April 14, 2013

Million Dollar Zombie 3-2

[Posted by Ted H]

Spent most of last week sick. Went to work though, cuz I'm fucking stupid.


[Million Dollar Zombie 3-2]

            "We're gonna figure a way out of this," Ted said as he positioned himself in the window "When we do, we'll get you guys and get out. All six of us." Doc didn't say anything as Ted reached out and grabbed the pipe. His trip down wasn't as smooth as Marko's was, almost slipping off twice, but he made it down in one piece. "What now?" Jay asked as Ted and Marko shouldered him and started off.
           "There's a small alleyway next to where my apartment was," Ted said as they advanced. We get through that alley and have to spend maybe five seconds with our asses exposed." The area behind Doc's apartment was mostly parking lots for the various apartment buildings that surrounded it. "Why didn't anyone run?" Marko said as he eyed the various scattered cars about. "Can YOU hotwire?" Jay asked. "Just asking," Marko said.

            "No streetlights," Ted said in a low tone "No lights on in the apartment. Something happened here. Something besides the dead." Marko looked around, thinking it only got darker since Ted pointed out the lack of lighting. "Should someone go back and ask those guys?" he asked. "No," Ted said "Let's just get where we need to go before this storm buries us."

            The blizzard was still as thick as before as the three made their way up the small alley. Ted pulled out the guns and left the others as he crept his way street side on the sidewalk. There weren't as many walking corpses as opposed to the adjacent main street they were on before. With luck, Ted figured they could cover the short distance without being seen.

            Ted went back and helped Marko with Jay as they made for the apartment entrance. Three stone steps led up to blue double doors, one of which was ajar. Ted pushed it open further and the men filed through and shut the door without being seen. Ted slid a deadbolt closed and tried the light switch for the stairway. "Guess that settles it," Marko said as Ted flipped the switch on and off but it stayed dark "Power's out for the area."
            "We're fine now, right?" Jay asked.
            "Not by a long shot," Ted said as everyone followed his gaze up the stairs to see the single door at the top. Even in the dark they could tell it was open. "Maybe someone else who's alive?" Jay asked as Ted slowly made his way up the stairs. No one answered him as Marko helped Jay up after Ted.
            At the top, Ted crept near the wall until he felt around and found the closet door. He pushed it open and felt for the broomstick he left behind when he left. It was of decent weight and broken at the end. They couldn't afford any gunshots if there was something in the apartment. Ted and Marko both pulled out their cell phones. They couldn't get signals on them but they flipped them open and held them out as flashlights as they moved forward in the dark.

            "Hello?" Marko announced and the men stopped at the thumping they got in response. Ted readied his broomstick as he crept down the hallway towards the rear bedroom where the noise was heard. He used the stick to push the door open and immediately a figure reached out and grabbed at him. "Shit!" he screamed as he dropped his phone and blindly tried to push off the grunting attacker. Marko ran up and with one hand on his phone lighting up the struggle, grabbed the attackers hair with his other hand and pulled back, taking care not to go near its mouth. Something metal clattered to the floor as Marko pulled.
            Ted was on the ground and Marko pulled the attacker back, his arms raised to pull Marko's hand out of his hair. Ted grabbed the broomstick and readied the sharp end forward. "No!" the man screamed as Ted thrust the stick through the man's neck and up into his brain. Ted finished pushing the corpse off of him as the heavy thump it made was the only sound for a moment.

            "That man wasn't dead." Jay said but no one answered him.

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