June 10, 2012

Safe Haven - End This

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[Safe Haven - End This]

Someone said all the ResEs were gone, too busy with a sudden large scale firefight to patrol anywhere else near Perry’s brothel. This suited John just fine as he immediately ran out to the middle of a gossiping group and dumped the contents of his box onto the ground. “Arm up and join the fight!” John shouted and ran off to grab the box Kate was carrying. Half of his weapons shipment was about to go away when it was suppose to last him for however long the Rogues were gone. There was probably a couple more hidden caches of weapons, but two whole boxes in one day probably was a bad idea to dump at one time. Perry was in trouble though, or already dead, so John felt no remorse if he could hurt the ResEs right away.

He took weapons out of Kate’s box and passed them out by hand, telling people to join in the fight. He knew it was already the biggest uprising against the ResEs since Safe Haven was erected, and he knew that whoever was fighting the ResEs now would get slaughtered without backup. Time to send that backup.

The people who snatched up the weapons John dumped left immediately. The second wave of reinforcements would be whoever took the guns from the second box. They were unintentionally organized this way, but since the ResEs probably didn’t even expect an organized assault in the first place, it provided the perfect tactic.

The first wave hit already, attacking some ResEs with riot gear, but when the second wave hit, the ResEs actually retreated back. John couldn’t help but smile, but he knew he had to find Perry. “John!” someone called over. John looked to see Anderson run up to him, guns in each hand. “Did you start this?” John asked as Anderson nodded.

“There was shooting inside when I arrived,” Anderson said “And when I saw the ResEs exit, I figured they killed Perry so I just started shooting. Next thing I know other people join in and now there’s this.” John nodded. “But what about Perry? Are you sure he’s dead?” Anderson shook his head. “I was gonna check,” he said “But things got out of hand in a hurry. There’s no way we can get to the door without getting shot.”

“Anyone try the back entry?” John asked as Anderson smiled, apparently not knowing about the back door. “No one’s trying to get in,” Anderson said “They’re just fighting.” John nodded as he looked over to Kate and motioned her to follow. “Let’s go get Perry,” he said as they made for the back alleys.


“Every Enforcer, report to the site of the uprising. End this NOW!” The General screamed over the radio to the point that Nick wanted to tear the earpiece away from him. Things were getting hectic outside and Nick couldn’t get a good look out the door without a bullet flying over his head. Kyle had stopped talking and slumped over, his shirt still well pressed into his bullet wound. He was still breathing and occasionally said something to prove how awake he still was, as if anyone cared, but he was clearly no longer paying attention to the chaos. Nick wasn’t no doctor, but he knew Kyle wouldn’t last forever like this.

He pressed to talk into his radio. “We’re still waiting on evac from this fucking whore house!” he yelled. He wasn’t that good at officially talking over the radio beyond insults and unwanted comments, he always let Kyle do that, but that wasn’t a luxury at the moment. “We’re trying, dude, hold on!” someone responded. “If he dies…” Nick started but stopped. There was no threat he could think of that could help Kyle, so he gave up. It wasn’t like the ResEs weren’t trying; Kyle was the one hurt, not him, they would help Kyle.

Another idiot citizen dove into the whore house, taking cover from the firefight. “Wrong move, bitch,” Nick said as he shot the man down, next to the bodies of other people who thought it was safe inside. He got a kick out of it the first three times he did it, but that was back when Kyle could comment as well. Now Nick was just talking to himself.

The sound of around a hundred more automatic rifles filled the air, and Nick knew that more ResEs had arrived. “Keep pushing!” he heard someone screaming from the outside. Apparently enough ResEs had finally shown as one to outnumber the citizens and send them running. The streets were emptying, but the people shooting from the windows still presented enough of a problem.

“Still kicking up in the whore house?” someone radioed in. “What took you?” Nick asked as someone, a ResE finally, entered through the main door. “He dead?” he asked as he looked down at Kyle. “He breathin, ain’t he?” Nick said as he attempted to finally stand up. His chest still hurt, but it wasn’t anything that would kill him. “Alright, let’s move him,” the ResE said as he spoke into his radio “I’m gonna need some-” he got out before his head jerked back and he fell backwards, a trail of blood following the newly planted bullet hole in his forehead.

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