July 29, 2012

Safe Haven - The Duke pt.1

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[Safe Haven - The Duke pt.1]

“Don’t go,” Kate said as Jezus dressed. He had a morning to kill when the ResEs retrieved a rifle they believed had belonged to Juan. Kendall decided he wanted to help figure out who it was that had taken the rifle, thus identifying the mystery runner that twice eluded Mean Guy and The Rotting Cure. Not being all too interested in the idea, Jezus decided to spend his time more proactively to the tune of fucking Kate.

That now out of the way, he decided it was time to head back to the Hub since Kendall didn’t want him to stray too long, lest he figures out who the mystery man is and decided to hunt him down immediately. “Papa has work to do,” Jezus said as he laced his boots back up and tried his best to ignore Kate, who was lying in the bed only covered by a ratty blanket.

“Are you sure about that?” she asked as she tossed the blanket away and Jezus figured he’s done worse things than blow off his partner. After round two, he was quick for the exit though, knowing how clingy Kate can become. He made another promise to meet up later, which he forgot as soon as he finished talking, and made for the streets.

The streets of Safe Haven were always a different beast during the daytime then when curfew hits. People run about, conversations and laughter fill the air, and while everyone is aware of any nearby ResEs, they tend to ignore them as long as no one is getting troubled. ResEs don’t try to start trouble because they know how stacked the odds would be against them if any trouble started. It was always a stark contrast between day and night and who ruled the streets in that time.

It was always why ResEs, even when off duty, were encouraged to always wear full gear and have their radio handy. You never knew if certain citizens knew your face and were just waiting for you to let your guard down. Jezus never worried about things like that because a good ResE would never alienate themselves from the entire population. It was always good to have a few friends among the commoners.

Jezus now stood outside of an arcade shop. The front windows were boarded up and the only was in was a door which currently had a particularly large man sitting in a chair nearby. His head was shaved bald and there were numerous scars on his forehead and neck. His name was Dmitri or something Russian, though he looked more German than anything. Dmitri never spoke, so Jezus could never be sure. He held rocks in each hand, which seemed to be overkill with Dmitri’s tree trunk arms, so Jezus always knew better then to fuck around.

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