September 14, 2014

Demons Ascension - You Mortals

[Posted by Ted H]

Man, I just realizing how much of a bitch this is gonna be to get all posted together for when I add this to the "Completed Series" section...Small one-shot sections like this one don't help either...


[Demons Ascension - You Mortals]

            The night was eerily quiet when James emerged from the apartments. The power in the area was still out, but an unchecked fire in the upper floors of the apartments lit up the area very well. The streets, which were packed moments ago, were now devoid of all life, living or dead. It was also considerably warmer, though still very cold out.
            There was no impending siren or any sign that anyone cared about the fire currently burning. James figured the apartments would burn to the ground, taking any proof of Croatoan with them. "Probably for the best," he said aloud as he fished a cigarette out of his pocket while he walked towards the street. He lit up and took a long, sweet drag which he felt he was long overdue for.
            "How did you survive the fall?" a familiar voice asked from behind. James turned to see Amy walk over while. "Of all the stuff that's gone down tonight, that's the one thing you're going to question?" James asked. Amy said nothing while he took a couple drags.
            "It wasn't that long of a drop," James said with a smile "One of those big, hulking monsters broke my fall. Plus, I'm pretty sure this coat had something to do with me surviving." Amy shook her head, but said nothing. "Still," James continued "It hurt. But when you know who came plummeting down that hole right after me, then intentionally made himself mortal, it all hurt a hell of a lot less."
            "You mortals," she mused with a small grin.
            "Yeah, we're not all that fragile...mostly."
            "I know of the deal you made with the dark one," Amy said, swiftly changing the subject.
            "Such a deal was not lost in the eyes of our father."
            "Then he must know I didn't make a request yet."
            "Yet," Amy stressed.
            "Yeah," James said as he took a long drag "Yet."
            "His power still resonates from that coat," Amy said "You should burn it."
            "Maybe," James responded before flicking his cigarette away "But I'm cold, so no."
            James then began walking without another word to Amy. It had been a very long day, and he had just about had it with angels, demons and gods. Not another soul bothered him on his long walk to John's apartment.

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