March 26, 2012

Safe Haven - Draw Me A Diagram

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Day late, buck short? Yeah, fantasy draft is my excuse...
We now interrupt PErry the Pimps potentially brutal beatdown to bring you something completely different...


[Safe Haven - Draw Me A Diagram]

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” Jezus and Kendall said in unison as they shot their hands out. Kendall had scissors, Jezus went with rock. “You go in first,” Jezus said as he stepped back and took a seat. The secretary was not amused by their little game, but she didn’t object and allowed Kendall to step through the door into The Doctor’s office. Neither man knew what to expect, but seeing The Doctor sitting at his desk with Spengles next to him answered a few of those expectations for Kendall though.

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” Kendall said as he sat down and faced the two men. Spengles, the resident psychologist of Safe Haven, wasn’t very good at his job, and was still trying to master the art of his chosen craft. Everyone knew he was a failed psychologist before the apocalypse, but since there was no real psychologist left alive in the world, he so kindly stepped up.

“Are you sure you’re alright, and not just lying to yourself?” Spengles asked as he folded his hands on the table “These types of things can build up inside. Trust me, you’re not the first person to lose a partner out there, and you wouldn’t be the first to let it all out. We’re all adults here, there’s no worry over ridicule. I know all you Enforcers are tough, but it’s ok to let your emotions out once in a while, especially when you witness a friend dying.”

“What the fuck are you saying?” Kendall asked as Spengles recoiled “Will and I were cool and all, but I’m not gonna cry over him.” Spengles sighed and sat back in his chair, but didn’t even try to say anything more. Half the battle here was already over, Kendall figured, but the more uncomfortable conversation was due up, not because of the content matter, but because of who it was with.

“I know you already went over things with The General,” The Doctor said as he ran his tongue across his lips “But I want to be sure myself.” He took a piece of paper and a pen and slid them across the table to Kendall. Kendall fought the urge to roll his eyes as the infamous draw-me-a-diagram exercise was about to happen.

“Draw me a diagram,” The Doctor said “Where everyone was and the scenery.” Even The General had some choice words for whenever his men had to do this. The Doctor had no authority to debrief any ResEs like this, but The President always insisted that no harm was being done and that it helps The Doctor and Spengles assist the ResEs for any physical or psychological needs.

Kendall drew a crude representation of what happened the night Will died. He drew the alleys where he checked and the Rogue were respectively. He marked where Will and the girl were and he drew dotted lines for the path he and the Rogue took when they began their chase. He then pushed the paper back across the table and folded his arms.

“Oh my,” Spengles said as he eyes the sheet “You were that close to it? That must have been pretty graphic to watch. Do you wanna talk about what you saw?” Kendall couldn’t stop himself this time as he rolled his eyes at the Psychology 101 tactic. It wasn’t really graphic when Will died. As Kendall recalled, it was a clean hit to the head and Will didn’t suffer at all. Sure there was blood and brain matter flying, but Kendall was too preoccupied on the Rogue to notice too much. Spengles however was tossing an old trick his way, by using some choice words to fuck with how Kendall remembered the events. Kendall wasn’t born yesterday, plus he took some psychology classes when he went to college. Technically, he was just as qualified to be in Spengles position, which is to say he wasn’t very qualified at all.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Kendall said and then eyed The Doctor. “Am I done here?” he asked as The Doctor licked his lips again “I really need to get some stuff prepped before curfew hits.” The Doctor nodded and motioned Kendall that he could leave. Kendall lied, but he knew The Doctor didn’t have the balls to waste any more of someone’s time if the thought they had better things to do. “If you ever feel the need to talk about what happened to your partner…” Spengles started but Kendall didn’t stop to hear his offer out.

He opened the door and stepped back out into the waiting room. Jezus was still where he was before, scribbling on a piece of paper. “What’s that?” he asked as Jezus held up a poorly drawn diagram. “I’m going out on a limb and say he’s gonna want me to draw him a picture.” Kendall smiled as he looked at the picture. “What is it suppose to be?” he asked. “When we found Juan,” Jezus said “Think I should label everyone?”

“You’re fine,” Kendall said as he made for the exit. “Hey, I decided on my new call name,” Jezus said “From now on, “Sanchez” is my name.” Kendall arched an eyebrow. “Isn’t “Sanchez” your last name?” Jezus nodded “Sanchez and Slain. Got to admit, it has a nice ring to it.” Kendall smiled as he shook his head. “Whatever,” he said “As long as you’re happy with it.”

“You may go in now,” the secretary said to Jezus. “Catch you later,” Kendall said as Jezus took one last look at his diagram and said “I think I should have labeled it.”

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