November 24, 2013

Demonic Investigator - The Morgue (NaNoWriMo Update #5)

We are entering the final week of this little challenge, and I am finally hitting my stride, which is great because I work retail, and black Friday will allow me 0 time to write. I wanna be done with this by Thanksgiving, or at least have a healthy enough lead where I wont need much more to hit 50k by the end day.

I've also determined a little checklist I inadvertently need to accomplish in all my novels...
-Gratuitous female nudity
-Guns guns guns!
-Excessive swearing
-Boom! Headshot!
-Default Will Death

As I was writing today, I noticed the female nudity mark hadn't been checked off for this novel...
...done and done!

...I could have excessive male nudity. But I did that in That One Night and Im still regretting it.

Current status of my 2013 NaNoWriMo: 43,354 / 50,000 (6,646 to go!)
At this rate, my 50,000th word will come on: November 28th

Join me!

[Demonic Investigator - The Morgue] 

           The morgue was cold. If not for the hot coffee James had from a gas station, there would have been a problem. "You guys should invest in a space heater down here," he said as a blond haired woman entered with a clipboard on top of a stack of folders in her arms. "Detective Praque," she said with a warm smile "What brings you down to my little den today?"
            "Elizabeth," John said, returning the smile "Just here to see if there's anything new on the Williams murder." James figured that was a flimsy excuse to get to the body, but Elizabeth only smiled and flipped through some of the folders she held. "Nothing new to mention. Just as disgusting to look at as any other dead body." James rolled his eyes as John approached the medical examiner. "We'd like to take another look at it if you don't mind," he said, using as much charm as he could muster.
            "Why?" Elizabeth asked "And who is this guy?" James was getting sick of hearing that question. "This is James. He's-" John began but James stepped in and cut him off.
            "I'm Dr. James Blake," James said as he extended his hand "Emphasis on the doctor part." Elizabeth tilted her head and smiled as she shook James' hand. "Detective Praque asked me personally to step in and offer my assistance in this case," James continued "As a personal friend, how could I say no?"
            "Well, any friend of Detective Praque is a friend of mine Dr. Blake," Elizabeth said as she crossed the room and retrieved the body of Mickey Williams. "So how do you know Praque?" Elizabeth asked as she finished placing Williams on the examination table "I've never heard him talk about you before." James gave off a fake hearty laugh, one of those laughs that pretentious doctor types love to make as if they're incapable of laughing like a commoner. "He's too modest, that's all," James said "He ever tell the story of how he saved my life?"
            "He saved your life? How?" Elizabeth asked with a light in her eyes. "Yeah James, how?" John asked with a bewildered look on his face. "Well...uh..." James started "I can't tell the story as good as John does. Why don't you two step outside and enjoy the tale while I work in here?" Elizabeth lit up at the idea. "I'm gonna need you to wait outside," James said to John. "Why?" John asked. "If you could Liz," James said to Elizabeth, ignoring John "Could you also set up the first victim too?" Elizabeth searched her papers and gasped when she saw the name. "John, I'm so sorry, I completely forgot," she said as John quickly walked out.
            "He'll be fine," James said "Now, is it possible to set her up on the other table?" Elizabeth quickly set up Stephanie's body next to Mickey without saying a word. "Make sure he tells you the long version," James said as Elizabeth made for the exit. She gave one final smile before exiting, leaving James alone with two dead bodies.
            "I was in a bar watching football the other night," James said as he stood by the corpse of Mickey Williams "How the hell did I end up here?" He checked the notes on the autopsy. "Bled out through wound in the chest," he mumbled as he scanned the report "Extensive damage done postmortem." He cocked an eyebrow as he reread the final part. "Extensive? What qualifies as extensive?" he said as he pulled the sheet off from the body and got a look at the damage.
            The entire chest cavity was open and exposed. "This is not how you close an autopsy," James said as he scanned through the report some more. He studied the accompanying photos and then checked over the body of Stephanie. Each of them had their organs bagged up in the chest cavity, part of a standard autopsy, but as James went over both sets, he couldn't account for either persons heart.
            "I wonder," James mumbled to himself as he did a little searching and found the drawer that contained the body of Tony Allanson. Unlike the other bodies, his chest cavity had been sewn up like a normal autopsy. James dug out his knife and cut the chest back open and began searching the organ bags. His heart however was included. James looked for Tony's file in the pile Elizabeth had left behind. His report gave him a different death than the others. While Mickey and Stephanie had died from bleeding out through the gaping holes in their chest, Tony had his entire midsection sliced open from the bottom of his torso up to his throat, killing him almost instantly.
            The damage done to Tony matched up to the stab wound in Mickey's stomach, so the killer used the same weapon on both men. A different knife had been used on Stephanie, but the style remained the same. Both main victims were stabbed in the stomach before having their rib cages ripped off and their hearts removed. Their bodies were also riddled with slashed applied postmortem which allowed their blood to drain almost entirely. Afterwards their bodies would be positioned and left to be discovered.
            Neither bodies had any defensive wounds or any DNA on them that would lead to a suspect. He checked their teeth and their fingernails to no avail. The ribs had been removed, not with a tool like James first thought, but one by one by force, each bone awkwardly bent and snapped. James wasn't even sure if such a feat was possible, at least not able to be done quickly without being discovered.
            "This is crazy," James said as he flipped through all the paperwork again, making sure he wasn't reading anything wrong. "John," he called as he left the morgue "John, what kind of case did you give me?"

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