March 27, 2011

John Thomas Smith

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Busy week. No SH for you, but heres a little ditty I wrote for That One Night a while be difficult to explaine how it fits in the story, so I wont even bother...


[John Thomas Smith]

John Thomas Smith, better known as JT to all his friends, was a child prodigy. The boy was smart, plain and simple. He knew everything. He won the national spelling bee and several school awards before his balls even dropped. He even got to skip a grade he was so damn bright. Bullies would try to pick on him for being so smart, because no nerd was safe, but JT always had a way of talking to them that would leave a bully too depressed to try and beat the snot out of JT.

High school came for JT and he excelled even further. Smart, funny, athletic (when he wanted to be), he even looked good. Ladies couldn’t get enough of him and he was popular. Rumor was his cock was over 8 inches and he knew how to use it like a porn star. He was the kind of guy you love to hate, because nothing ever stopped him. The problem with JT though, was that he got bored.

The man turned to drugs and such. Not because he had shady friends or he made a wrong decision, that would be too easy. He did drugs just to shake things up a bit. He was just so amazing that even he began to resent himself. He was flaunting his talents and challenging the powers that be to take him down a notch or two. But instead of this bright story turning bitter like so many after school specials, nothing happened. He didn’t flunk out, he didn’t overdose, nobody close to him died, his parents didn’t find out, nobody overcame him and gave him reason to try anymore, nothing happened. He just kept excelling. The kid was too smart for the drugs to stop him. Fate itself couldn’t compete. Hell, if Jesus himself came down from the sky to fuck with him, JT would find a way to come out on top.

By 18, he was on as much dope as he could afford and was drinking when he wasn’t smoking. He spend nights partying and fucking anyone with a warm and willing hole. It didn’t matter for JT at this point, he could do anything. He graduated at the head of his class and went to some fancy Ivy League school with a full ride scholarship. Hell, everyone still loved him. Should he decide to go into politics, he would have the whole town vote for him, and if he tried a little harder (which wasn’t beyond him) the whole state would love him and make him senator. Give him ten more years, the fucker would be president if he really wanted to. Why stop there though? Was it too much to think he could be president of the world one day? Not for JT. The sky couldn’t even limit him it seemed. First he had to breeze through college, which it was estimated it would take him three years at the very most.

So off to college he went, outside of his hometown for the first time ever, into that wide world that had never heard of him before. The prodigy was now in an environment filled with other asinine prodigies. No longer able to easily stand out in the class, he actually blended in with the crowd. He was no longer the favorite, most popular guy around. Hell, he wasn’t even in the top ten for the class. This sudden shift for JT would not due, so he stopped all of his vices and fucking and dedicated himself to his work. For the first time in a long time, JT was giving it his all just to stand out again. Doing so helped raise his class standing but still, it wasn’t enough to stand alone in the group. Just barely being in the top ten percent wasn’t enough. For JT, it was either all or nothing.

The success and praise that had previously come so easy for JT, was now eluding him despite his best efforts. He was doing better now academically than he had ever done, but it just wasn’t enough to be on top. There was always someone in every class that did better than him, seemingly without even trying. JT was in it 110% and it still wasn’t good enough for his new, impossible standards. Eventually though, he just couldn’t keep up the pace, and started slipping. He fell out of the top ten percent and eventually out of the top twenty. He had burnt out. He had become his worst fear, mortal.

Resolving that his intelligence wasn’t the only thing that made him great, JT committed a 180 on his studies and attempted to regain his previous vices that he had previously abandoned. Unfortunately it was far too late to make any meaningful impact on anyone that was either. There was no longer anything special about JT.

Unable to stand being just another student, John Thomas Smith committed suicide by jumping off the school bridge onto a rocky cliff below. The irony for him there was, far brighter and more talented people had jumped off that bridge long before he ever came along, so even his suicide was nothing special by comparison.

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