April 29, 2012

Safe Haven - Jinx

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[Safe Haven - Jinx]

“You’re a fucking jinx!” Cooper screamed at Jordan as she reloaded her rifle. “How is this my fault?” Jordan yelled as he unloaded into an approaching zombie. “Most of the zombies are around Safe Haven, the rest of the world is probably safe,” Cooper said sarcastically “I’ll bet we never run into more than one zombie at a time.” Jordan had made that prediction less than an hour ago. At the moment the seven Rogues were dealing with a horde of around fifty zombies on a bridge. It was the only way to get where the Rogues needed to go.

It wasn’t as if the zombies were any major concern, Cooper just didn’t like the bull shit optimism Jordan had been spewing since second one of this trip. She appreciated Jake and Tucker’s slight pessimism on things or Johnston’s “I don’t give a fuck either way” mentality. Jordan was always looking at the bright side of the zombie apocalypse and Cooper just wanted to shove her boot down his throat over it.

“Did anybody else see that?” Tucker shouted as he popped a fresh clip into his handgun “Two for one kill on my last bullet! Tell me someone else saw that?” For a kid who wasn’t looking forward to this trip, Cooper had to admit he knew how to appreciate the little things of the situation. “Move up!” Martin said as the group finally made some more progress through the bridge. Most of the killing was being done to keep the zombies at bay while Teto and Martin took out zombies up front, paving them a path across the bridge.

“Toss a grenade, Jake!” Tucker shouted as he nudged Jake. “Fuck no!” Jake responded “This is why I won’t let you have any. The bridge wasn’t maintained in any way since the apocalypse, and even Cooped knew one errant grenade might just bring the whole thing down. Tucker probably just wanted to see something explode.

“We’re clear!” Martin said as the group made it across the bridge and started running again. There was no more need to keep shooting, which was only attracting more anyway. Teto had finally figured out the map earlier, and realized that they first needed to find Interstate 15 before they could find I-40. It was the only reason they were crossing that bridge was because they came across an old sign that pointed them in the right direction to I-15.

“Any of those zombies look familiar?” Johnston asked as soon as the group were clear of any immediate threats. “No,” Tucker said “Why?” Cooper knew what Johnston meant. Johnston was on the lookout for any of the missing Rogues. If they were zombies, then their fate would be a little more clear.

“How long until I-40 once we find the other highway?” Jordan asked as Teto didn’t bother answering. “I’m willing to bet it isn’t close,” Jake said as the group continued to make their way north.

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