in line of both of Cooper’s rules: Don’t bull shit her and never fuck with her.

So when Jake asked her to do this stupid trip through the wastelands with him and a bunch of others, Cooper didn’t need to be asked twice. Now he was late though as she and four other Rogues waited impatiently. Waiting with her were Teto, Jordan, Johnston and Martin. She knew about Johnston and Jordan but Martin was something of an enigma. He only talked to Teto and he wasn’t a big fan of Tucker, who Teto always hung out with.

“Bout fucking time,” Jordan said as Jake and Tucker came running. “Don’t even say it, we know,” Tucker said as he bent over and grabbed a bag and hoisted it over his shoulder. Jake dropped a duffle bag and opened it. “Grenades?” Johnston asked as Jake took them out and inserted them into his own backpack for the trip. He tossed two over to Teto who pocketed them.

“Gonna share?” Jordan asked. Jake didn’t even look up as he said “You know how to use one?” he zipped his bag up and kicked the empty duffle bag to the side. “How hard could it be?” Jordan asked as Jake smiled “That means you don’t.”

“Alright,” Teto interrupted “Quick recap. About a year ago we sent a group out east to go check out major cities for supplies. They made it as far as Chicago before heading back. They were on I40 around Texas-New Mexico when they sent a runner ahead back here. They never showed up though. We sent the runner back a few months ago and he never made it back. We’re gonna try and find them ourselves now.”

“Why do we give a shit?” Tucker asked “Why lose more people looking for dead bodies?” Martin flashed Tucker a look. “They had some serious supplies,” Teto said “Plus I don’t like the idea of losing two dozen people without knowing why.” Tucker rolled his eyes and shook his head, but he didn’t say anything. “Tell us the real reason why,” Jake said “The runner said they found some C4 and we all know how you’d love to have that handy.”

“No doubt it would speed things along, but I still want to find those people,” Teto said as he pulled out a map “We’ll find them though.” That was why Cooper didn’t like Teto and why she trusted Jake. Teto may had been genuinely concerned about the 24 Rogues who never came back, but the real reason he insisted on finding them was because of the C4. Jake was probably joking when he pointed out the truth of Teto’s plan, but she knew part of him wasn’t impressed by Teto’s fake altruism.

“Any other complaints?” Teto asked to no answer. “Alright,” he said “Lets move.” Cooper started with the others, once again reminding herself that she was only going because Jake had asked her.

November 21, 2011

Safe Haven - The General Will See You Both Now (NaNoWriMo update #8)

[...Posted by Ted H]

I think it should go without saying that once November ends, Im gonna stop doing Safe Haven for a while. The creative reserves are a bit low and Im still 14K short...Im almost done with what amounts to Act 1 of the entire novel...which easily will make this the longest thing I write when all is said and done.

Anyway, nother brief one before I throw in another long form character intro. Things will get more fast paced once I approach the act 1 climax...till then, enjoy meeting more new friends...

Current status of my 2011 NaNoWriMo: 36,666 / 50,000 (13,334 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 27th

Keep pace with me or join me if youre doing it too:


[Safe Haven - The General Will See You Both Now]

Kendall wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. He went over the events in his head for the millionth time since last night and he didn’t like how it was gonna sound. There really wasn’t a good way to explain how your partner got killed, you lost the citizen you caught breaking curfew who may or may not have had something to do with the Rogue killing your partner, and for the cherry on top: failing to take down the Rogue who got an additional two ResEs killed during his escape.

Kendall was read the riot act in the past for less, but at least he wasn’t alone in this. Jezus was going in there with him. He may not have had as much to do with the predicament as Kendall had, but at least the company would make the whole meeting that much less intimidating. They were both sitting in a waiting room waiting to be called into a meeting with Thomas, better known as “The General” to everyone. The General was the head of the ResEs and everyone answered to him. That was the only hierarchy that was established within the Residential Enforcers though word was The General wanted to establish supervisors under him, just no one knew how to go about setting something like that up.

“I love how we were told to be early, but The General is the one who’s an hour late,” Jezus complained, breaking Kendall from his thoughts. Kendall checked his watch again. It was almost noon and the meeting was set up for 11. Kendall sighed. He was sent home from patrol early because of his partners death and told to rest up for this meeting, not that he got any sleep. He stayed up all night thinking of what he could’ve done differently. The Rogue had been moving too much for Kendall to line up a proper shot, but maybe if he didn’t hesitate making the first jump from one roof to another, maybe, he would’ve had time to line up a shot as the Rogue was climbing down that fire escape.

“Are you even listening?” Jezus asked, breaking Kendall from his thoughts again. “No,” he mumbled, “Sorry, I didn’t sleep much last night.” Jezus folded his arms “Me neither,” he said.

“Remember what you said to me last night?”

“I said a lot of things.”

“After we lost the Rogue and I was all pissed about it, you told me not to sweat it or something.”


“You said you had a plan on how we could catch him.”


“…….So, what is the plan?”

“We fish.”

“Why’d I even ask?”

“We bait the fucker out.”


“That guy sought you out. I know where you were suppose to be last night. You say you caught that girl in your own sector and somehow he ended up in my sector popping off your partner? He followed you. And why did he follow you? There’s only one reason.”

“…The girl?”

“The fucking girl.”

“Yeah well, she kinda got away too.”

“How hard could it be to find her again?”

“I never saw her before last night.”

“You probably have, you just didn’t care then. I bet you’ll know it when you see her again.”

“Then what?”

“One thing at a time. Best to find the girl before we act further.”

“Alright then, I‘m in.”

“Good, cuz I was gonna request that we partner up since we’re both suddenly single.”

“What about Juan?”

“Dead, or dying. Either way, I refuse to live in the past.”

“That’s a morbid way of thinking about it.”

“Yes, but it’s also practical.”

The door to the waiting room opened and a woman entered. “The General will see you both now,” she said with a smile. Kendall and Jezus stood up and made for the door the secretary was now holding open. “Just let me do the talking,” Kendall said.

November 17, 2011

Safe Haven - Doc (NaNoWriMo update #7)

[...Posted by Ted H]

30K words, tired...
too much writing...too much Saints Row...too much working....not enough sleep...
In case you're wondering though-Ive only posted about 30% of what Ive written this month. I'll get around to the other 70% eventually...not to mention what I'll write in the next couple weeks...

Current status of my 2011 NaNoWriMo: 30,027 / 50,000 (19,973 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 26th

Keep pace with me or join me if youre doing it too:


[Safe Haven - Doc]

No one knows why the grandstand was set so far away from the rest of the amusement park but it stood a good deal away from the amusement park proper. There is sat, isolated not just as a structure from the rest of the park, but from the rest of the Rogues as well. In the enclosed back area lived just one Rogue who stood as something unique when compared to the others.

Jake and Tucker finished their short trek to the house. “Try not to embarrass yourself this time,” Jake said as he opened the door and walked into the Rogues’ bomb makers home. “Yo Doc, you got company!” Jake called out. Out from the back stepped Doc, holding two beers in his right hand. “I had a feeling,” he said as he offered Jake one. “You want?” he asked Tucker, who shook his head but didn’t say anything.

Doc was a tall, lanky man with long red hair flowing out the back of a camouflage bandana he wore on his head. He was missing his left arm after the elbow but he never complained about it and never had a problem getting by. He knew a thing or two about wiring electronics before the apocalypse and he spent the better part of the last decade applying that knowledge to explosives, making him the most reliable bomb maker the Rogues could ever ask for. Depending on who was asked, Doc either lived alone or he had his girlfriend to keep him company.

“Hey babe! Guess who’s here!” Doc yelled into the back but got no response. Doc shrugged as he said “She’s in a mood today. Women, right?” Tucker bit his lip as he glanced over to Jake. “Could you…ya know, move?” he asked as Jake opened his beer. “Alright, alright,” he said “Just here to pick up some shit before we leave, Doc. Let’s walk and talk.” Doc nodded and the two men made their way into the back. “Stay here,” Jake said to Tucker before disappearing with Doc.

Tucker looked around for a moment. Discarded beer bottles and weapons were strewn about with electronics and bombs supplies sitting in piles on a couple end tables. Various guitars and other instruments were placed on the wall and a drum kit was in a far corner. In the far corner however laid a chain harness on the ground with blood all around it. Tucker heard a moan coming from nearby and he quickly drew a handgun from his belt. “Doc? Jake?” he called out as he backed away from the corner and deeper into the house. He heard shuffling feet and more moans. “Where are you?” he said under his breath.

He could hear Jake and Doc conversing in back and Tucker decided to go to them, lest he get caught alone with a zombie on the loose. He slowly worked his way through the dimly lit hallway. “Anybody?” he asked as he heard a chain rustle and a hand reach out to him from the darkness. Tucker screamed and ducked to the ground.

He fumbled with his gun as a female zombie slowly approached him until she stopped suddenly two feet away and could not get any closer. Tucker shifted his view to see a harness tied around the zombie’s chest attached to a chain that extended securely from the far wall. Tucker let out a relieved sigh as he lowered his gun and dropped his head to the ground. Jake walked up and took position right over Tucker, shaking his head. “What part of ‘Stay here’ didn’t you understand?” he asked as the zombie moaned and reached out for the new person. “Hi Candice,” Jake said as he helped Tucker up.

“She scared ya, huh,” Doc said as he entered carrying a duffle bag. “I hate coming here,” Tucker said as he holstered his gun “We ready to go or what?” Jake nodded as he motioned to the bag Doc carried. Tucker grabbed it while Jake stared at Candice. “That’s new blood on her face,” he stated “You’ve fed her recently, haven’t you?”

“It calms her down,” Doc said “Especially after I moved her.” Jake looked at what was left of Doc’s left arm. “I said I’d figure something to give her,” Jake said “I don’t want you going back to cutting yourself up for her.” Tucker threw his arms in the air “Just don’t fucking do it, period!” he shouted. “Everyone needs to eat,” Doc said.

“Not her!”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Seriously? Are you that thick?”

“Alright,” Jake said “We’re late as it is.” Jake grabbed Tucker and the two of them made for the exit. “Doc, we’ll talk when I get back,” Jake said “Just don’t feed yourself to her anymore until then.” Doc waved them off, then closed the door behind them. “Guy’s fucking nuts,” Tucker said as he opened the duffle bag to see what was inside.

“Seriously, when I tell you to stay put, do me a favor and fucking stay put,” Jake said as Tucker pulled out a grenade. “How the hell did he get a hold of these?” he asked. “You’re not allowed to touch,” Jake said as he took the grenade and the bag from Tucker, “Only I’m allowed. And he was holding on to them for me because we don’t need any Rogues or civilians running around with these in Safe Haven.”

“Gee, I wonder why,” Tucker said sarcastically “But why so many now?” Jake dropped the grenade back in the bag and zipped it up. “Better to have this many and not need them than the other way around.”

“I don’t like how pessimistic you’re being for this trip.”

“And I don’t like the fact that we need to be making this trip.”

“Think Doc’ll really feed himself to that…girlfriend of his, piece by piece?”

“Guy always seemed too smart to do that, but lately? I dunno.”

“And you actually knew this guy from even before the apocalypse?”

“…Yeah. He was a friend of my roommate to be exact. Knew the girlfriend too.”

“Is that why you act so nonchalant about her being a FUCKING ZOMBIE?”

“Easy there…It’s complicated with them.”

“That’s a fucking understatement. So…how did she die?”

“Zombies, dumbass, zombies.”

“No…I mean, how did she get infected? Were you there to see it?”

“Not something I wanna talk about, Tucker.”

“Wonder how messed up you gotta be to want to live like that, keeping a zombie in the same place you sleep n‘ shit.”

“I think it has more to do with the emotional attachment.”

“Yeah right. We’ve all killed someone close to us, so don’t try feeding me that bull shit.”

“Again, it’s…complicated with them. I might tell you about it sometime.”

“Whatever…Hey, was she at least…ya know, hot when she was alive?”

“Dude, if you wanna fuck Candice, you might have to check with Doc first.”

“I fucking hate you.”

November 15, 2011

Safe Haven - Shoe Shopping (NaNoWriMo update #6)

[...Posted by Ted H]

Just picked up Saints Row The Third today and my writing time has taken a nose dive. Still, as long as I'm on pace there shouldnt be anything to worry about. 1.7K words a day should get the job done, so I make sure I hit that and Im golden...Now if you excuse me, I have luchadores to kill with a dildo bat...

Current status of my 2011 NaNoWriMo: 28,834 / 50,000 (21,166 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 26th

Keep pace with me or join me if youre doing it too:


[Safe Haven - Shoe Shopping]

“Your map sucks,” Kate said as she and John circled around the tenth time in the back room of what was once a shoe store. The front windows were long ago blown out so no one ever needed to use the front door, which was locked anyway. The sales floor was lit up well enough from the sun, but everywhere else was too dark to search without flashlights. The back alley was empty as was the back stock room and side offices. John insisted that the stock room was the logical choice for the shipment to be since it was so spacious, but that proved to be false since he and Kate still couldn’t find any sign of recent use through all the dust let alone a shipment.

“Think I should get a pair?” Kate asked as she held up a dirty pair of high heels, one of which had a heel already broken off. “Focus, the stuff is in here somewhere,” John said as he kicked over a stack of shoe boxes. “We’ve been here forever, can’t we look for another shipment?” Kate asked before picking up a toppled computer chair and sitting down. “I gotta pee,” she said as she folded her arms.

“Does this place even have a bathroom?” John asked out loud as they both checked the sales floor again and saw nothing. “Offices,” Kate said as they ran back and discovered a door in the back corner. “How big do you think it would be?” John asked as Kate opened the door.

The bathroom was surprisingly spacious, if not unsanitary with an entire wall full of mold on the far end. There wasn’t much in anything that would pass as a shipment but John walked to the stalls and pushed a door in to reveal two boxes stacked on top of a toilet. He opened the next stall to find another two boxes stacked the same way. “Nice,” he said as he picked one up and placed it on the ground behind him. Kate shone her flashlight on the box as John opened it up to reveal several handguns and an assortment of spare ammo clips.

“Jackpot!” Kate said as she reached in and grabbed a gun. “What do you think you’re doing?” John asked.

“Taking a gun for myself.”

“I don’t think you should.”

“Why the hell not?”

“Because you have a habit of losing every gun you have.”

“That’s not true.”

“Then why are you taking a new one?”

“…Fuck you.”

“Just don’t take any more.”


“Damn, I was hoping this would’ve been drugs.”

“We can always look elsewhere.”

“Nah, this took too long on its own. I still need to get back and get a hold of some people, let them know we got some guns in.”

“Can I come?”

“Aren’t you suppose to be busy with your ResE?”

“I can do both.”

“No you can’t you idiot.”

“Yeah. Just because you can’t pull off a double life doesn’t mean I can’t.”

“Well point me out a hot ResE who’s down for an indiscriminant fuck and maybe I’ll get back to you on that.”

“You’re not exactly a catch yourself, John.”

“Good enough for you it seems.”

“Oh shut up.”

“I wonder what your foreign lover would think if he knew what you and I do when he’s on duty.”

“Don’t you dare say anything to him.”

“Pssh. I wouldn’t talk to no ResE even if I wanted to.”

“Seriously, keep your trap shut.”

“If you care about him so much, why do you sleep with half a dozen people?”

“I…I never said I cared.”


“…Fuck you.”

John laughed as he stood up and placed the box back into its hiding place in the stall, then closed everything up, but not before grabbing a gun and a couple extra clips for himself. “Seriously,” Kate pleaded “I don’t care about him. Maybe if you had more than three inches I wouldn’t need to get what I need from Jezus.” John shook his head “Whatever you say, Kate.”

“I’ll prove it,” Kate responded “Lets go back you your place right now so I can take the edge off before meeting him.” John looked at Kate and smiled. “If that’s what it takes for you to work out your issues while lying to yourself, then I’ll be more than happy to help you.” Kate sneered. “Don’t push your luck,” she said “Cuz you do know I’m armed right now, right?” John looked at her a moment, then continued walking “Oh, you haven’t lost your gun by now? That might be a record for you.”