March 2, 2011

That One Night - Pills, Kills, and Wills (death)

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Aight, I can do one of a couple things tonight. I can either continue Safe Haven...or I can post something else, thus preventing myself from having too much drama come back to back. I went all of February going with the same theme. Figured I could change it up a bit from myself by posting a little piece from "That One Night", I can give an example of the only rule I force upon myself when writing. I call it...

The Default Will Rule: When the story calls for an unimportant (even random) character to die in a trivial fashion, only serving to show off just how deadly/powerful the opposition is, that character shall be named "Will" and they will die the first time, every time.*

*Note: the characters named Will never need to be based off the actual Will the rule is named after. The only similarity is the name.

Anyway, this piece of the story shall show off not only how my Default Will Rule operates, but also just how bat shit insane this story can become...



[That One Night - Marshall's Flashback]

[The main character and his friend (Marshall) are in a diner after the first major encounter with a malevolent shadow wraith. Marshall now goes on to talk about the history he's had with this wraith]

"How many more people are dead, Marshall?" I asked

“Three. When he killed Will, I knew I needed help with this. When the shadow wraith found me, I freaked. You have to understand, I thought I was rid of it. It just came out of nowhere one day, screaming at me, but only I could hear or see it. Can you imagine what its like living around something that is screaming at you 24/7? It never stopped. Day, night, weekends, even holidays, all it ever did was scream. I would be watching TV with my entire family and this thing would appear right in front of the screen, screaming bloody murder, and only I would see and hear it. Everyone else would just stare right though it as if it weren’t there, because to them there really was nothing there.

“It would toss things in my room around at night, sometimes throwing them into the wall and breaking them over my head. It would steal things from around the house and leave them in my room. One night, it actually took all the panties from my mothers room and stuffed them under my mattress. I had to try an sneak them back where they belong at two in the morning. Try explaining that one to a psychiatrist? ‘Well sir I don’t actually have a fetish with my mothers underwear, that’s actually the mischief of ghost from another world that only I can see and hear.’ Yeah, it was best to avoid that conversation.

“My parents grew concerned anyway, especially when I started screaming back at the wraith, and they called my case worker. He was a doctor of some crap from some crappy university, with a friendly “You can just call me Will” attitude that made me resent him even more. For this visit, he brought a bottle of pills which he pulled from his pocket. He fed me some bull shit like what I was experiencing wasn’t real, then tried to get me to swallow a couple of the pills from the bottle. He told me the pills would make everything better again, like it was really that fucking simple to end this. A wraith from another fucking realm was constantly in my face screaming and a bottle of pills were suppose to magically make everything sunshine and roses? If Will honestly believed that bull shit, then he was the one that needed psychiatric help.

“I ignored the pill offer, which caused Will to get more invasive about me having to eat them. Apparently he wasn’t offering me the pills so much as he was ordering me to take them. I told him to fuck off. Then he said he would have to get physical if I didn’t willingly take the pills. Now, Will was a fat sack of shit, with no real muscle tone to speak of, so I laughed off his little “threat” which apparently struck a chord with him because the next thing I knew, the fucker was on top of me.

“Will was on top of me in the most non sexual way you can get when you’ve got your fingers in another persons mouth. His hand was trying to pry my teeth open so he could shove those damn pills down my throat, and I made the mistake of underestimating this fat fucks fatness, so I was trapped under his weight with his fingers in my mouth (again: completely nonsexual). That’s when the wraith struck.

“I didn’t see it act, but I felt the freezing chill run through my spine, announcing His presence. One second, Will had me pinned down under all 300+ pounds of lard, the next, he was off me and airborne. Will flew across the room and slammed into the wall, then collapsed onto the floor. I ran over and asked if he was alright. He got back up and ignored me. At first I thought he was either disoriented or perhaps he thought I was the one that had thrown him and was mad now. Something was off though, and I knew it had 100% to do with the wraith.

“Will then turned to face me with a big smile on his face. He told he how he really wanted me to take the pills. He said it would make me very happy. “Look how happy you could be,” he said as he downed the entire bottle of pills and gave off the biggest smile he could. “Wait” he said through his grin “You can be happier than this, I’ll show you.“ He then grabbed his cheek and dug his fingers in, blood pouring down his face as he ripped. He pulled and yanked at the skin until he had ripped his entire cheek off. I could see every tooth all the way over the side of his face.

“He then did the same thing to the other side of his face until he had ripped both cheeks off. You could see all of his teeth and he really did look happy as a result, despite the blood now pouring from his head. “Look how happy I am,” he said before he reached into his bag and pulled out a Swiss army knife.

“I really didn’t know what to do. I wanted to run, call for help, do anything but just stand there. “Will, uh…please stop,” was all I could throw out there. “Stop?” Will responded “I haven’t been this happy in my entire life, why would I stop now?” he then started cutting around his head onto the back of his neck and back to the other side of his face so that his “smile” went all the way around his head.

“He then grabbed his jaw and yanked it downward. A wet pop sounded as his jaw now hung limp below his head, his tongue dangling down as blood and drool dripped from it and onto the floor. Will tried to laugh, but the gargling of blood rising from his throat kept cutting him off. He then started carving happy faces into his body, because apparently what he did to his head still didn’t quite portray how happy he was feeling. He was putting happy faces on his arms, legs, chest, hell, he even threw a few stabs into his crotch all while laughing up blood and bile from his mouth.

“There was no room on his body for any more stabbing, so Will started smearing his blood onto the walls to make happy faces. He then shoved his hand into his pants and into his ass and used his feces to make more happy faces. Apparently Will had become Bob Ross and needed just the right shade of brown to sufficiently spread equality in his world of the happy, bloody shit people.

“Eventually, enough blood poured out of Will and he fell over dead. At that point my dad busted down the door and saw what had happened. The timing was impeccable. My dad assumed what most normal people would assume: that I freaked out in a bad way and killed Will…then spread blood and feces on the walls because fuck conventional wisdom and common sense, I’m a loony! Next thing I knew, cops had arrived to arrest me. The officers took one look into the room where Will was and one of them ran off to puke somewhere. I didn’t blame him, what with the shit and the drying blood and the decomposing corpse, the room had become pretty rancid. The cops led me out of the house and towards their car. One threw me onto the hood to arrest me, not at all being gentle about it and he patted me down, which felt more like he was slapping me the entire time, especially in the crotch.

That‘s when the wraith appeared again, this time I could see Him. He floated right through both cops, neither one noticed it, and then disappeared again. Apparently I wasn’t gonna get the same daring rescue twice in one night. A second later tough, the cop arresting me was shot in the back of the head by his partner. He then laughed, put the gun in his own mouth and pulled the trigger again.

“Once again, I freaked, only this time I was running. I knew I needed additional help, and I wasn’t gonna get any at home. I jumped into my dad’s car. I knew he kept a spare key in the glove box so I quickly dug it out as fired up the engine. When I backed out of the driveway, I looked over to see both cops had gotten up. They weren’t coming after me though, one was yelling at the other over shooting him. Soon both of them had their pistols drawn and were shooting each other. I watched in horror for a moment while both cops riddled each other with bullets, stopped to reload while arguing, then picked up the shooting again, all as if it were normal for them.

No one else saw this. My parents heard the shots and stayed inside all to avoid possibly getting shot by a stray bullet, which was unnecessary since the cops were about three feet from each other, it would have been impossible for them to miss. My family didn’t see the truth and it was too dark for any neighbors to see it happen, so everyone thinks I killed all those people."

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