February 24, 2012

Adventures in Oblivion - What If Sherlock Holmes Was Always The Killer, And He Was Just Figuring Elaborate Ways To Pin The Murder On Other People?

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Someone needs to make that title into a Conspiracy Keanu meme or something...
2 or 3 more of these and maybe Ill be buggered enough to finish "Our Town2"

Not gonna lie, I had an elaborate set up for this in my head, but it all kinda dribbled out. Cant wait to wrap this series up...


[Adventures in Oblivion - What If Sherlock Holmes Was Always The Killer, And He Was Just Figuring Elaborate Ways To Pin The Murder On Other People?]

One notable mission from my early Dark Brotherhood days was to murder an entire group of people who were all gathered in one place. I would get a bonus if I could murder them all without anyone noticing me. In retrospect, this would’ve been an ideal time to deploy five poison apples and just kicking back while everyone dies, but this demanded a more personal touch.

My favorite aspect of this mission was its replay value. Five people need stabbing, in any order, and what order you kill them in can dictate the flow of the mission. Who are these people and why are they all gathered in one place?

Meet the cast: Retired soldier, the nobleman, Nels the Naughty, the pseudo-noble woman, and the dark elf that the nobleman has a hard on for. Everyone is here for a game that the DB construed in order to lure everyone into so they can get murdered. The idea is that there’s hidden gold in the house (there isn’t) and no one is allowed to leave until someone finds the gold and wins.

Like I said, there are various ways to go about it, but here is how I went about my murder spree…

Getting to know everyone first, I sent the dark elf to wait for the nobleman in her room for some loving, I sent the other lady into the basement under the guise that we can work together to find the imaginary gold. The nobleman was having a random conversation with Nels, while the soldier decided to head off to bed…alone…which was a very bad idea. One down.

Somehow, everyone automatically knows about the dead soldier, and accusations are flying. “We have a murderer! It must be that guy!” “No, the murderer is obviously that other girl!” Funny how every is confiding their suspicions of each other to me of all people…Anyway, my next tactic is to head off to the basement and kill off the noble-woman, which was easy as well.

Now there are three people left: The nobleman who seems hell-bent on protecting that “hot” dark elf, the dark elf is too busy being happy that the other woman is dead…and Nels is too busy drinking. I like Nels…I’ll kill him last.

The dark elf seems a bit paranoid since she won’t let me sneak behind her, so instead I decide to off the nobleman instead. After that it got a bit interesting. I talked to the dark elf about what she thought about her boyfriend dying and she says something along the lines of “Only three of us are left and one of us is the killer…I know it isn’t me…and I’m sure it isn’t you even though you were the last person to see everyone alive, but I’m still pretty sure it wasn’t you…*gasp* That means Nels is the killer! I’m gonna kill him before he kills either of us!” then off she goes, armed with a weapon she pulled out of her ass.

…Hey, wait, I liked Nels and wanted him dead last. By time I find my favorite drunk to warn him, it’s too late. The dark elf just finishes patting herself on the back and says that we’re both safe now. Yeah…safe…*stab*

…Alright, enough of these guilds. Back to the main quest!

Next time: "Back to the main quest!"??? What was I thinking?

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