December 4, 2011

Safe Haven - Anyone Think To Pack Beer?

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So just how much backlog do I have for SH? NaNoWriMo took 84 pages of one document...Counting this update, Ill have posted everything up to page 32...for those keeping score, thats about 50 more pages...Assuming I only post 1 page a week from this point on, we'll be at NaNoWriMo 2012 by time I need to churn out new stuff.
...Then again, theres also Our Town of the Dead act II and the continuation of Why Land of the Dead Sucked...
...shit, maybe I can run this blog singlehandedly...lets not test that theory though...


[Safe Haven - Anyone Think To Pack Beer?]

“I will never…EVER take the fun-run for granted again,” Tucker said as the Rogues finally stopped jogging. Everyone slowed up and tried to catch their breaths. Jake wasn’t sure if he had ever run that much in a year, let alone at once. The group had left the amusement park and ran through the usual assortment of the undead, but this time the destination wasn’t any tunnel leading to Safe Haven. There was no destination, they just needed to get as far away from the zombies as fast as they could. They had been running for hours in the general direction that would lead them to Interstate 40.

They jogged away from any danger, but to the dismay of everyone save fore Teto and Martin, they kept on going afterwards without stopping. When Teto finally fell behind with everyone else, Martin reluctantly stopped. “Nobody told me there’d be this much running,” Tucker complained. “A little fitness training wouldn’t kill you.” Martin said with a smirk. “Fuck you,” Tucker said as he snapped his arm out “Not all of us signed up to be a weekend warrior like you did.”

“I was a Marine,” Martin said, dropping the smirk. “So how come you didn’t die like the rest of them?” Tucker asked “Or did you run away?” Martin’s eyes went wide as he slowly walked over towards Tucker, looking to punch him. “Alright,” Johnston said as he got in Martin’s way “We really don’t need to be fighting on day one.”

“This was such a good idea,” Cooper said sarcastically to Jake, who rolled his eyes. “No more running,” Tucker said. “We’d get where we need to be faster if we double time it,” Martin argued. “We don’t even know where exactly we’re going!” Tucker shouted “And I already feel a cramp.”

“All in favor of only running when we need to?” Jake asked aloud as he, Tucker, Cooper and Johnston raised their hands. “Seriously?” Tucker asked Jordan, who had his hand down. “I dunno, I kinda like the exercise,” he said. “We’re gonna be doing this for DAYS Maybe WEEKS!” Tucker said. “Oh,” Jordan said as he raised his hand “Well in that case…”

Jake walked over to Teto who was busy studying a map. “Any clue where we are yet?” he asked as Teto looked up. “I need a landmark or something before I know for sure,” he said as he folded the map up and pocketed it “Maybe find a couple street signs and figure it out from there. If anything, we should stay on whatever road this is. Should take us somewhat in the right direction.”

“And we can figure a way back home, right?” Jake asked. Teto nodded. “I still remember a lot of the surrounding areas. May have been years since I did, but it looks familiar enough. Once we go too far I’ll mark the map or something.”

Jake knew Teto had been planning this trek for some time, but it was good to know he still had a handle on things. He had told everyone to pack for a long trip including plenty of ammo for guns. Everyone had supplies to last the trip back and forth to Texas (just in case they never find any help or supplies along the way) and while they were told to carry plenty of ammo, they were instructed to go light on actual guns. Everyone had a knife and sidearm plus their own additional gun. Jake had the only shotgun and Tucker carried his rifle as expected. Martin and Teto each lugged carbine rifles while Jordan carried a pair of submachine guns. Cooper had an AK-47 and Johnston used a hunting rifle.

“You know what I once heard?” Jordan asked as everyone started walking again “I heard that most of the zombies are all around Safe Haven. The rest of the world is safe.” No one responded to that and even Jordan knew it was only wishful thinking. “Anyone think to pack beer?” Jake asked as he lit up a cigarette, which was met by a chorus of “nope” “sorry” and “never crossed my mind”

“This is gonna suck,” Tucker said as Martin started jogging ahead.

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