November 6, 2011

Safe Haven - Tucker's Sex Story (NaNoWriMo update #2)

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Still ahead of the pace in NaNoWriMo. Im pretty sure Ive already broken my all time high for words this year but I may have done more and not remembered it because 10,000ish words in a month are crap....10,000ish words in 5 days however...

A bit short for this one bacause its a bit light-hearted compared to the following section. I might start doing 3 update weeks during November since my backlog of entries is piling up fast cuz Im awesome like that.

Now if you excuse me, these blurbs I write arent the ones that count for NaNoWriMo...

Current status of my 2011 NaNoWriMo: 12,353 / 50,000 (37,647 words to go!)
Current pace has me writing my 50,000th word on: November 24th

Keep pace with me or join me if youre doing it too:


[Safe Haven - Tuckers Sex Story]

The roller coaster hadn’t been operational for over a decade but its tracks had been ventured every day since. It featured the best view of the wastelands and the perfect vantage point to see anything approaching the Rogues camp. The higher points were an ill advised destination since they’re generally a bitch to climb up to and a couple points put you in view of any ResEs on the walls of the city.

Every day, Teto, Tucker and Jake would meet at the highest safe point on the tracks and kill the early morning together. Tucker always brings his rifle and has target practice. Of all the situations and excuses he comes across to open fire during the coarse of a regular day, 90% of the killing he does is up on the tracks. Jake usually goes to enjoy the view and occasional breeze. He said it calms him, brings him back to an easier time in his life. Teto makes it his routine to do nothing of importance. Under the constant stress of what the Rogues are trying to pull off, Teto figures he would’ve burnt out long ago if not for him dropping everything every morning to literally enjoy the sunrise.

The three men had done the same routine on and off for the last few years. Sometimes one or all of them will miss the opportunity. Maybe Teto will be too engrossed in activities to pull himself away or Jake getting pinned down somewhere in Safe Haven so he needs to wait a day or two before attempting to escape (his record stands at two and a half weeks of being hunted before escaping, most of which was spent in a crawlspace in a partially collapsed house). If one or the other isn’t around, Tucker wont even bother, claiming it isn’t as fun unless everyone is there.

“I’m gonna no scope that fucker!” Tucker said sitting on the edge of the track with his legs hanging over the side as his removed his scope and handed it next to him to Teto. “You really shouldn’t remove this.” he said as Tucker aimed down his rifle to a mass of zombies near the outer wall of the park. “It was loose anyway. Have to readjust it anyway, now look, you see that fat one with the blue shirt?”

Teto raised his binoculars and peered at the zombie Tucker described. “Yeah,” he said as Tucker fired. “Miss,” Teto said. Tucker swore and tried again. “Miss again,” Teto said with a smile “Need your scope yet?” Tucker ignored him and concentrated. “Just a little rusty,” he said as he fired. “Hit,” Teto said “But not the head though. So, miss, actually.”

“This is how our morning is gonna go?” Jake asked from a few feet away. He was reclined on the track as it sloped upwards so he could see strait out to the horizon. “Yeah, well, don’t you have a friend you’re suppose to visit?” Teto asked as Tucker fired yet again. “Got ’em!” he called but Teto wasn’t looking. “Gonna visit him after this,” Jake said “Doubt he’s even up yet. I’ll grab the supplies and be back before you know it. Tucker, wanna come?”

“I ain’t going near that fucker,” Tucker said “Not until someone deals with you know what.” Jake let out a chuckle. “Go with Jordan,” Teto said “He’ll get you there quick.” Tucker reloaded and looked back into the mass of zombies. “See that one, all alone over on the left?” he asked Teto who handed him back his scope. “I don’t give a shit,” he said “Just put the scope back on.”

“How long is this trip of ours gonna take?” Tucker asked. Teto shrugged. “Depends on how fast we find what we’re looking for,” he said. “Gonna be a long time, that’s for sure,” Jake said “Hope you took a good look around the city before you left.” Tucker shifted himself so his legs were back on the track. “damn,” he said “Should have gotten some pussy last night while I had the chance.” Teto and Jake laughed. “What’s so funny?”

“I’ve never known you to have sex, Tuck, and I’ve known you longer than anyone,” Teto said. “You never know cuz you ain’t around when I get some,” Tucker said. “You’re a fucking virgin!” Jake called with a smile. “Screw you,” Tucker said, “I have plenty of sex before I even got here.” Jake scoffed. “When did that happen?” he asked “Back when you were a kid with your parents, or when you were chased here by the dead?” Tucker flipped him a middle finger. “You don’t know me before I joined this place. I’ve been a lot of places and fuck a lot of girls.”

“Just none since you got here,” Teto said. Tucker gave Teto a middle finger of his own. “Let me tell you fuckers about the last time I got laid in Safe Haven,” he said. Teto and Jake looked at each other with smiles before turning back to Tucker to listen. “This I gotta hear,” Jake said.

“Right, so it was a couple months ago,” Tucker said “Teto, you were off with Johnston sucking each other off with your civilian friend while Jake was getting it in the back door from his priest buddy. I was just chillin’ by the rendezvous scoping out for any wayward ResEs when I suddenly got tired of waiting for you fuck nuts to return. I decided to head into town.”

“Cooper never said anything about you breaking off on your own before,” Jake interrupted. “Cooper’s a fucking liar,” Tucker responded. “I doubt you’d say that to her face,” Teto said as Tucker raised his hands into the air. “Can I fuckin’ tell this or what?” Teto and Jake both smiled again, but stayed quiet.

“So, like I said, I’m into the city proper and a bunch of people see me-”

“People saw you?” Teto broke in.

“Shut up. Yeah, and when they all took off runnin, this one bitched looked at me and gave me a smile. Like, a I-want-to-fuck-you-now kind of smile. Then she ran into a nearby building and motioned for me to follow. So now we’re in the privacy of this house, just the two of us, and I end up chasing her around. Can you believe that? She made me chase her. And she was a tough one to keep up with, which can only mean good things for when we get down to business later.

“So we eventually end up in the bedroom and there I find her, lying on the bed, sitting up to face me. All she’s wearing is a pair of shorts and some torn rag for a top. It takes me about three, maybe four seconds to strip that stuff off of her and then I get naked myself and climb in with her. She asks me about a condom or some shit and I just laugh and get started. So now I’m-”

“Alright, enough fantasy tales for me,” Jake said as he stood up and started walking away. “How dare you walk out on my penthouse tale!” Tucker called as Jake threw a wave up as he continued walking away. “You wanna hear what happened next?” Tucker asked Teto. “Not particularly,” he said as he too stood up and walked. “Just make sure that scope is on strait and please jerk one out before we leave. “I don’t need no scope,” Tucker said.

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