November 25, 2013

Demonic Investigator - Work-Friendzoned (NaNoWriMo update #6)

[Posted by Ted H]

This next part is a little quick, so I'm gonna go right ahead and post it right after the last part...
In other news, I checked my stats this year against my stats from 2011 when I last won NaNoWriMo and found out Im ahead of that pace for 50K. So despite my roller coaster year with word counts constantly going over and under the expected pace, Im now on track for an easy win...hopefully.

Current status of my 2013 NaNoWriMo: 45,557 / 50,000 (4,443 to go!)
At this rate, my 50,000th word will come on: November 28th

Join me!


[Demonic Investigator - Work-Friendzoned]

           "So..." John started as he and James rode the elevator up "What did you think of Elizabeth?" James sighed "I think she's a ditz," he said "And either she misplaced some body parts, or you apparently neglected to inform me of the amount of organized crazy that this case is rocking."
            "Yeah, the killer took their hearts."
            "He didn't simply take their hearts. He ripped them open, practically with bare hands. So unless the Incredible Hulk is our killer-"
            "Look, I know this whole case is nuts, but no one here has any clue of where to go on this. That's why I brought you in. This isn't Cazenovia, the cops here are some of the best and even they can't figure it out. I don't know if you were expecting things to be easy or what."
            "Anything come back on that fabric I found last night?"
            "Nothing conclusive. A lot of oil from the car, but defiantly no DNA to work with."
            The elevator stopped and the two got off. "Look," James said "If you want me to be of any use, I need to know everything now, and I mean every last detail, right down to the seemingly insignificant."
            "I'm giving you everything I know," John protested.
            "Not good enough."
            "Well I don't know how else to help you."
            "I need to talk to this Bradford guy."
            "Absolutely not."
            "Look, we're going to run into this guy eventually. Might as well do it now. At the very least we can get the awkward introductions out of the way."
            "This is such a bad idea."
            "You want my perspective? Kinda hard to do a good job when I'm running around behind everyone and trying to read cold clues and heartless corpses."
            "Fine, we'll talk to Bradford. But for the record, I hate this idea."
            "I'm gonna catch your sisters killer because of this. I think you'll manage."
            John said nothing for a moment before deciding to change the subject. "So anyway, about Elizabeth..."
            "Not interested in you," James said before John had a chance to finish.
            "Well what makes you say that?"
            "She's giving you professional courtesy out the ass, but she still only refers to you as "Officer Praque" as opposed to just "John" meaning she doesn't see you as anything more than a workplace friend. I got the same attitude from her despite just meeting her. So either she's a really easy lay, or you've been work-friendzoned."
            "I need to stop talking to you."

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