May 27, 2012

Safe Haven - Bitch, Where's My Map?

[Posted by Ted H]

Little bit of everything this week. Got a couple updates on scheduled posting while I stall myself for time and write the final bits on the OurTwon finale...


[Safe Haven - Bitch, Where's My Map?]

John saw someone approaching so he jumped back and hid behind the counter. When he realized it was Kate, he had to restrain himself from shooting her out in the open, so he waited for her to enter. He watched her walk through the sales floor and stop short when she noticed the opened box in the back. John then popped up and pointed a gun at her.

“Bitch, where’s my map?” he asked as he trained the gun on Kate’s head. Kate turned quick, a look of shock quickly turning into an insulting smile. “What…the fuck…did you do to your hair?” she asked. John knew how he looked. There was only so much he could accomplish with a shitty knife and a piece of a mirror. “Not important!” he screamed “Map!”

Kate reached into her pocket and pulled out a folded up piece of paper. “I thought you were dead,” she said as she held the map up “And I didn’t want to risk this falling into the wrong hands.” John sneered “It currently IS in the wrong hands. And you moved my dresser wrong so the ResE found my hiding spot.”

“So I guess it was a good thing I took your little map then, huh?”

“Fuck you, Kate. I got fucking ResEs looking for me.”

“Is that why you…cut your hair?”

“I’m in hiding.”

“Sure. You wanna stay here while I go fetch that asshole, Anderson?”

“Why…Wait, where is he now?”


“Fuck. That place is probably crawling with ResEs!”

“Probably. Some bum said you sent them there.”

“It’s not like that. Lemme explain on the way.”

“Now you’re not hiding?”

“Perry and Anderson are both fucked. You didn’t see this one ResE, he fucking shot up my place. Can you imagine what he’d do to Perry?”

“He’s probably already dead now.”

“Then we fuck the ResEs up anyway.”


“We got the guns to do it.”

“And we have all of four hands combined vs. God knows how many that will swarm at a gunfight.”

“Leave that to me,” John said as he ran and grabbed the box of weapons. “Go grab the other box,” he said “Bout time we did some distributions.”


Nick had already picked off a couple brave idiots who thought they could charge into the whore house. After that there was some shooting but things were at a lull. “Who the fuck is out there?” Nick asked as he looked over to Kyle, who was slumped over but still alive. “Fuck if I know,” Kyle said as he rolled his head over to look back at Nick “But I hear more or them coming every so often.”

“Where’s our fucking backup?”

“They’ll be here. Early in the morning like this? We’re a bit scattered still. Probably no one wants to risk running in until enough ResEs come together.”

“You holding out alright?”

“It hurts like shit, I honestly don’t know. You ok?”

“Fuck man, my vest held. You’re the one bleeding out.”

“Don’t remind me.”

“How the fuck did that many people get a hold of guns?”

“Fucking Rogues. Enough people get weapons, soon enough they’ll get ballsy.”

“I hear gunshots.”

“Really? NOW you hear them?”

“Nah man, gunshots for someone other then us.”

Kyle and Nick listened as gunfire started up. The ResEs were charging in and civilians outside were shooting back at them. It didn’t take long for a full scale riot to break out. “This takes me back,” Nick said as he peeked out at the chaos “Except we were always on the other end of the law for that.”

“Good to see how the other half lives then, eh?” Kyle said as he pulled off his vest and shirt. “What you doin?” Nick asked. “Can’t breathe with this thing,” Kyle responded as he balled his shirt up and pressed it down on his wound. “Anyone gonna get us out of here or what?” Nick said into his radio. “We’ll get you when we get you!” someone responded.


“What the hell is going on out there?” Joseph demanded as he barged into Thomas’ office. “It’s under control,” Thomas said, though it did not seem like that answer satisfied Joseph. “There’s a riot happening in my city and your people can’t seem to quell it.” Thomas tapped the earpiece he was wearing “I’m aware of the situation. It seems as if a number of the citizens who had illegal weapons in their possession decided to start using them.”

“Fix it!” Joseph said as he put his hands down on Thomas’ desk. “It won’t last,” Thomas said “They’re ill equipped when compared to my men and they lack the resources of the enforcers.” Joseph eyed Thomas. “Riots have been staged with less against far superior odds,” he said “Make sure you fix this. I can not tolerate an uprising in my city.”

“Our city,” Thomas said as Joseph walked out of the office “And I have this handled.”

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