March 18, 2012

Safe Haven - Perspective pt.3

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Played through Mass Effect 3. I have...reservations about how it ended. Not about the endings themselves, nor the fact that they all boiled down to "pick your own color" style of endings....but the utter and complete lack of any closure is what's pissing me off...then again, if "The Arrival" DLC from Mass Effect 2 is any indication, then Bioware is just gonna release the true ending in a later DLC for this game as well...Remember the post credits cutscene? "Tell me another story about the Shepard" "OK, just one more..." [Fade to black] tell me THAT wasnt a set up for DLC...

...anyway, time to conclude the Perspective trilogy...and in case you're thick and haven't realized why I broke it up into 3 parts...pt1-John...pt2-Nick...and pt3-Kyle.


[Safe Haven - Perspective pt.3]

Kyle had been lied to. The man told him he kicked his pants off in the room, yet Nick had gotten a different story from the whore. “Fucker stripped and hid in plain sight,” he said as he sprinted back for the apartment. He was seething, more angry at himself than at anything else. He should’ve just dropped the kid on the spot instead of playing cop. He wasn’t a cop, only a tiny fraction of ResEs were even trained as fucking rent-a-cops before this, yet The General insisted in professionalism. Fuck that, Kyle figured, play time was over.

He shouldered in through the front door and went up the stairs two at a time. “Knock knock!” he screamed as he kicked the man’s door so hard, it literally flew off the hinges and into the apartment. A quick survey told Kyle that there was no one inside, but the bedroom door was closed. He tried the handle and found the door wouldn’t budge. “Better use my key,” he said as he stepped back and once again kicked. The door blew open but only a little bit before something behind it stopped it. The door was blocked shut by the dresser.

“Guess I’ll have to pick it,” he said as he leveled his rifle and unloaded into the door. The wood on both the door and dresser behind it splintered and another kick from Kyle made him an opening, one that required him to climb over debris, but he was in. If the man was hiding in there, the stream of rifle fire would have torn him up in this tiny room, but there wasn’t anything inside. The man wasn’t in there either.

“Where are you?” he asked aloud as he walked up to the window. He figured his shooting had broken the glass, but the window was wide open beforehand. It was a three story drop, too far for a sensible person to take, but when Kyle looked out the window, he noticed a stack of boxes piled just under the window, making the drop less perilous.

“This would be my day,” Kyle said as he jumped out the window and onto the boxes. He wanted to call this in, but he figured that unless the man was sprinting for his life, no one would notice anything odd about him. Calling in the description without anything else to go on would only just piss off other ResEs.

“Mean!” Kyle screamed into his radio “Tell me you found me something else to go on!” It took a moment, but Nick finally answered. “I ain’t got shit, and by the sound of it, neither do you, so don’t give me attitude.” Kyle spit as he jumped off the boxes. “I’m on my way, stop fucking and make sure our pal Perry the Pimp is waiting. I got some questions for his punk ass.”

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