April 21, 2013

BGI v3 [Part 2-1]

[Posted by Ted H]

Holy fucking shit, remember this story? Still not happy with it, but I gotta plow through like I said and fix it later when I can make myself care...plus, I hit a logical stopping point in MDZ so I figure I'd finally move BGI along.

I've alos had little writing time between finally recovering from the 234243 viruses I had and working...next week should provide me with some writing time, assuming no one calls in and I end up covering which, ya know, always happens)

Anyway, the 2nd part of part 2 will come sooner rather than later. It's mostly original, so I should be able to fly through it.


BGI v3 [Part 2-1]

            Amanda and Teto waited impatiently in a bush while another one of their undead classmates shuffled blindly by. They were among the last to run out of the school while those little winged beats terrorized. Their hope to escape, however, was dashed when they realized the entire front of the school was enclosed by a 20 foot fence.
            With no escape prospects, they took refuge in an overturned car while the winged creatures all burned to death in the sunlight. Afterwards, they attempted to return to the school but found all the front entry doors locked. At that point, all the slain students started returning to life and devoured any remaining survivors. Teto and Amanda managed to stay out of sight by hiding in the nearby bushes. They moved along the front of the school in the bushes but they ran out of landscaping at the corner.

            "Any ideas?" Amanda asked as Teto peered around the corner and looked at the fence all the way to the back of the school. "There's no entry gate up front," he said as he turned back to Amanda "But maybe there's one in back. And if not, maybe one of the doors in back will be unlocked." Amanda didn't like it, but she didn't have anything better either. "Lead the way," she said as Teto nodded and took off.

            Amanda followed close as Teto crept his way towards the rear of the school, keeping close to the wall."Why isn't help coming?" Amanda asked as she looked out towards the street, looking to see no cars. "I dunno," Teto responded "But my cell phone isn't giving me anything." Amanda instinctively checked her phone to find it had no service either. She dialed 9-1-1 anyway, but to no avail.

            "Is that a..." Teto started as they approached the rear of the school. Crashed into the back corner was a police car with  its lights still flashing. "Wait here," he said as he snuck over to the car and tried to open the driver side door. Amanda looked back to find a couple students had noticed them and were slowly making their way after. "Teto, we have to-" Amanda started, but was cut off by Tetos yelling. A cop that was dead by the crashed car reached out and had grabbed Teto by the ankle. Teto fell over and tried to kick it away before it got a bite off.

            "Get it off!" he yelled as Amanda grabbed the cop by the belt and pulled. She then wrestled its gun from its holster and shot it point blank in the head. She then searched the cop for more ammo while Teto crawled to his feet. "Get his radio and let's go," he said as he noticed the approaching undead students. Amanda removed the entire belt and started after Teto as he made for the rear exit to the school.

            "Where are we going now?" Amanda called out as she followed but Teto himself wasn't very sure. He still had blind hope that the rear entrance of the school grounds was open, but that was quickly gone when he turned the corner and saw it too was closed off. "Dammit!" he yelled as he spun around to head back for the school, but turned back again. Down by near the gate were several shuffling students as they closed in around one who was clearly still alive.

            Before Teto could react, a shot ran out behind him that caught the attention of some of the undead. Teto looked to see Amanda pointing her gun overhead. "Move!" she yelled at the living person who shouldered passed one of the distracted students and ran over.

            "Back to the school!" Teto shouted, out of any escape ideas. "Maybe not," Amanda said as their way back was cut off by more approaching students. "This way," the man they just saved said as he ran up to the nearby short fence that bordered the nearby sports fields. He touched it quick with the tip of his finger but nothing happened. "Least these aren't electric," he said before he humped over the fence and the others followed. They could now sprint across the fields and make it back to the school mostly unhindered.

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