May 19, 2013


[Posted by Ted H]

Whoops...between work and an overly self-involving set of applications, I've found myself with no time to write this week...and since I didn't win the lotto deep into my vaults we go!

Next week...maybe.

This was written for the perspective of someone who isn't me...which should be obvious since it's about a girl at a party getting hit on...just clarifying is all...



Uh-oh again he will come
His heavy steps like a drum
Stumbling about just like a bum
Smelling much like vodka and rum

He’ll try what he can
While staring at my chest
To bring me down to his place
And let his dick do the rest

His advances are useless
His jokes are just dumb
Now he tries to impress me
By some trick with his thumb

I want to turn away
Because he’s starting to stink
But I dare not look elsewhere
Lest he doctor my drink

Now he’s walking away
To replace his empty can
But soon he is replaced
By a new drunk man

He lets out a huge grin
When he realizes I’m a girl
Just before he bends over
And proceeds to hurl

He seems alright after
As he gives me a wave
Just as the party host screams
“Get the fuck out Dave!”

So that drunk is gone
Replaced by the last
As I sarcastically say
“I’m having a blast.”

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