November 15, 2011

Safe Haven - Shoe Shopping (NaNoWriMo update #6)

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Just picked up Saints Row The Third today and my writing time has taken a nose dive. Still, as long as I'm on pace there shouldnt be anything to worry about. 1.7K words a day should get the job done, so I make sure I hit that and Im golden...Now if you excuse me, I have luchadores to kill with a dildo bat...

Current status of my 2011 NaNoWriMo: 28,834 / 50,000 (21,166 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 26th

Keep pace with me or join me if youre doing it too:


[Safe Haven - Shoe Shopping]

“Your map sucks,” Kate said as she and John circled around the tenth time in the back room of what was once a shoe store. The front windows were long ago blown out so no one ever needed to use the front door, which was locked anyway. The sales floor was lit up well enough from the sun, but everywhere else was too dark to search without flashlights. The back alley was empty as was the back stock room and side offices. John insisted that the stock room was the logical choice for the shipment to be since it was so spacious, but that proved to be false since he and Kate still couldn’t find any sign of recent use through all the dust let alone a shipment.

“Think I should get a pair?” Kate asked as she held up a dirty pair of high heels, one of which had a heel already broken off. “Focus, the stuff is in here somewhere,” John said as he kicked over a stack of shoe boxes. “We’ve been here forever, can’t we look for another shipment?” Kate asked before picking up a toppled computer chair and sitting down. “I gotta pee,” she said as she folded her arms.

“Does this place even have a bathroom?” John asked out loud as they both checked the sales floor again and saw nothing. “Offices,” Kate said as they ran back and discovered a door in the back corner. “How big do you think it would be?” John asked as Kate opened the door.

The bathroom was surprisingly spacious, if not unsanitary with an entire wall full of mold on the far end. There wasn’t much in anything that would pass as a shipment but John walked to the stalls and pushed a door in to reveal two boxes stacked on top of a toilet. He opened the next stall to find another two boxes stacked the same way. “Nice,” he said as he picked one up and placed it on the ground behind him. Kate shone her flashlight on the box as John opened it up to reveal several handguns and an assortment of spare ammo clips.

“Jackpot!” Kate said as she reached in and grabbed a gun. “What do you think you’re doing?” John asked.

“Taking a gun for myself.”

“I don’t think you should.”

“Why the hell not?”

“Because you have a habit of losing every gun you have.”

“That’s not true.”

“Then why are you taking a new one?”

“…Fuck you.”

“Just don’t take any more.”


“Damn, I was hoping this would’ve been drugs.”

“We can always look elsewhere.”

“Nah, this took too long on its own. I still need to get back and get a hold of some people, let them know we got some guns in.”

“Can I come?”

“Aren’t you suppose to be busy with your ResE?”

“I can do both.”

“No you can’t you idiot.”

“Yeah. Just because you can’t pull off a double life doesn’t mean I can’t.”

“Well point me out a hot ResE who’s down for an indiscriminant fuck and maybe I’ll get back to you on that.”

“You’re not exactly a catch yourself, John.”

“Good enough for you it seems.”

“Oh shut up.”

“I wonder what your foreign lover would think if he knew what you and I do when he’s on duty.”

“Don’t you dare say anything to him.”

“Pssh. I wouldn’t talk to no ResE even if I wanted to.”

“Seriously, keep your trap shut.”

“If you care about him so much, why do you sleep with half a dozen people?”

“I…I never said I cared.”


“…Fuck you.”

John laughed as he stood up and placed the box back into its hiding place in the stall, then closed everything up, but not before grabbing a gun and a couple extra clips for himself. “Seriously,” Kate pleaded “I don’t care about him. Maybe if you had more than three inches I wouldn’t need to get what I need from Jezus.” John shook his head “Whatever you say, Kate.”

“I’ll prove it,” Kate responded “Lets go back you your place right now so I can take the edge off before meeting him.” John looked at Kate and smiled. “If that’s what it takes for you to work out your issues while lying to yourself, then I’ll be more than happy to help you.” Kate sneered. “Don’t push your luck,” she said “Cuz you do know I’m armed right now, right?” John looked at her a moment, then continued walking “Oh, you haven’t lost your gun by now? That might be a record for you.”

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