January 22, 2011

An Oldie

Just a note here:
I haven't written any decent poetry in over four years. I wrote this one after reading a vampire novel that was based on Jack the Ripper. I like the dark lore and history so putting them together in one book was the perfect bit of inspiration.

For the time being, I'll probably only have older stuff, as I'm still working on writing new stuff.


New Orleans After Dark
Written July 24, 2004

Empty streets,
Full bars,
Jazz trumpets,
The scent of ale.
It's all normal.
It's New Orleans
After dark.

Young, fresh blood.
He craves innocence
That is gathered at
The tourist attractions.
It's all normal.
It's New Orleans
After Dark.

Death, a corpse.
Crowds gather.
He had his fill
And the results lay in tatters.
It's all normal.
The vampire struck again
In New Orleans after dark.

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