November 17, 2011

Safe Haven - Doc (NaNoWriMo update #7)

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30K words, tired...
too much writing...too much Saints Row...too much working....not enough sleep...
In case you're wondering though-Ive only posted about 30% of what Ive written this month. I'll get around to the other 70% eventually...not to mention what I'll write in the next couple weeks...

Current status of my 2011 NaNoWriMo: 30,027 / 50,000 (19,973 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 26th

Keep pace with me or join me if youre doing it too:


[Safe Haven - Doc]

No one knows why the grandstand was set so far away from the rest of the amusement park but it stood a good deal away from the amusement park proper. There is sat, isolated not just as a structure from the rest of the park, but from the rest of the Rogues as well. In the enclosed back area lived just one Rogue who stood as something unique when compared to the others.

Jake and Tucker finished their short trek to the house. “Try not to embarrass yourself this time,” Jake said as he opened the door and walked into the Rogues’ bomb makers home. “Yo Doc, you got company!” Jake called out. Out from the back stepped Doc, holding two beers in his right hand. “I had a feeling,” he said as he offered Jake one. “You want?” he asked Tucker, who shook his head but didn’t say anything.

Doc was a tall, lanky man with long red hair flowing out the back of a camouflage bandana he wore on his head. He was missing his left arm after the elbow but he never complained about it and never had a problem getting by. He knew a thing or two about wiring electronics before the apocalypse and he spent the better part of the last decade applying that knowledge to explosives, making him the most reliable bomb maker the Rogues could ever ask for. Depending on who was asked, Doc either lived alone or he had his girlfriend to keep him company.

“Hey babe! Guess who’s here!” Doc yelled into the back but got no response. Doc shrugged as he said “She’s in a mood today. Women, right?” Tucker bit his lip as he glanced over to Jake. “Could you…ya know, move?” he asked as Jake opened his beer. “Alright, alright,” he said “Just here to pick up some shit before we leave, Doc. Let’s walk and talk.” Doc nodded and the two men made their way into the back. “Stay here,” Jake said to Tucker before disappearing with Doc.

Tucker looked around for a moment. Discarded beer bottles and weapons were strewn about with electronics and bombs supplies sitting in piles on a couple end tables. Various guitars and other instruments were placed on the wall and a drum kit was in a far corner. In the far corner however laid a chain harness on the ground with blood all around it. Tucker heard a moan coming from nearby and he quickly drew a handgun from his belt. “Doc? Jake?” he called out as he backed away from the corner and deeper into the house. He heard shuffling feet and more moans. “Where are you?” he said under his breath.

He could hear Jake and Doc conversing in back and Tucker decided to go to them, lest he get caught alone with a zombie on the loose. He slowly worked his way through the dimly lit hallway. “Anybody?” he asked as he heard a chain rustle and a hand reach out to him from the darkness. Tucker screamed and ducked to the ground.

He fumbled with his gun as a female zombie slowly approached him until she stopped suddenly two feet away and could not get any closer. Tucker shifted his view to see a harness tied around the zombie’s chest attached to a chain that extended securely from the far wall. Tucker let out a relieved sigh as he lowered his gun and dropped his head to the ground. Jake walked up and took position right over Tucker, shaking his head. “What part of ‘Stay here’ didn’t you understand?” he asked as the zombie moaned and reached out for the new person. “Hi Candice,” Jake said as he helped Tucker up.

“She scared ya, huh,” Doc said as he entered carrying a duffle bag. “I hate coming here,” Tucker said as he holstered his gun “We ready to go or what?” Jake nodded as he motioned to the bag Doc carried. Tucker grabbed it while Jake stared at Candice. “That’s new blood on her face,” he stated “You’ve fed her recently, haven’t you?”

“It calms her down,” Doc said “Especially after I moved her.” Jake looked at what was left of Doc’s left arm. “I said I’d figure something to give her,” Jake said “I don’t want you going back to cutting yourself up for her.” Tucker threw his arms in the air “Just don’t fucking do it, period!” he shouted. “Everyone needs to eat,” Doc said.

“Not her!”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Seriously? Are you that thick?”

“Alright,” Jake said “We’re late as it is.” Jake grabbed Tucker and the two of them made for the exit. “Doc, we’ll talk when I get back,” Jake said “Just don’t feed yourself to her anymore until then.” Doc waved them off, then closed the door behind them. “Guy’s fucking nuts,” Tucker said as he opened the duffle bag to see what was inside.

“Seriously, when I tell you to stay put, do me a favor and fucking stay put,” Jake said as Tucker pulled out a grenade. “How the hell did he get a hold of these?” he asked. “You’re not allowed to touch,” Jake said as he took the grenade and the bag from Tucker, “Only I’m allowed. And he was holding on to them for me because we don’t need any Rogues or civilians running around with these in Safe Haven.”

“Gee, I wonder why,” Tucker said sarcastically “But why so many now?” Jake dropped the grenade back in the bag and zipped it up. “Better to have this many and not need them than the other way around.”

“I don’t like how pessimistic you’re being for this trip.”

“And I don’t like the fact that we need to be making this trip.”

“Think Doc’ll really feed himself to that…girlfriend of his, piece by piece?”

“Guy always seemed too smart to do that, but lately? I dunno.”

“And you actually knew this guy from even before the apocalypse?”

“…Yeah. He was a friend of my roommate to be exact. Knew the girlfriend too.”

“Is that why you act so nonchalant about her being a FUCKING ZOMBIE?”

“Easy there…It’s complicated with them.”

“That’s a fucking understatement. So…how did she die?”

“Zombies, dumbass, zombies.”

“No…I mean, how did she get infected? Were you there to see it?”

“Not something I wanna talk about, Tucker.”

“Wonder how messed up you gotta be to want to live like that, keeping a zombie in the same place you sleep n‘ shit.”

“I think it has more to do with the emotional attachment.”

“Yeah right. We’ve all killed someone close to us, so don’t try feeding me that bull shit.”

“Again, it’s…complicated with them. I might tell you about it sometime.”

“Whatever…Hey, was she at least…ya know, hot when she was alive?”

“Dude, if you wanna fuck Candice, you might have to check with Doc first.”

“I fucking hate you.”

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