July 10, 2011

Safe Haven - The Chase

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Oh shit, thought I forgot about this storyline? Guess again!


[Safe Haven - The Chase]

“One down,” Jake breathed as he grabbed Cayra and pulled her into the alley just as the other ResE opened fire on him. Those other two from before probably were on their way now as well. Jake could probably handle the one guy alone, but three would be a problem. “Here,” he said as he pulled out one of his pistols and handed it to Cayra, taking care not to actually look at her. She didn’t know it was him and he didn’t need any unnecessary drama now.

“Get out of here,” he said then took off out into the open. Cayra would have to make it to safety on her own, but Jake could at least draw the attention of the ResEs. “Over here, faggot!” he screamed as he disappeared into a building, gunfire trailing him as he ran.


Jezus had heard the shot and didn’t think anything of it. Apparently the girl had tried something and she paid for it. A damn shame, too. But when the lone gunshot was followed by semi-auto fire, Juan and Jezus exchanged the same concerned look. Something was seriously wrong. They turned and double-timed it back to the previous street. Sure enough, Slain was firing his rifle into an alley while Double-Ds body laid nearby. The girl was nowhere to be seen

Just before Jezus could get a word out, someone darted out of the alley. At first he thought it was the girl, but when it was a male voice screaming a taunt and dressed completely different, a more logical answer came to mind. “Fucking Rogue!” Jezus screamed. The Rogue went into a nearby building. Slain kept firing as he followed him in, but Jezus had a better idea. There were two possible exits from that building besides the front. “Bell, cover the east side exit, I’ll take the back!”

“This isn’t happening,” he breathed as he ran around the west side hoping to cut the Rogue off. Double-D was down but Jezus never checked to see if he was alive. There definitely was blood though and odds were it was fatal. Will was a prick but not one anyone couldn’t take. He was like a little brother…a horny, loose cannon, never-shuts-the-fuck-up-sometimes little brother, but pretty much like family along with all the ResEs in this area.

“This is Slain,” Jezus’ radio chirped, “We have a confirmed Rogue running around. Double-D is down and I am in pursuit. Requesting backup.” It seemed Kendall had finally cared enough to call this in, meaning he wasn’t so sure he could catch this guy on his own. “Roger that,” Janky responded “Sending additional men to your sector.” Killing a Rogue is a high profile accomplishment and you usually don’t call in for backup because you don’t need anyone else stealing your kill.

“Negative!” Kendall said “Target is in sector 9, near the corner of Herd and Bayberry.”

But Kendall did call for help, meaning that the Rogue might get away from him, and nobody wants that. That bastard killed Will, Jezus had no intention on letting him escape. He would have to find the guy first. He slowed up as he approached the back door. Nestled in a cramped alley with not adequate cover, anyone stepping through that door would have nowhere to hide.

“He’s on the roof!” Kendall screamed on the radio. “What?” Jezus said to himself as he glanced upwards just in time to see a figure jump over the alley from one roof to the next. “This guy thinks he’s the fucking Batman?” Jezus yelled as he sprinted out of the alley and attempted to follow. “Keep eyes on him, Slain!” he yelled into his own radio.

“He jumped another roof!” Kendall said as Jezus ran along the buildings, trying to keep track which one the Rogue would be on. There were four more buildings on this block the same height, after that the Rogue would either have to jump off or go down the fucking stairs. “I’ll try to intercept in the last building,” Jezus said as he kept sprinting.

“There’s a fire escape!” Kendall screamed “Third to last building!” Jezus skid to a stop. “There are no fire escapes on this side.” he said “Which fucking side?”

“South,” Kendall said.

“I’m on the north end, fuck!”

“Where’s that backup, Janky?”

“They can only run so fast, Slain,” Janky said sarcastically.

Ignoring the radio chatter, Jezus cut between two buildings just in time to catch Kendall coming down from the fire escape. “Which way?” Jezus asked. Kendall kicked the dirt and spoke into his radio “Rogue is headed south along Jones street. I’ve lost visual.” Both men jogged after him anyway. “We’ve got, what, three? Three fucking fire escapes in this city that haven’t fallen apart yet and he just happens to run into it?” Jezus asked, causing Kendall to immediately stop.

“What’s wrong?” Jezus asked. “Trap…” Kendall said softly before shaking his head. “Doesn’t matter,” he said “Where the hell is your partner anyway?” That was a good question. “Bell, where the fuck are you?” Jezus said into his radio but received no response.

“This makes no sense,” Jezus said “Where the fuck could he be?” Kendall started running again. “Doesn’t matter,” he said “We need to catch this guy.”

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