November 12, 2013

Demonic Investigator - First Night (NaNoWriMo Update #3)

[Posted by Ted H]

This year I've managed to stay on a steady track for opposed to the year I won where I maintained a healthy lead throughout. For comparisons sake: after 12 days in 2011, I was 2 full days ahead of the pace...and wrote word #50,000 5 days ahead of schedule...
All I need is a solid couple of days to really get some words out...hopefully I get some good days in before Saturday, where the entire day will be busy with no time for writing.

Current status of my 2013 NaNoWriMo: 20,158 / 50,000 (29,842 to go!)
At this rate, my 50,000th word will come on: November 30th

Join me!


[Demonic Investigator - First Night]

            John slamming his fist onto the car horn broke James out of his slumber. It was dark out, but street lights illuminated everything around, including a pedestrian who wasn't in the mood to wait before running across the street and almost hit John as he was driving by. "Good morning," James said as he adjusted his seat up and stretched his arms.
            "So...Chicago?" he said as John nodded. "If you make one joke about how it isn't windy right now..." he started.
            "I'll be good," James said with a smile "So where are we going?"
            "My apartment. We'll sleep a few hours and start fresh at the crime scene in the morning."
            "Will there be more cops now or then at this crime scene?"
            "It won't matter so long as you stick close to me at all times."
            "If you don't mind, I'd rather just start now. No use putting this off with a killer running loose."
            John nodded and soon took a quick turn down an unintended street. James wondered if there was a little cop light he could put on the hood or a siren to sound as John drove aggressively through the late night Chicago streets. There was suppose to be a moon out, but the sky was thick with clouds. Not much longer and John stopped right outside an alleyway blocked off with police tape, a lone cops guarding the way in.
            John flashed his badge as he climbed out of the car. James climbed out of the other side and took a long moment to stretch his legs. "What are you guys doing here so late?" the officer asked as the two approached the alley. "Just looking over some details," John said "And getting a fresh perspective." The officer shook his head. "Bradford said no one else should-"
            "Bradford can suck my dick," John protested "We're going in there. I know what I'm doing."
            "I'm really not the permission asking type," James said as he stepped under some caution tape "So I'm just gonna take a look anyway." John took one last look at the officer before following James through. "Who is that guy anyway?" the officer asked.
            Deeper into the alley revealed the actual crime scene. John switched on a police flood light to illuminate the area. There was a totaled sedan that had its driver side torn open and farther along were two chalk outlines of people and some evidence markers indicating where bullet casing were. The entire area around the chalk outlines, street and buildings, were covered in blood. James studied both outlines. One figure was drawn with its arms stretched outwards like they were mimicking Jesus on the cross. The other figure was sprawled out in a less ritualistic way, with its limbs positioned like someone had dropped a ragdoll. The amount of blood in the alley made it seem like a crimson mist had come in from the river and the pungent smell of death permeated so well that James doubted that covering his nose and mouth would do anything.
            "You said this was a serial killer," James said as he pointed to both outlines "Did he come back and kill in the same place?"
            "Two people died here, but only one was murdered the same way as my sister. Michael "Mickey" Williams was the main victim," John said as he referenced to the outline with its arms out. He pointed to the ragdoll outline. "That one was Tony Allanson, and I believe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Murdered just because he was in the way. Mickey was the target. There was a third person, in the car, Rickey Kenton, but he survived the crash amazingly. All three were known associates with each other."
            "What's Rickey got to say about it?"
            "We'll find out when he wakes up. You don't honestly think he was able to walk away from that crash, do you?"
            James walked over to the car wreck. The entire front was mangled. All the windows were shattered and the frame bent up as if it had slammed into a brick wall. The front of the wreckage was bent in a perfect semi-circle. "How was this thing moved?" James asked "This thing wrapped around a pole, but there's nothing to hit right here." He walked around and felt glass crunch under his shoes. "No one moved the car," John said "As far as we can tell it was trashed either before or right after the double homicide."
            "This car wasn't trashed," James said "It hit something. Something big. How is that not worth investigating?" John shrugged. "Because as soon as Kenton wakes up we can just ask him. It's not important. It has nothing to do with how Williams died."
            "Then why not just ask him who did it while you're at it, why bring me in at all?"
            "We don't know IF Kenton will ever wake up again. We needed the jaws of life just to cut him out of that wreck."
            "You don't know how this car got totaled or how it ended up down this alley, yet you'll dismiss it as irrelevant to the murder that took place ten feet away?"
            "Nothing has been adding up for any of these murders," John protested "We already had someone look into the car, and either we start looking for a ten foot bodybuilder, or we focus on the dead people."
            James walked away from the car and towards the chalk outlines. "I take it someone has already run a shit ton of forensics on this blood?" he asked. John nodded. "Odds are it won't yield anything," he said "We found just as much blood at my sister's house and it all belonged to her."
            "Did your sister get any shots off?" James asked as he looked over the markers for the bullet casings.
            "No. Four shots fired here, only one miss, but no blood trail. None of the victims were shot meaning our perp is at least wounded. We checked with every ER in the city and got nothing. This guy must know how to deal with gunshots, or at least knows someone private who could help him."
            "How do you expect me to find this guy?"
            "Is there anything here that can help you figure something new out?"
            "Not from chalk outlines and some blood painted pavement," James said as he looked back towards the car. The whole situation struck him as odd. He walked back towards it while John watched silently. He noticed it looked like it had hit a pole, but the way the front was bent suggested something else.
            "You guys didn't suspect that car hit anyone, did you?" he asked.
            "Not particularly, why?"
            James walked right into the middle of the front and noted how it bent perfectly around where his legs and the rest of his body was, almost as if the immovable object that it had run into was a person. "Now I've seen everything," he said as he took care not to catch himself on any sharp pieces of the wreck. "Hey," he said as he stepped back and looked to John "You have any of those plastic bag things that you put evidence in?"
            "You find something?" John asked, an excited look lighting up his face as he jogged over. "Maybe," James said as he went to one knee and looked over the front of the wreck. "I'll be right back," John said as he took off back towards his car. On the off chance that the sedan did indeed run into a person and caused the front damage, there would have to be something left behind. James was hoping for blood or some sort of DNA left caused by a cut from the jagged metal where the person would have been standing. He found nothing like that, but when John returned with a bag, James had finally found something to go on.
            Caught in a protruding piece of the wreck was a piece of dark gray fabric. James didn't know what it was from but he knew it wasn't from the car and it couldn't have gotten there before the mystery crash. James grabbed it and pulled it free. "This look familiar?" he asked John "Like something a cop would accidently have get caught while investigating?" John shook his head. "I have no idea where that came from," he said.
            James smiled as he held the fabric up in the air to examine. A piece of fabric no larger than two of his fingers pressed together; not a very good clue to start with, but he finally had something to go on. "Got a knife?" he asked as John produced a pocket knife. James used it to rip the fabric into two pieces and pocket one of them. He placed the other piece into the plastic bag and handed it to John. "You guys got a CSI crime lab thing back at the station?" he asked.
            "Not remotely like they show on TV," John responded. "Whatever," James said "Have them do whatever with that piece."
            "Sounds good," John said as he pocketed the bag. "We done here?"
            James stood up and looked about one more time. "Yeah, I think so," he said "I'd like to see where your sister died now."
            "Tomorrow," John said "It's not exactly around the corner and I need to get some sleep." James shrugged then nodded as the two made their way out of the alley towards Johns car. "What do you think this fabric is from?" John asked as they stepped over the caution tape and passed the officer from before, who wasn't paying attention to them anymore. "I have no idea," James said "But if I'm right, it should be from something that'll point us to the killer; either directly to him or at least point us in the direction we need to go."
            They both climbed into Johns car. John pulled out the plastic bag and opened the glove box. "Just leave it in here for now. We'll stop by the station on the way and drop it off," he said as he tossed it in next to some papers and a picture of a young girl. James reached in and took the picture before John could close the glove box. The girl in the picture had long brown hair that went over her shoulders, bright blue eyes and a smile James thought he could lose himself in if he were there in person.
            "This your sister?" he asked as John looked away and started the engine. "Yeah," John said without looking back over. "We're gonna catch this guy, don't worry," James said but John didn't respond. They drove all the way to John's apartment in silence, James looking down at the picture the entire time at the girl whose life was cut short seemingly at random by some sort of crazed killer.
            James didn't remember much about getting to John's apartment except that he was suddenly too tired to look around and went right for a couch. Before he fell asleep he made a mental note to hold a gun to John's head for some damn coffee before he did any more investigating. There was no way he was gonna catch anyone without some form of stimulant in his system.

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