November 21, 2011

Safe Haven - The General Will See You Both Now (NaNoWriMo update #8)

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I think it should go without saying that once November ends, Im gonna stop doing Safe Haven for a while. The creative reserves are a bit low and Im still 14K short...Im almost done with what amounts to Act 1 of the entire novel...which easily will make this the longest thing I write when all is said and done.

Anyway, nother brief one before I throw in another long form character intro. Things will get more fast paced once I approach the act 1 climax...till then, enjoy meeting more new friends...

Current status of my 2011 NaNoWriMo: 36,666 / 50,000 (13,334 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 27th

Keep pace with me or join me if youre doing it too:


[Safe Haven - The General Will See You Both Now]

Kendall wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. He went over the events in his head for the millionth time since last night and he didn’t like how it was gonna sound. There really wasn’t a good way to explain how your partner got killed, you lost the citizen you caught breaking curfew who may or may not have had something to do with the Rogue killing your partner, and for the cherry on top: failing to take down the Rogue who got an additional two ResEs killed during his escape.

Kendall was read the riot act in the past for less, but at least he wasn’t alone in this. Jezus was going in there with him. He may not have had as much to do with the predicament as Kendall had, but at least the company would make the whole meeting that much less intimidating. They were both sitting in a waiting room waiting to be called into a meeting with Thomas, better known as “The General” to everyone. The General was the head of the ResEs and everyone answered to him. That was the only hierarchy that was established within the Residential Enforcers though word was The General wanted to establish supervisors under him, just no one knew how to go about setting something like that up.

“I love how we were told to be early, but The General is the one who’s an hour late,” Jezus complained, breaking Kendall from his thoughts. Kendall checked his watch again. It was almost noon and the meeting was set up for 11. Kendall sighed. He was sent home from patrol early because of his partners death and told to rest up for this meeting, not that he got any sleep. He stayed up all night thinking of what he could’ve done differently. The Rogue had been moving too much for Kendall to line up a proper shot, but maybe if he didn’t hesitate making the first jump from one roof to another, maybe, he would’ve had time to line up a shot as the Rogue was climbing down that fire escape.

“Are you even listening?” Jezus asked, breaking Kendall from his thoughts again. “No,” he mumbled, “Sorry, I didn’t sleep much last night.” Jezus folded his arms “Me neither,” he said.

“Remember what you said to me last night?”

“I said a lot of things.”

“After we lost the Rogue and I was all pissed about it, you told me not to sweat it or something.”


“You said you had a plan on how we could catch him.”


“…….So, what is the plan?”

“We fish.”

“Why’d I even ask?”

“We bait the fucker out.”


“That guy sought you out. I know where you were suppose to be last night. You say you caught that girl in your own sector and somehow he ended up in my sector popping off your partner? He followed you. And why did he follow you? There’s only one reason.”

“…The girl?”

“The fucking girl.”

“Yeah well, she kinda got away too.”

“How hard could it be to find her again?”

“I never saw her before last night.”

“You probably have, you just didn’t care then. I bet you’ll know it when you see her again.”

“Then what?”

“One thing at a time. Best to find the girl before we act further.”

“Alright then, I‘m in.”

“Good, cuz I was gonna request that we partner up since we’re both suddenly single.”

“What about Juan?”

“Dead, or dying. Either way, I refuse to live in the past.”

“That’s a morbid way of thinking about it.”

“Yes, but it’s also practical.”

The door to the waiting room opened and a woman entered. “The General will see you both now,” she said with a smile. Kendall and Jezus stood up and made for the door the secretary was now holding open. “Just let me do the talking,” Kendall said.

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