March 9, 2011

On a Cold Winter's Night

[Posted by Will]

Here I sing of tales of old,
Where my story must be told.
Of when I lived on the country side,
An’ there it was I lost my bride.
…On a cold winter’s night…

It but started years ago,
Where my Bride an’ I were eight years old,
When she moved to the country side
An’ my love for her ‘came three miles wide,
I remember… On a cold winter’s night…

I loved her so,
An’ we were wed but thirty years ago.
I love her still even though I lost her,
An’ no comfort numbs the pain I foster.
I remember, still… On a cold winter’s night…

The hour was late when she fell ill, thirty years ago.
Winter came, the snow had fell an’ the doctor dare not go.
I lost my Bride, my love that night so many years ago.
I buried her out in the snow that night so many years ago.
‘Twas a night like tonight… a cold winter’s night…

Now, I lie here broken hearted,
Of the loss of my dear departed
An’ now the hour is late I fear,
For my times end is near for my dear Bride is here,
To take me home tonight… On a cold winter’s night…

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