July 25, 2018

Yay...Computer Problems

[Posted by Ted H]

Computer had some issues. Thankfully this site exists as my ultimate backup. Had some other stuff I lost but not too much, still a blow to deal with. The hardest thing to write is the stuff you already wrote though, so the final parts to PH are gonna take a minute...

July 1, 2018

Pure Human - Ethics and Morals

[Posted by Ted H]

The end is near. Writing wrap up can be a bitch sometimes...


[Pure Human - Ethics and Morals]

            Clyde explained that he would eventually be able to pull himself together, something he neglected to mention until after Blake and John put his body parts back in their right place and allowed Clyde to heal them on. After a quick trek into the house to retrieve his shiv, he gave the trio a quick middle finger and called them homos before disappearing into the night. No one was surprised.
            Whitey had followed Blake and John back to Joey's house. Blake stayed outside while the others went inside to explain what happened with Joey. Whitey made herself readily available to consol Joey and to pray for him and Anin's soul. Between his broken arm and the mental exhaustion of the night's events, Blake was ready to check out. He situated himself as comfortably as he could in the front seat and closed his eyes to sleep. He didn't mind the corpse of Bryant in the back.
            Later, John and Whitey exited and walked slowly together to their cars. "How often do you have to do that in your line of work?" John asked "Break some bad news?"
            "More than I like," Lena responded "Often times I arrive because something terrible has happened. Take Frank Anderson for example; I get to return to him and let him know the origin of this nightmare is defeated, but that doesn't bring his family back."
            "There's closure though," John commented "And his daughter may come out of her coma. There's some hope to cling to."
            "IF she wakes up, she'll never be the same."
            "But she'd be alive."
            Lena allowed a slight smile to creep across her face. "I like your optimism," she said "You and Blake are a lot alike, but you differ from him in all the important things."
            "You really don't give Blake a fair shot," John responded "Granted, you both bring out the worst in each other. I swear, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you two were getting off on your animosity."
            Lena's smile dropped to a frown. "Don't you ever suggest I get off to anything Blake related.
            "I'm just saying," John said with his hands up as defense "You and him are a lot alike as well. And you both needed each other to fight off the scary monsters at the end."
            "I feel tainted for his assistance."
            "See, that right there is unnecessary."
            "People died directly because of him."
            "He honestly wanted to save Anin. I don't know how much clearer I can be abo-"
            "What about Bryant?"
            John paused. "I'd be lying if I said I'm upset he died," he said "But from what I understand, Clyde was the one who cut him up like that."
            "He didn't bleed out," Lena corrected.
            "How would you know?"
            Lena sighed. "Human Clay is incredibly taboo, if not outright illegal in some circles," she said "It requires a human sacrifice; One life force forfeit so it can grant a physical form to a spirit." John said nothing to the revelation. "Look," she continued "I doubt I can convince you to how the rest of the world sees Blake. I just hope you'll be careful. He seems like the type who shouldn't let anyone get close to him."
            John and Lena wished each other well and were on their separate ways. Blake didn't wake up until a rest stop near Utica. He was confused at his whereabouts as he blinked sleep from his eyes until he heard the sound of pumping gas. His broken arm caused too much pain to move, so he stayed where he was until John returned to the car. "I need a coffee," Blake mumbled. "I'm not leaving this car alone with a dead body in the back seat," John responded as he began driving.
            "I know a guy," Blake said in a dismissive tone "He'll return the car good as new."
            "Did you know Bryant would die?"
            "That Human Clay trick. Did you know it would kill off Bryant?"
            "I take it Whitey gave you her biased take on my tactic."
            "Blake, a  lot of people have died in our line of work, but Bryant...that was deliberate."
            "It had to be someone," Blake said after a pause.
            "What gave you that right?"
            "Look, obviously there's no defending the ethics. I've already told you it was a desperation move."
            "As for why Bryant; Who else was there?"
            "That doesn't make it right."
            "He wouldn't ever have to answer for what he did. No way to prove those creatures were once human. No prison sentence for releasing unspeakable evils from outside our world."
            "I'm sure even in the circles we travel, there would be an authority he would have to answer to."
            "With what proof? Circumstantial testimony from the three of us who were in there? Fat chance."
            John said nothing.
            "Look at it this way," Blake said "Because of him, we were able to stop the big bad. Redemption was forced upon him."
            "Doesn't make it right."
            "Doesn't make it entirely wrong either."
            "Not a very ethical view."
            "Utilitarianism makes more sense."
            The next several miles were in silence until Blake broke in with "And don't let Whitey fool you with her holier than thou routine. Even her moral compass waivers when there's a selfish gain for her."
            "I don't get that impression from her," John defended.
            "Holy Warriors like her are meant to be a team of two."
            "So where's the partner?"
            "Which brings us back to her moral compass..."

May 26, 2018

Pure Human - Be Gone

[Posted by Ted H]

Well that was certainly a wait. Enjoy the final confrontation. After this is some loose end tying and then we can finally call this damn project done!


[Pure Human - Be Gone]

            -And was tumbling backwards onto the ground dragging a heavy body down with him. Blake kicked the figure up with his legs and continued the momentum over and away so the figure would land away from him.
            "What the hell is that?" Whitey screamed as Blake was quick to his feet. The figure he had tossed was indeed Vitaearnus, who slowly rose to his feet with a slow and methodical pace. "Take him down!" Blake shouted as John immediately opened fire.
            The physical form of Vitaearnus was different than previously observed. He was much taller than Blake remembered, and his tight bone colored skin extended over a sexless nude and bald figure. The most telling difference was the lack of a mouth and any facial features beyond his two sharp black slits where the eyes would go. John's gunshots disappeared into the figure but seemed to make no noticeable impact as he strode across the room.
            Whitey stepped forward passed the men and thrust her glowing hands outward as she screamed "Be gone!" Vitaearnus staggered as his form began to glow, but ultimately stepped towards Whitey and in one fluid motion, reached out and backhanded her across the room. "Scatter!" John yelled as Vitaearnus reached up with both fists and slammed them down into the floor as Blake and John dove away. John was up quickly and firing again as Blake scrambled over to Whitey.

May 5, 2018

Pure Human - Let Me In

[Posted by Ted H]

I'm pretty sure that I've fallen off the wagon so many times at this point, that the wagon should really just leave me behind...


[Pure Human -  Let Me In]

           Not far inside and into the living room, sitting in the same chair Melrose shot himself in, sat Anin. Her eyes were open but she was staring blankly into space. There were no other apparent injuries. Her hands were covered in blood and she was gripping Clyde's shiv. "Is she possessed?" Whitey whispered. "She ripped Clyde apart," Blake said as he stood in front of Anin. John and Whitey stayed back near the front door "Pretty sure Vitaearnus has her."
            "Oh what, no funny names anymore?" Whitey quipped.
            "Nah," Blake said "End game. No more fooling around." He pulled out the clay, now the size of a baseball, and began to smash it between his hands and rub it.
            "What is that?" John asked.
            "Human Clay," Blake answered and worked the clay faster between his hands.
            "Are you serious?" Whitey screamed.
            "We're too late and clear out of time for anything else," Blake announced as he brought his hands to his face and blew into them. "Trust me, if I had a safer play, I'd be running it."
            Whitey stood in angry silence as John asked "How dangerous is this?"
            Blake hesitated. "There's a...roughly 30% chance Anin survives this," he said. When no one responded, he nodded. "Ok then," he announced, let's embrace eternity."
            Anin's head then cracked up to look at Blake, startling Whitey and John. "Uh oh," Blake said as Anin quickly grabbed him by the neck with her right arm and easily lifted him into the air as she stood up. She took a few steps and walked around the chair to face John aiming his gun and Whitey prepping her hands respectively. "Put him...down," John said as Anin smirked, ignoring him.
            "The reclamation of my world begins tonight," Anin said with a deep voice not her own. "Oh no you don't" Blake struggled to say as he grabbed both sides of Anin's head and made her face him. "Did I not already instruct to you that your usefulness is at its end?" Blake locked eyes with Anin, ignoring the possessed words. "I know you're in there," he said "C'mon, help me, Anin. I need you to make this work." Anin chuckled as she tightened the grip on Blakes throat. "Let me in!" he choked out-
            -and crumpled to the ground in the middle of a field in a park.
            Blake cleared his throat as he stood up and looked down at his hands which were still a deep red from the clay. "Good," he said as he eyed the familiar bench. The people in this park were in the same routine they were ever in as Blake looked about. "Should really only be one place I need to look," he said as he took off running.
            At his destination, Blake found Anin. She had taken the place of Vitaearnus and she herself was fading away. "Blake," she said, sounding more like a far away echo than anything else "What do we do?"
            "We deal with the man in your head," Blake said as he looked around, reasonable sure that Vitaearnus should have appeared by now.
            "I can't," Anin pleaded, causing Blake to snap at her. "This is YOUR world!" he shouted "He is only in control because you allow it. You're fading away from existence, but not because of him, but because you allow yourself to believe he has that power."
            "I'm not strong," Anin said "I couldn't stop him from taking me, and I couldn't help you save anyone."
            "You're right," Blake said "Out in the world you're more of a burden than an aid." Blake's bluntness caused a shock on Anin's face as he continued "But we're not out in the regular world, we're in yours. And here you're invincible. Trust me when I say that in your own world, you-"
            Blake stopped as the hairs on his neck stood up. He turned around from Anin to see Vitaearnus right in front of him and grabbing him by the neck and holding him up like before in the real world. "If you insist I destroy your mind here before I kill you, so be it," he spoke as Blake avoided struggling with Vitaearnus's grip and instead pressed both his clay caked hand on both sides of his attackers head. "Is this supposed to hurt?" he was asked. Blake ignored him and addressed Anin.
            "Anin, trust me, I have a plan," he choked out, knowing there was precious little time left to act "But I need your help."
            "I'm not strong enough," Anin whined "Even if this is my world."
            "Yes you are!" Blake yelled "I'm not strong enough either but together we can get him out.
            "I'm going to break your mind," Vitaearnus said with a smile "But I will leave you alive. I'm going to turn your friends first and let them decide what to do with you."
            Vitaearnus seemed to only grow larger as Blake struggled. Blake tried a kick to the chin to buy time, but to no avail. He then noticed that there was an audience around them. The people in the park that seemed to be oblivious in their routine were now surrounding the trio amidst the struggle. Blake wasn't sure what to make of the guests until he noticed Vitaearnus give a slightly concerned look as he looked around.
            "Anin?" Blake asked. "I want you to leave," Anin said as she ceased fading and appeared more clear than ever. "Atta girl," Blake said as all the onlookers began reaching for Vitaearnus. "Away with you!" Vitaearnus spoke as he effortlessly brushed a bunch away with his free arm, but there were too many people to dismiss as they began pulling at him. He seemed to shrink back down a bit.
            "Now Anin!" Blake yelled "Force him out!" Vitaearnus began to grunt as he attempted to resist the mob on him as Blake was lowered to the ground and released, but Blake maintained his own hold on the invaders head and began pulling on it. "Get out!" Anin yelled as Vitaearnus was lurched forward by Blake as he could no longer fight off the crowd.
            "You think you can win this way?" he asked.
            "Not yet," Blake said "But it's step one."
            Before Vitaearnus could say another word, Anin screamed again "Get out!" and Blake gave one final pull-

February 11, 2018

Pure Human - One Problem at a Time

[Posted by Ted H]

3 in a row?!?!


[Pure Human - One Problem at a Time]

            Blake had made all the necessary preparations by the time that John and Whitey arrived. When they stepped out of the car, Blake motioned for them to follow him and Clyde on foot over a few front lawns towards Melrose's home. As expected, Whitey and Clyde nearly came to blows, but John managed to stay between them and Blake managed to keep everyone quiet. Blake checked on the dream stones, which were brightly lit up, which worried him since he doubted they were suppose to work so well far away from Anin.
            "Alright, time for action," Whitey announced.
            "Hold your horses," Blake said "The professionals have a plan."
            "We do?" John asked.
            Blake produced the time ball for Clyde "Here, eat this," he said.
            "Oh no," John said.
            While Clyde tried to swallow, Blake explained "Easy plan. Clyde goes in, incapacitates Anin and kills everything else."
            "Simple, yet very elegant," John commented while Whitey made a face. "Here, wash that down," Blake said as he handed Clyde the bottle.
            "Why does that smell like gasoline?" Whitey asked as Clyde drank.
            "He'll be fine," Blake said as Clyde finished and dropped the bottle as he looked around himself in amazement. The next instant, he disappeared. Blake smiled and laughed while John and Whitey suddenly howled in pain as they fell over, grabbing their groins.
            "Good to see Clyde is mature and all that," Blake said as he looked about for anything alerted by the sounds of the pain. "Can you guys relax?" he asked "We're in the clear so far."
John approached while limping and groaning "I'm gonna kill that fucker," he said through clenched teeth. "Someone beat you to it," Whitey said with a hint of satisfaction to what she was looking at.
            The scene ahead was one of bloodshed and body parts, mostly Clyde. "Was this part of the plan?" John asked as he and Blake ran up to most of Clyde's remains. "Kind of?" Blake said as he looked around to some of the crumpled bodies of the transformed people with their throats slit. Clyde's torso laid motionless with his head barely attached to a ripped up neck. All limbs were detached and scattered through the yard. The house he presumably entered looked mostly unchanged save for one broken and bloody window that looked like Clyde had been tossed from after his dismembering. "Is he...dead?" Whitey asked, not daring to approach from behind John. "He's immortal," Blake said "Or should be; that's why I let him drink the gasoline and whatnot."
            "Is that normal?" John asked "Would you have been ripped apart like this or something?"
            "No," Blake said "Something else did this to him,"
            "But, if your cocktail worked and time had stopped..." John began
            "Bitch..." Clyde's head spat out, startling everyone.
            "Holy hell," John said as he caught his breath.
            "What happened?" Blake demanded.
            "Your bitch friend..." Clyde said as he struggled to take in enough air so he could speak "I thought you said time would freeze......"
            "Clearly Mr. V. don't play by our rules," Blake said.
            "Whose rules?" John  asked.
            "Our realm's rules. I dunno, I should probably look into that or something."
            Whitey had been looking about at the bodies and had been counting. "Uh, you guys said there were six of those things left, right?" she asked.
            "Something like that," John responded.
            Whitey quickly looked around to the four bodies she could see. "I don't count six," she said. Blake positioned Clyde's head so he could address him directly. "Clyde, how many did you kill?" he asked.
            "Fuck if I know," Clyde responded while spitting up blood "That shit was starting to burn. I may not die but that still hurt like hell. So I decided to go after the big fish instead of fucking around."
            "That wasn't the plan," Blake said.
            "Your plan sucked. Go for plan B's flesh clay bull shit instead."
            "Wait, what's plan B?" John asked before Whitey screamed "Look out!"
            Blake and John turned to see Whitey point to two rapidly approaching figures in the dark. She then brought her hands together and began charging while Blake and John spaced apart. "John, just shoot them, we don't have time for this!" Blake yelled. "I don't do speed shots!" John yelled back "I need to aim and these things are bouncing all over!"
            Whitey's hands were glowing when she was set and extended a hand out to launch energy at one of the monsters. Nothing happened. "Real helpful," Blake quipped as Whitey looked at her hands. Blake and John backed up towards her. "I don't get it," she cried. "They're human!" Blake shouted, remembering when he first met Whitey.
            "Split!" John yelled as the two creatures lunged. John dove one way, White and Blake jumped the other. The creatures each gave chase. Blake practically threw off his coat and held it out like a matador. "Blake, this isn't a game!" Whitey yelled as the creature instead went after her. Whitey cried out and tried to run, but didn't get far when she felt claws and a body fall onto her. "NO!" she shouted as she felt her back begin being dug into and she was powerless to stop it. Blake then covered the creature's head with his coat, wrapped his arms around it and picked it up and off of Whitey.
            John, meanwhile, was circling opposite of the other creature while aiming his gun. "Make a move, you piece of shit," he said as he slowly backed up and gave himself precious distance. The creature tensed, then lunged itself in the air straight at John with a deep roar. No longer bouncing to and fro on the ground and instead in a predictable path in the air, the creature had put itself right in John's sights. With a smirk and a quick pull of the trigger, the creature's body fell to the ground near where John sidestepped, a fresh bullet hole right between the eyes.
            "Blake, what are you doing?" Whitey said as she got to her feet. "You can't hurt this thing cuz it's human!" Blake yelled as he faced Whitey with the struggling creature in his arms blinded by the coat "But you can hurt this coat, right?" Whitey's eyes went wide before she charged her hands again, then ran up and punched the creature's head with all her might and holy power. The creature elicited a short cry as it and Blake flew backwards onto the ground.
            "You guys ok?" John asked as he jogged over. "I think so," Whitey said as she caught her breath and tried to feel the wounds in her back. "Oh fuck," John said as he saw Whitey's injures and tried to look as well. "I'll be fine," she said.
            "Oh, that smell," Blake said as he got up and pulled his coat away from the creature's corpse. A bloody and chunky mess remained of its head, with some pieces sticking to the coat. "This definitely needs to be dry cleaned," he said as he picked the bigger pieces off and put the coat back on. "You are not riding in my car with that on," John announced. "One problem at a time," Blake said as he led the way into the house.

February 4, 2018

Pure Human - Trick Plays

[Posted by Ted H]

Oh. My. Gawwwwwd! Back to back posts? It's like I got my shit together or something, right?

Pure Human is finally ending. Buckle up.


[Pure Human - Trick Plays]

            "Did I mention I hate you people, right?" Clyde asked while Blake drove through the streets with one eye on the road and the other on the faintly glowing sleep stone.
            "Only every five minutes," Blake responded.
            "They're going to fire me," Clyde complained.
            "Aren't you either already dead or immortal?"
            "You don't get it; I can't reap anymore. So either I get reassigned to some shitty job or I get sent back to hell."
            "Last I checked, your poor scheduling wasn't my problem. Neither was Whitey getting in the way last time."
            "And that bitch just conveniently just so happens to be rolling in your crew now?"
            "I really would hesitate to say convenient. Necessary, more likely."
            "And who the fuck is this idiot?" Clyde asked while gesturing to the back where Bryant sat.
            "Him?" Blake said "Kind of the guy responsible. Whitey's in town to get you fired mostly because of him, too. So in a way, he's the guy you should be mad at."
            "A pleasure," Bryant said mockingly "You know, this is starting to feel more and more like a kidnapping by the minute."
            "Be quiet," Clyde barked.
            "How are you even helping him?" Bryant complained "You hate him and his associates, if that story about the girl you told earlier is to be trusted."
            "Amazing what a payment of a carton of cigarettes will do, right?" Clyde said back.
            "I said we'd share the carton," Blake corrected him.
            Blake had a destination in mind, and as he drove closer to it, the stones he had began to glow brighter. "I hate it when I'm right," he mumbled as he drove onto the street where Melrose had lived. "What's here?" Clyde asked as Blake took notice of how silent Bryant was in back. "What those things consider their father lived here. It's safe enough until the Faded Man can come into this world."
            "Faded Man?" Clyde asked "The big bad anus guy?"
            "Yeah," Blake said as he pulled over well short of his destination. He opened the door and climbed out. "I assume there's a plan?" Clyde said as Blake looked down the streets to see many of the houses were dark and seemingly abandoned, and the rain making the entire scene slightly more foreboding than Blake wanted it to be.
            "Plan?" Clyde reiterated, snapping Blake from the moment "Do you have one?"
            "Of course I do," Blake said as he popped the trunk and started rummaging around.
            "Ok, that's cool," Clyde said as he adjusted his jacket over his head to shield from the rain as he stuck a cigarette into his mouth "Cuz your homo friend kinda implied earlier on the phone that you guys were a bit clueless."
            "Nah," Blake said without looking up "I had a plan the whole time. A couple actually. I just wasn't about to share them right away."
            "Why the secrecy?" Clyde asked while patting himself down to find his lighter.
            "Neither are very appealing. And one is straight up illegal."
            "I like em already!"
            "Good," Blake said as he produced a rubber hose for Clyde "Now take this and go siphon some gas.
            "This isn't a movie," Clyde said "And why do you even need gas? Is that why we stopped?"
            Blake pulled out the bottle from before with some gas still left inside. "We need it for Plan A," he said.
            "What th-" Clyde started before he caught himself and just reached for the bottle "Never mind. Surprise me." Blake smiled as he handed the bottle off. "Don't forget to call John and have him get here. "Right," Clyde said sarcastically "Because why wouldn't I want my two most favorite people ever to be here?"
            "Please?" Blake reiterated. "Yeah, yeah," Clyde said as he took his phone out and walked away. He disappeared with the bottle while Blake worked on his other plan. When Clyde returned, he was almost ready.
            "You do know gas prices are dropping now, right?" Clyde said as he produced a full bottle of gasoline "No need to steal."
            "Yeah, I'll take that into consideration," Blake said as he wrapped up what he was working on and was able to address Clyde "Out of curiosity, how did you get the gas without a hose?"
            "I went under some cars and poked a hole in the gas tanks with my shiv," Clyde said as he produced his weapon.
            "That thing was strong enough?"
            "You assume this is an everyday, run of the mill tool and not something utilized by an employee of Hell?"
            "Fair enough."
            "So what's the other thing you're working on?"
            "Plan B," Blake said as he held up a small sized chunk of what appeared to be red play-doh "But it's not ready yet. I'll need you and that shiv to complete it."
            "That depends on the request. First of all, get your own weapon..."
            "Nah, I just need you to go to Bryant and get me a pound of flesh."
            "No, really. A literal pound of his flesh. But leave him alive...So go with the legs or something like that."
            "I didn't peg you for a complete psychotic..."
            "Hey, now's not the time to critique my job. I'm trying to save the world here."
            "The whole world?"
            "Well...Albany for starters."
            "And you want me to horrifically cut up some guy I don't even know?"
            "I figure you could use the therapy."
            A smirk escaped from Clyde as he turned his head towards where Bryant was. "A literal pound?" he asked.
            "Maybe a little more for good measure."
            Clyde fully smiled now. "After the week I've had," he said as he walked over to the door "Hell yeah." He brandished his weapon and opened the door. "Skip the speech and just get it done," Blake called as the door slammed shut and the screaming began. Blake took the time to get the finishing touches done on everything else.
            The rain had begun to pick up into another downpour when Clyde had finished and the wet smack of cut up flesh barely registered to Blake as he prepped under the shielding of the trunk hood. By that time, the chunk of clay in Blake's hands was about the size of a golf ball. "Now help me add the flesh," he said as he juggled the clay in one hand while kneeling down to grab some flesh while trying to stay shielded from the rain.
            "Seriously," Clyde asked as he grabbed some flesh and plopped it on top of Blake's project "What is this?"
            "Well when it's done," Blake began as he worked the new ingredient into the ball "It's called Human Clay. It can only be made and utilized if the gathered flesh comes from someone who is still breathing, so I hope you didn't go overboard in there."
            "Relax," Clyde said as he ducked under the trunk hood to try to light his cigarette finally "What does Human Clay even do?"
            "Well, we'll need it for plan B."
            "I'm taking this straight out of The Evil Dead 2 playbook."
            "...I'm a bit fuzzy on my 80's movies."
            "Step one is to make the big bad, Vitaearnus, manifest in the real world. That gives us something to banish. Step two is to...well, banish it."
            "...Inspiring," Clyde mumbled sarcastically.
            "Yeah, well it's plan B for a reason."
            "And what's plan A?"
            Blake held out the water bottle for Clyde to take, then after rummaged into his pocket to produce the Time Ball. "Plan A is for you to drink that gas, treated with a certain concoction of additives of course, then swallow this ball."
            "And that will...?"
            "Stop time. Allowing you to stab away at all of Vitaearnus' pet monsters and take them out of play leaving just him and us...and Anin. Make sure you check to see if she's possessed or not."
            "And if she is?"
            "Don't hurt her either way. If she's already possessed, we'll deal...somehow."
            "So...back up. I'll stop time if I swallow this shit you're handing me?"
            "With the ball swallowed, yes."
            "Are you fucking with me? You're fucking with me."
            "I did this prior and I think it might have killed me if I held out too long. But you? You can't die."
            "A fact you plan to exploit I see."
            "Hey, when something big goes down, you gotta bust out the trick plays."

January 28, 2018

Pure Human - Go Time

[Posted by Ted H]

Holy hell, what's happening people!!!

Pure Human finale is being written (yes, again) but I figure I'd post this little bit, as it leads up to the endgame of the story...

...Trying to put a bow on this story before I begin other things...


[Pure Human - Go Time]

            The rain wasn't letting up as Blake approached the girls outside, John jogging to catch up. "We gotta find Anin," Blake said as he tossed a stone to Whitey "The longer it takes, the bigger the chance that more of those creatures will be popping up."
            "What is this, and what are you talking about?" Whitey asked as she looked at the stone in her hand.
            "Vitaearnus," Blake said "The reason behind all of these monsters, he needs to possess someone in our world so he can more easily transform people. A strong psychic fits his needs perfectly. We need to find Anin and either stop the possession, or pull him out of her."
            "I can handle the exorcism," Whitey announced. "No, you won't," Blake responded as he handed John another stone. "You can't do this alone, Blake," Whitey snapped "This is beyond a solo job for you."
            "This isn't a demon!" Blake yelled "I don't know what this is, but your exorcism practice is useless!"
            "So what, then?" Whitey asked.
            "First, let's just find Anin," Blake responded "We can figure it out afterwards."
            "Not my favorite plan," John said.
            "This is what I get for feeling optimistic," Blake responded "Just stick with Whitey and head out to around where the lab used to be."
            "Where are you going?"
            "Call Clyde, tell him to meet me where we met by the hospital," Blake said as he held his hand out "Also, I need your keys."
            "Do we really need Clyde?" John asked.
            "I'll take him to where Melrose was. We can cover more ground if we split up."
            John sighed as he tossed his keys over. "And Bryant?" he asked.
            "I'll take real good care of him," Blake said with a wink.
            "Fun plan," Kimberly said "Haven't heard my name yet."
            "Yeah, you get to go home now," Blake said "Just like Joey, you're not up for what we're about to do."
            "So, I need you back in Syracuse. Find Matthew, and let him know what we're about to do."
            "I don't thin-"
            "If we fail, something insane will be unleashed into this world and some sort of response needs to be coordinated as fast as humanly possible."
            "How bad could this get?" Kimberly asked, unease creeping into her voice.
            "Remember that body I brought you?" Blake said as John walked over to Whitey to inform her of the plan "Imagine if those things could be assembly line made and unleashed as an army."
            "Ok, that's bad."
            "That's apocalyptic."
            "Let's go!" John yelled, his phone up to his head as he climbed into Whitey's car.
            "You'll be fine," Blake said "Safe at least...for now."