December 25, 2011

Safe Haven - CSI: Safe Haven

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Oh boy...Another sequence involving the Doctor...he Is based off a real creep I knew...Last post of 2011? Prolly not...


[Safe Haven - CSI: Safe Haven]

Jezus knew Juan was dead, but at least now he could confirm it, and finally quiet everyone around him saying there might be a chance he was still alive. Kendall had found him, at the bottom of a staircase in the basement of an office building. From the looks of the body, it seemed like he fell down the stairs and was later looted of his weapons, the day old hole in his throat told a different story however.

“Rogue?” Jezus asked to Kendall, who was knelt down examining Juan’s body. “No,” he finally said “Or at least not the one we saw. This was probably something else.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You’re the one last night who talked about them having a rendezvous point, this place is nowhere near that point. You’re gonna tell me another one of them happened to be over here at the same time they’re suppose to be elsewhere? And that Juan happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?”

“And you’re assuming he died around the same time cuz that’s when he stopped answering his radio.”

“Yeah. Takes about as long to get here from our starting point as it took the Rogue to get to where we got.”

“Maybe our mystery runner did it, then.”

“Then why was he here today? He didn’t kill Juan. Someone else did.”

“The girl?”

“As good a guess as any.”

“You think her and the runner are related in all this?”

“That would be asking a little much. Guy was probably a scavenger who stumbled onto the body, shot the radio when he knew we were looking and took off when I apparently got too close.”

“So who should we go after?”

“Let RC handle the runner. He seems to have a plan that I’m not privy to anyway. Not much I can do to help until we recover that rifle anyway.”

“So we’re back on the girl?”

“So it seems.”

“What’s the plan?”

“The plan is we call in someone else to deal Juan, get some rest, then worry about the girl starting tomorrow.”

“That should give me enough time to think up a new name for myself.”

Kendall called in the body and they waited until a few more ResEs arrived with a gurney. There they loaded the body up and walked it all the way back to the Hub where The Doctor was waiting for them. “So you did find him,” he said while licking his lips “Very good.” From there they brought the body down into the lower level of the Hub where all postmortem work is done.

“We’ll just be going,” Kendall said as all the ResEs started walking away. “Oh but, you can’t leave him,” The Doctor said as he grabbed Jezus’ shoulder “He’s your partner after all.” Jezus brushed the hand away and said “Got a new partner.” Jezus used his free hand to motion over to Kendall. “Oh but I insist,” The Doctor said as he reached for a nearby phone and requested connection to The General.

“Guy gives me the creeps,” Jezus said under his breath to Kendall. “Better you than me,” he said as he peeked into the next room where the body was. Above the door, written on a piece of tape was “Autopsy / Crematorium” since burials were not allowed for any reason due to a fear of the dead and the lack of space Safe Haven already suffered from. Dumping bodies outside the walls was once considered, but nobody liked the idea of giving the undead outside any free meals or incentive to stick around.

“Wonderful,” The Doctor said as he hung up the phone “Your new partner has the night off, Generals orders. That should free you up to assist me with the procedures for your old partner.” He then motioned Jezus to join him as he entered the next room. “Great,” Jezus said through his teeth as he looked over to Kendall as he was leaving. “How come you didn’t have to endure this when your partner died?” he asked. “Cuz when Will died,” Kendall explained “I took off after the Rogue and never saw him again. Someone else brought his body in. You unfortunately were dumb enough to waltz right in with the body.” Kendall waved goodbye as he left. “See ya tomorrow, partner,” he said as the door closed behind him.

Jezus dragged his feet as he entered the next room to find The Doctor already stripping his dead partner. Enforcer equipment didn’t grow on trees, and a dead ResE’s equipment is immediately taken and given to others (assuming it was still in desirable condition) so what The Doctor was doing was in no way out of line, but Jezus figured he didn’t have to look so happy about stripping down a dead man.

“First we must determine cause of death,” The Doctor said as he started examining Juan’s corpse. “Dude?” Jezus said as he pointed to Juan’s throat “Pretty sure that’s fatal.” The Doctor shook his head, dismissing Jezus’ statement and continued to grope about. “We need to be sure it couldn’t be anything else,” he said “Like these multiple abrasions, and I think the collar bone may have been fractured. Something else could have been in play. The gunshot may have come after.”

Jezus sighed loudly before pointing to the throat again. “He fell down a staircase but survived,” he said “We know he lived because the body wasn’t just lying at the bottom but it had been moving. Blood splatter around the area indicated he was shot while he was ALIVE and bled to death. Case Closed. There may never be any CSI: Safe Haven, but I’m pretty sure Kendall knew his shit when he explained things earlier. Examining the body does not help us determine who killed him, which is the only mystery.”

The Doctor stared at Jezus for a moment before looking back down at the body. “Help me flip him over so I may check the back side,” he said, completely ignoring everything Jezus just said. Jezus knew better than to argue anymore. The Doctor may be a perverted, old, godless idiot, but he was one of the Three Kings, and rumor had it there was something more than just business between him and The President. He silently helped The Doctor flip Juan’s body over and protested no further as The Doctor did little more than feel up a corpse. No incisions were made during the “autopsy” and no attention was paid to the throat.

When all was said and done, Jezus loaded Juan’s body onto a tray leading to the incinerator. “Sorry, partner,” he said as he closed up and watched as fire did away with Juan. “Alright then,” The Doctor said with a smile on his face. “You and your current partner will be required to meet separately in my office bright and early tomorrow morning.” Jezus stared for a moment before just nodding and walking off. He didn’t know what the hell The Doctor wanted now, but he figured that after his little outburst already, he could ill afford to argue anymore.

Juan was in a better place now, at least better than he was right before the incinerator. Jezus headed back to his room, wanting nothing more than to put the last couple hours behind himself. He made a note to make a pact with Kendall about what to do in the event of either ones death.

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