April 7, 2013


[Posted by Ted H]

Sick out of my mind all this week. You get NOTHING! Anything I did try to write was rubbish as I vomited and voided enough varying liquids from my body in such violent fashion to the point Sam Raimi would've used me in one of his Evil Dead movies. As a result, I haven't been able to see the new Evil Dead yet, which bums me out, since I was dead set on seeing it immediately. I'll get on it eventually, once I'm able to go several hours without wanting to die. I'm finally at the point where I can eat without worrying about throwing it back up right away.

Through my fever and drug induced saga, I was able to come up with a sort of parody jingle to mock myself with. It'll have to serve as this weeks update, so technically I didn't miss an update this week...

I took your granddads cure
I feel incredi-sick
I took some weird ass pills from that drug store down the road.

I'm gonna pop some pills
Only got 20 hours till I work next
I-I-I'm about to vomit, tryin not to drop dead
This is fucking awful.

Is that your grandmas soup?

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