July 17, 2011

Red Dot Martyrs

[...Posted by Ted H]

Knew a guy in college in a band of the same name. I was also a DJ at the time and played a lot of his music. Good shit. Just putting that out there.


[Red Dot Martyrs]

Small pools of red
In five distinct spots
At the end of the bottle
From here they are dots
They have just one purpose
They have but one chance
To pull us away
From this sleep like trance
Many came before
Have fallen in vain
For still I remain here
Continue to drain
But the dots do not waiver
Refuse to take leave
Forgetting past failures
Remaining naïve
When their moment comes
They’ll rise up and fight
To keep us all going
Well into the night
And succeed or fail
What they were to me
Martyrs for my sake
So I may be free.

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