September 21, 2014

Demons Ascension - No Idea?

[Posted by Ted H]

Next week ends it....for serious.


[Demons Ascension - No Idea?]

            John was wrapping up a conversation on his cell phone when James entered his room at the hospital. He sat down nearby and waited patiently. Even after John put the phone down, the two men sat in silence for a moment. John had been looking good, despite initial doctors opinions saying he'd be lucky to survive the night. Around midnight the night before he suddenly started looking better and his injuries stopped being so severe.
            "You got him?" John asked after a moment.
            "Dead," James said "And never coming back."
            "So, who was that?" James asked after another moment.
            "Monroe," John said as he laid back.
            "Of all the people who died..." James began but trailed off.
            "Not gonna lie," John said "I'd have rather him bite the big one instead of a lot of friends who did."
            "What is the "official" story for last night?" James asked.
            "Random blackout, followed by a mass riot. A lot of people who don't know better would never buy the truth. Hell, a lot of people who were there would refuse to believe it."
            "That Monroe's take?"
            "I don't really care. I'm done; quit. Effective immediately."
            "You sure about that?"
            "I have nothing left in this city. I want out."
            "At least you have closure. As crappy as it is, at least it's an end."
            "Thank you."
            "Don't thank me."
            "I knew you'd figure it out."
            "No you didn't. You were hoping against all odds and I got lucky."
            "Still...thank you."
            James stayed silent a moment before finally giving in. "You're welcome."
            "What are you going to do now?" John asked as he sat up again.
            "Same as you I guess."
            "No idea?"
            "No idea."

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