September 16, 2016


"Why DIARY OF THE DEAD sucked"
By: Ted H

An analytical look into the various failings of the George A Romero film DIARY OF THE DEAD. In an effort to make up for the short comings of his previous DEAD film, Romero made a whole new batch of inexcusable errors, further sullying the genre he helped popularize. This starts off as an exercise in torture only to end as more of a eulogy for a beloved franchise.

Diary of the Dead
George A Romero
Michelle Morgan, Joshua Close, Shawn Roberts
[independent] / Distributed by Dimension Films

Part 1: Dear Diary...

Part 2: ROLL CALL!

Part 3: Priorities

Part 4: Why I Hate Deb

Part 5: Women and Children First!

Part 6: Challenge Pissing (of the Dead)

September 4, 2016

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[Posted by Ted H]

A good portion of my shit is in boxes, and the vast majority of my free time is spent painting... yeah, Pure Human is kinda on the bench for a minute...

Here's something random to fill the void!


As I sift through shambles
I miss those days

When nothing meant anything
Anything meant nothing

Those days are gone
Replaced by days gone by

Familiar pains replaced by unwanted
Unending joy replaced by scheduled

A laugh taken for granted
Now cherished and rare

Concepts once foreign
Now prescribed their dose

What were you before?
What was I then?

Is your picture a liar?
Or I the fool?

I can't fix you.

But I'll try to hold those pieces together.