June 3, 2012

Safe Haven - Firefight

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[Safe Haven - Firefight]

“The promised land!” Tucker shouted as he fell to his knees. The Rogues had managed to find a track of road with a road marker that told them they were on  Interstate-15, meaning they were finally on the right track. “Didn’t you come down this way?” Cooper asked Jordan when he walked over “You’re from Vegas, right?”

“Didn’t mean I paid attention,” Jordan said as he looked out “Besides, it was all different. Everything was still burning, now it‘s just wasteland. They firebombed everywhere, you know. I thought it was the military attempting to fight, but it wasn’t.” Jordan looked out into the endless wasteland. “Is this what the world is suppose to look like, without people?”

“Nah,” Jake said “It’s suppose to be overgrown vegetation. Desert though? Mojave is just a desert, anything inhabitable was man made from the sand. We’ll be leaving the wasteland and entering one big desert, pretty much no change in scenery.” Jordan shook his head. “There was a forest,” he said “A National Park or something like that. Gone. We were suppose to have walked right through it before getting here though.”

Jordan turned back to see Teto and Martin looking at the map again, while Johnston looked back at the small group of zombies trying to keep up. “15 will take us all the way to Vegas, as long as we don’t break off down 40,” Jordan said “Part of me wants to keep going though, just to see what home looks like now.” Jake leaned his elbow on Tuckers shoulder when he finally stood up. “You don’t wanna go home,” he said “Whatever image you have of it in your head probably way better than the real thing.”

“Maybe,” Jordan said “What do you think your guy’s homes are like now?” Jake shrugged. “I lived in a shitty apartment before all this. I really don’t care what happened to that dump.” Tucker wasn’t even paying attention and whatever Cooper wanted to say, she withheld comment. “Home is wherever,” Teto said as he walked up with the rest. “Know where we are yet?” Jake asked. “We’re on the Interstate,” Teto said with a sly grin “Where exactly? I have some ideas, but once we get far enough along I should be able to pinpoint exactly where we are. From there, getting to 40 should be a snap.”

“Our “friends” are catching up,” Johnston said as the zombies tailing them were closing the gap. The group then took off running. They were finally on the right track, no longer wandering. Somehow that added a spring in their step, and there was no more complaining over all the running.


“Just what the doctor ordered…no pun intended,” Jezus said as he and Kendall fired into the crowd of rioting citizens. After having to meet with both The Doctor and the hapless, idiot psychologist, there was nothing he or Kendall wanted to do more right now than kill something. They got their wish when RC called in for backup.

“RC, are you still inside?” Kendall said into his radio. “Yup, so don’t shoot us when we try to get out,” RC responded. “Is Mean by any chance dead?” Jezus asked with hope but Mean responded “Fuck you!” which cut down that hope. “What did you guys do?” Kendall asked but Janky cut in. “You guys need to cut off the personal banter, we need to keep the channel open.”

“So now what?” Jezus asked Kendall, who was surveying the scene. A sizable mass of about fifteen people were scattered in the street, concentrating fire of both ends where ResEs were trying to advance. Items were being tossed from windows for the people in the street to use as cover while additional people were also shooting and throwing debris out from the buildings at the ResEs. From what it looked like, they were only armed with handguns and a couple single shot rifles, nothing the ResEs weren’t prepared to handle.

Kendall snuck around the corner of his cover and lined up a shot. “Shirtless mother fucker with the neck beard,” he said to Jezus, who looked over and watched Kendall blew the guys head off. “Nice shot,” he said as he and Kendall ducked as a wave of bullets flew at their cover. “So we’re just gonna take potshots until they’re all dead or what?” someone said over the radio. “You got a faster plan?” Kendall said as other ResEs started screaming to run.

The sound of breaking glass and fire notified Kendall as to what just went down. “Molotovs? Are you serious?” he screamed as he peered back over and saw people throwing flaming bottles out from windows at the ResEs. “Duck!” Jezus yelled as a bottle exploded just short of their cover. “Move!” Kendall said as they retreated.

“Help is on the way,” a ResE said as Kendall noticed a row of people with riot shields charging in. The Enforcers were only able to recover a small handful of riot shields, so they were stored for only emergencies. Apparently it took them a bit to dig them out of storage, though Kendall was just glad they were there now. “Heads up for Molotov cocktails,” Kendall said into the radio as the six ResEs set up a semicircle with their shields out front as they marched. Several ResEs ran up behind them and used them as mobile cover as they fired into the rioters.

Kendall, Jezus and the few ResEs who stayed behind provided cover fire at the windows, keeping any more Molotovs from being thrown. “Making quick work now, eh?” Jezus screamed. Kendall was about to respond when he heard additional screaming from ahead of the riot squad. Thirty or Forty more citizens, all brandishing firearms, were charging in. Molotovs rained down once again as the chaos kicked up another notch and the riot was only now just beginning.

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