May 27, 2012

Safe Haven - Bitch, Where's My Map?

[Posted by Ted H]

Little bit of everything this week. Got a couple updates on scheduled posting while I stall myself for time and write the final bits on the OurTwon finale...


[Safe Haven - Bitch, Where's My Map?]

John saw someone approaching so he jumped back and hid behind the counter. When he realized it was Kate, he had to restrain himself from shooting her out in the open, so he waited for her to enter. He watched her walk through the sales floor and stop short when she noticed the opened box in the back. John then popped up and pointed a gun at her.

“Bitch, where’s my map?” he asked as he trained the gun on Kate’s head. Kate turned quick, a look of shock quickly turning into an insulting smile. “What…the fuck…did you do to your hair?” she asked. John knew how he looked. There was only so much he could accomplish with a shitty knife and a piece of a mirror. “Not important!” he screamed “Map!”

Kate reached into her pocket and pulled out a folded up piece of paper. “I thought you were dead,” she said as she held the map up “And I didn’t want to risk this falling into the wrong hands.” John sneered “It currently IS in the wrong hands. And you moved my dresser wrong so the ResE found my hiding spot.”

“So I guess it was a good thing I took your little map then, huh?”

“Fuck you, Kate. I got fucking ResEs looking for me.”

“Is that why you…cut your hair?”

“I’m in hiding.”

“Sure. You wanna stay here while I go fetch that asshole, Anderson?”

“Why…Wait, where is he now?”


“Fuck. That place is probably crawling with ResEs!”

“Probably. Some bum said you sent them there.”

“It’s not like that. Lemme explain on the way.”

“Now you’re not hiding?”

“Perry and Anderson are both fucked. You didn’t see this one ResE, he fucking shot up my place. Can you imagine what he’d do to Perry?”

“He’s probably already dead now.”

“Then we fuck the ResEs up anyway.”


“We got the guns to do it.”

“And we have all of four hands combined vs. God knows how many that will swarm at a gunfight.”

“Leave that to me,” John said as he ran and grabbed the box of weapons. “Go grab the other box,” he said “Bout time we did some distributions.”


Nick had already picked off a couple brave idiots who thought they could charge into the whore house. After that there was some shooting but things were at a lull. “Who the fuck is out there?” Nick asked as he looked over to Kyle, who was slumped over but still alive. “Fuck if I know,” Kyle said as he rolled his head over to look back at Nick “But I hear more or them coming every so often.”

“Where’s our fucking backup?”

“They’ll be here. Early in the morning like this? We’re a bit scattered still. Probably no one wants to risk running in until enough ResEs come together.”

“You holding out alright?”

“It hurts like shit, I honestly don’t know. You ok?”

“Fuck man, my vest held. You’re the one bleeding out.”

“Don’t remind me.”

“How the fuck did that many people get a hold of guns?”

“Fucking Rogues. Enough people get weapons, soon enough they’ll get ballsy.”

“I hear gunshots.”

“Really? NOW you hear them?”

“Nah man, gunshots for someone other then us.”

Kyle and Nick listened as gunfire started up. The ResEs were charging in and civilians outside were shooting back at them. It didn’t take long for a full scale riot to break out. “This takes me back,” Nick said as he peeked out at the chaos “Except we were always on the other end of the law for that.”

“Good to see how the other half lives then, eh?” Kyle said as he pulled off his vest and shirt. “What you doin?” Nick asked. “Can’t breathe with this thing,” Kyle responded as he balled his shirt up and pressed it down on his wound. “Anyone gonna get us out of here or what?” Nick said into his radio. “We’ll get you when we get you!” someone responded.


“What the hell is going on out there?” Joseph demanded as he barged into Thomas’ office. “It’s under control,” Thomas said, though it did not seem like that answer satisfied Joseph. “There’s a riot happening in my city and your people can’t seem to quell it.” Thomas tapped the earpiece he was wearing “I’m aware of the situation. It seems as if a number of the citizens who had illegal weapons in their possession decided to start using them.”

“Fix it!” Joseph said as he put his hands down on Thomas’ desk. “It won’t last,” Thomas said “They’re ill equipped when compared to my men and they lack the resources of the enforcers.” Joseph eyed Thomas. “Riots have been staged with less against far superior odds,” he said “Make sure you fix this. I can not tolerate an uprising in my city.”

“Our city,” Thomas said as Joseph walked out of the office “And I have this handled.”

May 20, 2012

Safe Haven - Whores With Guns

[...Posted by Ted H]

...and the climactic act one finale begins!

Someone called me out on this before, but I must reiterate: kevlar vests are not magical-bullet-stopping-absolutely-no-damage-taken-devices.


[Safe Haven - Whores With Guns]

Nick wasn’t a very nice person, hence his call sign, but he wasn’t thrilled about the idea of his partner killing women he could sleep with. But Kyle had that look in his eye that meant he was beyond pissed off. The man Kyle had been looking for apparently gave him the slip again, and somebody had to pay. That somebody was Perry, but since he was the only known person who could find the naked dude from yesterday, someone else had to pay. Of the few things horrible acts that Nick didn’t condone, killing sluts was one of them, but he figured there was no way Kyle would kill all of them, so he figured he’d let him kill an ugly one first.

With all the commotion, some of the girls had already cleared out but there were a couple that were standing in the main lobby. “Shit, they’re both hot,” Nick said under his breath as he approached them. Neither one of them look frightened. “Where’s Perry?” the blond one asked. Nick ignored them as he tried to choose between the two. The only discernable difference between them to him was that one was blond and the other was a brunette. “Gotta admit, I’m a bit partial to blonds,” he said as he pointed his rifle at the brunette. “Let’s go visit your pimp,” he said as he directed her. “Don’t go too far,” he said to the blond with a wink as he walked the brunette back to Kyle.

“I just want to say, it’s nothing personal,” Nick said to the brunette as he grabbed her hair and lead her into the office to die. Perry immediately buried his head when he saw her enter. “Last chance,” Kyle said with authority as Nick walked over towards him. “I say we rape ‘em first,” Nick said aloud as he watched the brunette reach behind her and pull out a gun. “Shit!” Nick said as the woman quickly fired a couple shots in front of herself without aiming. It was more if a reaction on Nicks part when he fired at the woman, obliterating her torso with a stream of fire. He turned to see Kyle on the ground, noting only one bullet hole in the wall behind him.

“You ok?” Nick asked as he saw Kyle clutching his own torso. “Don’t be a pansy,” he said “You’re wearing Kevlar.” Kyle revealed his hands to be bloody as he said “Fuck you.” Whatever that woman was armed with, she wasn’t packing some pussy caliber rounds, that was for sure. Kyle looked past Nick and his eyes went wide. He turned around to see the blond from before pointing a handgun of her own at Nick. “You gotta be kidding m-” he said before the woman fired at Nick.

The shots pounded into his chest, but his vest was holding out. Still didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt as he fell backwards and dropped his rifle. His chest felt like it was on fire as he pulled out his handgun as he hit the ground. He extended his arm out to aim as the blond was running up for a better shot. He pulled the trigger three times, hitting his mark every time as the blond threw her gun up and fell.

“Call backup,” Kyle said as he groaned, keeping both hands on his bullet wound. Kyle rolled over, noting that he definitely had at least one broken rib, and grabbed his rifle. “We’re getting out of here,” he said as threw the rifle around his back and grabbed Kyle’s. “Can you move?” he asked as Kyle propped himself up. “Gimme your arm,” he said as he helped Kyle up and shouldered him as they limped for the exit.

Nick spotted a couple more women running up. Not taking any more chances, he opened fire immediately at them with Kyle’s rifle. “What the fuck?” Kyle asked as Nick backed them towards the front door, keeping watch for anyone else running out. “We’re out of here,” Nick said as Kyle screamed out in pain. Bullets flew passed Nick’s head and he realized someone was shooting them from outside.

“This is fucking ridiculous,” Nick said as he dropped Kyle off behind the wall next to the door just as a bullet slammed into his vest, knocking the wind from him. He collapsed and rolled to the other side of the door. Too many people were firing at the moment for Nick to even begin to wonder how many people were out there, but they sure as hell weren‘t ResEs. “…Two Enforcers down, myself included!” Kyle was screaming into his radio “Unknown number of assailants.”

“How much backup do you require?” Janky said, seemingly uninterested.

“Send EVERYONE!” Kyle screamed.

May 13, 2012

Safe Haven - It Just Got Serious In Here

[...Posted by Ted H]

So....some freakin foreigner limo driver smashed into my brand new car last night...and since he probably isnt even legal and is somehow employed by the company, he isnt at fault for his lack of driving ability and now I gotta foot the bill for the fucking repairs...both repairs...because the limo company can afford a lawyer.


Fuckers name was something so sad, the name insults him enough...but you can bet your ass the next time I need a retarded illegal alien character who doesnt know his ass from his elbow, I definatly will know what to name him.

And if that fucking wetback ever somehow finds his way to this page (with the help of a translation no doubt) I've got one piece of advice: That piece of metal sticking up on the side of the road with the two diget number on it? Yeah, thats a speed limit, not a scorecard, so SLOW THE FUCK DOWN and maybe you wont hit so many people.


BTW: Todays update was predetermined a while ago, and it just so happens to star someone with a LOT of aggression to work through...funny how that worked out...

[Safe Haven - It Just Got Serious In Here]

Perry had noted that he lost a bit of blood from the nose bleed the ResE gave him yesterday, but that was nothing compared to the blood he was losing this time around. The pain he was enduring now was also a no contest. The ResE from before had made his way back to Perry’s office and then started beating him without giving explanation. He then took a moment to shoot the pile of discarded clothing from before, again, without reason.

“Just wait until my partner gets here,” he said before he started beating Perry again. Perry was never much of a fighter, and he doubted he could handle this ResE on a good day either. The partner eventually showed up, and to the dismay of Perry, things only got worse.

“My name is Rotting Cure,” the partner said when he arrived in Perry’s office “And I believe you’ve become well acquainted with my partner, Mean. Now, usually, in situations like this my partner and I like to play good cop-bad cop.” After the beat down Mean had been giving, Perry didn’t need much help in determining who the “good cop” was suppose to be in this duo.

“Now, like I said, that’s usually the case,” Rotting Cure continued “But today will be different. Today we have a bad cop,” he said before raising his rifle and shooting Perry in the left foot “And we also have a pissed off fucking cop!” Perry immediately dropped to the ground as Rotting Cure walked over and kicked him in the stomach.

“I don’t think you know this about me, Perry the Gimp, but I fucking hate being lied to. And you have been lying to me. You’re fat, limp dicked friend has been lying to me. The lying is gonna fucking stop right now, or I swear to fucking God I’ll kill every single slut in this shit hole right in front of you before I make you eat a bullet. You got me?”

Perry coughed as he clutched his foot. “I don’t know anything. I kicked that guy out as soon as you people left yesterday,” he said as Rotting Cure kicked him a couple more times. “You’re lying!” he screamed as he turned his attention to Mean. “Go bring me a slut,” he said “Mother fucker thinks I’m fucking lying, so I’m gonna have to murder a hoe.”

Mean slowly, but surely left the room to track down a woman and Perry knew he was in a shitty predicament. Does he betray his friend, John, who also is key for the citizens to get a hold of the weapons and vices they so desperately need? Or does he allow his women, the ones who trust him to keep them safe and sheltered, to die in the name of protecting someone who probably deserves what was coming?

“Please don’t…” Perry pleaded. “Don’t what?” Rotting Cure asked as he kicked Perry again. “Don’t hurt my bitches? Don’t keep kicking me? Don’t cut me open and piss in the wound? Help me out Perry, cuz all this can stop the second you start telling me the truth. Stop. Fucking. Lying.” There was no right answer for Perry, because either way he was going to die since there was no way this ResE was going to show him mercy. They’ve killed people before for less than lying, but he wasn’t about to let any of his girls get hurt. “If he isn’t home, I don’t know where he went,” Perry spit out as he coughed some more.

“I don’t believe you,” Rotting Cure said as Mean dragged in a girl by her hair. Perry shifted his head to face down and covered his head with his hands. He didn’t want to watch or hear what they were about to do to her.

May 6, 2012

Safe Haven - John Ain't Here

[...Posted by Ted H]

Trying out the whole "schedule post" option...lemme know if this doesnt appear sunday.....err...nevermind.

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[Safe Haven - John Ain't Here]

John wasn’t home, but it wasn’t hard to figure that someone had paid him a visit. Kate and Anderson searched the apartment and found nothing. Someone had shot his bedroom to hell, but the lack of blood was a good sign, meaning that either the shooter, obviously a ResE, missed John with every shot or that John wasn’t home for them to kill.

“Where would he be?” Kate asked as she kicked away the remains of his door and found that his secret hiding place behind his dresser had been discovered, making her gambit to take everything that was inside yesterday a damn smart one. “You guys looking for John?” someone said as they peeked their head inside from the hallway “Cuz he ain’t here.” The man was one of the homeless people that always hung out in the apartment hallway at night, strung out on one drug or another.

“Where is he?” Anderson asked. The man shrugged “Don’t know how he got out, but he left when the ResE came back.” Kate walked up to him from the bedroom. “Did he ever come home yesterday?” The man nodded. “He was mostly naked and fucked up. I heard him say brothel when he was talking to the ResE though.” Anderson nodded and walked out of the apartment. “Where are you going?” Kate asked.

“Perry,” he said.

“The ResEs are obviously gonna show up there. John wouldn’t be that stupid.”

“Where else would he be, if he hasn’t been killed already? Maybe Perry knows something.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Well I didn’t ask your opinion.”

“Hey, I wanna help John just as much as you do, ya know.

“So help him by staying out of my way.”

“What about the shipment?”

“That’s not important.”

With that, Anderson disappeared down the staircase. Kate was pissed. If Anderson wanted to charge into the teeth of a bunch of ResEs, let him, but Kate decided she had better things to do.