May 6, 2012

Safe Haven - John Ain't Here

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[Safe Haven - John Ain't Here]

John wasn’t home, but it wasn’t hard to figure that someone had paid him a visit. Kate and Anderson searched the apartment and found nothing. Someone had shot his bedroom to hell, but the lack of blood was a good sign, meaning that either the shooter, obviously a ResE, missed John with every shot or that John wasn’t home for them to kill.

“Where would he be?” Kate asked as she kicked away the remains of his door and found that his secret hiding place behind his dresser had been discovered, making her gambit to take everything that was inside yesterday a damn smart one. “You guys looking for John?” someone said as they peeked their head inside from the hallway “Cuz he ain’t here.” The man was one of the homeless people that always hung out in the apartment hallway at night, strung out on one drug or another.

“Where is he?” Anderson asked. The man shrugged “Don’t know how he got out, but he left when the ResE came back.” Kate walked up to him from the bedroom. “Did he ever come home yesterday?” The man nodded. “He was mostly naked and fucked up. I heard him say brothel when he was talking to the ResE though.” Anderson nodded and walked out of the apartment. “Where are you going?” Kate asked.

“Perry,” he said.

“The ResEs are obviously gonna show up there. John wouldn’t be that stupid.”

“Where else would he be, if he hasn’t been killed already? Maybe Perry knows something.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Well I didn’t ask your opinion.”

“Hey, I wanna help John just as much as you do, ya know.

“So help him by staying out of my way.”

“What about the shipment?”

“That’s not important.”

With that, Anderson disappeared down the staircase. Kate was pissed. If Anderson wanted to charge into the teeth of a bunch of ResEs, let him, but Kate decided she had better things to do.

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