January 17, 2011


[... posted by Ryan]

Debt is a sickness,
You cut corners,
You go without eating,
Just to afford the things,
That magazines tell us we need,

Credit is debt's best friend,
It lets you make debt bigger,
Just like trash talking Guidos,
Jager Bombs are their monthly payment,
And the more they drink the bigger they get,

Capitalism is religion,
It lies and says its here to help,
But it's slowly stealing money,
Right from your back pocket,
Poisoning you with empty promises,

The health care industry is capitalism's Pope, Bishop and Priest,
They ask you kindly for your money,
Promising you both physical and spiritual enlightenment,
Making your life as sweet as honey,
But they line their pockets as the people starve and are diagnosed with new forms of death,
No doubt dropped from Capitalist heaven where St. Enron cries "We need your soul!"

The average man is a sheep,
Following and stumbling down a dark hallway,
a lemming jumping from a cliff,
blissfully watching as their lives are wasting away.

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