April 2, 2012

Safe Haven - Hair Cut

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So yeah, who knew that working 2 jobs (one at full time) would put such a damper on my free time....Im sure to finish my Adventures in Oblivion bit....and the play...but thankfully Ive got Safe Haven updates to fill the gaps with...


[Safe Haven - Hair Cut]

John was running, fast. He stepped out and watched the ResE walk down the street for a moment after he left. When he suddenly turned and started running back, John didn’t think it was for a kiss goodbye. He ran back to his room and shoved his dresser over to barricade the door shut. It wouldn’t hold, but it was just to buy him a head start. The partner was at Perry’s, and John already knew the ResE had no immediate backup ready. John then jumped out the window, finally making use of his emergency exit box set up outside the building that Kate often criticized him over. “Who’s paranoid now?” he said aloud as he jumped safely to the ground. Then he took off running, the sound of automatic gunfire trailing out his window as he turned the corner.

His destination was unclear at first. He clearly couldn’t go back home or to Perry’s. He though about other people he could hide out with, but no one was close enough for him to risk being out in the open for too long, not without adequate firepower. He figured there was only one option left. He kept to mostly side roads and alleys, acting as natural as possible whenever out in the open, and eventually made it out to the outskirts of the city.

The only place John knew he would be safe at was the shoe store he and Kate were in the other day. There were guns, there was no reason for a ResE to search there, and if he were lucky, Kate would eventually swing by so he could finally ask her a few questions of his own. He jogged in and quickly made for the bathrooms. He didn’t have a flashlight, but he still remembered the layout to blindly make his way to the stalls. From there he dragged a box back out and armed himself up.

There was nothing to do but wait now. John knew he couldn’t wait all day for nothing, but right now the situation outside would be too hot for him to risk it. For all he knew, all the ResEs in Safe Haven were looking for him, again. He sat down on top of the front counter and watched the world outside. He itched his head and found his hair was still slick and gooey with the lube from yesterday. He wasn’t complaining since it saved his life by making him look different, which gave him an idea.

John went back to the box he brought out and searched it until he found what he needed. Safe Haven barred any knives longer than a few inches, and the Rogues always managed to sneak in a couple in every shipment. They were often crappy, and never as good as the ones the ResEs carried, but they were better than nothing. Out of the box John pulled a steak knife, worn and far from its original sharpness, but good enough.

John then walked back to the bathroom and thought a moment as to where the mirror was. He picked up a chair and charged through the dark tossing the chair at where he knew a mirror was. After a few tries, the mirror shattered and John fumbled around for the biggest piece he could find.

With the mirror and the steak knife, John set off back to the front of the store to look out. He needed to change his look for when he would try to reenter the city proper. Between then and now, he had some hair to cut.

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