May 21, 2013

Blog Housekeeping...please stand by...

[Posted by Ted H]

No "new" updates this week, but I'm gonna do a little house keeping instead.

Between "Our Town of the Dead"..."Million Dollar Zombie"..."BGIv3"..."Safe Haven"...and various other long form write ups from me alone (not to mention earlier stuff from other people, should they be so inclined to ask) we've got a lot of stuff that's broken up into parts. I'm gonna try to collect those parts and keep them in one easy to use section...starting with OTotD.

Now, instead of having to track down every single act in the archives, you can just hit up this post and have links to all three acts in one convenient location. Not only that, there's a new place on the side where I'll have a link to every master page. So anyway...

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