March 20, 2011

Safe Haven - Joseph

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[Safe Haven - Joseph]

Joseph sipped at his brandy as he watched the sun fall below the horizon. It was an amazing sight and an amazing privilege. He was always the last to see the sun off at night from his office at the pinnacle of the Hub, the only person allowed to see beyond the city walls. The office was almost entirely surrounded by windows, with the exception of the far wall. The ceiling was a half dome of glass extending down to the floor. His desk faced the only true wall and at dusk, he would swivel his leather chair around and watch the sunset.

Such is the life of the man in charge of Safe Haven. Sure, he was technically one of the three people who ran the city, but he was the real driving force that led. One was charged with running the Enforcers, another was in charge of the education and upbringing of the children, but Joseph was the only leader that mattered. He was charged with overseeing the maintenance of the city as well as its true protector, the massive walls. Any laws or rules of the city that are put into action are because of Joseph. He was also the only one who was refined and deserving of his rank as leader. The other two, while respected, were not the the status that Joseph pulled.

Joseph was high class even before the apocalypse happened. He was rich, and he had an ownership claim with most businesses in the city. When the dead started killing, he offered up that city to be purged of all life so that it may become Safe Haven. He called upon his many resources and had the bombs fall and the walls erected while the soldiers held off the ghouls.

Safe Haven is because Joseph deemed it so and everyone who is alive today owe their lives to him. This is the philosophy he holds and is why he does what he wishes with the people. He dreams of a perfect society, ruled by him, with a perfect way of life. Currently they are all rabid, wild beasts that need training. They will learn to go without vice, without needless violence and become perfect, the way he intends. A society that is unparalleled, one that calls him leader, master, second only to God himself.

This notion was rejected by those foolish people at first, as expected, but they lacked the ability and nerve to go against him. Those that threatened the dream were quickly purged and now live out of the outskirts of his city, waiting to die. They may have banded together and make efforts to disrupt his city, but they are merely insects. They are but the remainder of those who will not be privy to the more perfect world and they shall die as such.

Those that remained in the city soon grew docile over, and eventually accepting to his dream. Now they no longer fight, though they’re still not anywhere close to the perfection Joseph envisions. It is progress however, albeit slow, but progress nevertheless. His perfect society was coming.

Joseph closed his eyes and drained the remainder of his glass. The sun was gone, meaning it was another day closer to his dream.

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