May 12, 2013

Million Dollar Zombie 3-3

[Posted by Ted H]

Oh look...a job posting that requires that I have a college diploma to even apply. How rare! Now if there was only a way to hide the fact that I'm white at the interview, then I'd be in business...

The numbering system I use for these parts (1-2...2-1...3-2...Q-R) is kinda sporadic, I know. I just try to break everything up in logical cut offs, chapters if you will. So just because part 1 was done in 1 part, and part 2 was done in two shots, and part three took 3 updates, doesn't mean jack about part 4 or how many pieces it gets broken up into...just be glad when I even finish a part...

Anyway...remember these douchebags?


[Million Dollar Zombie 3-3]

            "We need gas," Jack announced as he eyed the needle on his dash board. It was the first thing either one said since escaping Cazenovia. Jerry grabbed the map which was folded up neatly in the glove compartment; they didn't need it before with Ted. Jerry used his keychain light to see as he read the map. "Manlius," he said after a moment "Just keep going this way...I think."

            Jack had been driving with his lights off, not wanting to attract unwanted attention. After getting out of Caz, the roads had been pretty straightforward, even in the dark. Jerry spent most of the time trying to raise Martin on his cell phone but was having no luck. The snow had let up by time they reached Manlius and Jack hit the lights.

            The first gas station they reached was dark and the pumps shut off. "Backwater mother fuckers shut down for the night?" Jack asked as Jerry pointed to the other side of the street where there was a diner with lights on and people inside. "Go get directions or something," he said as Jack nodded. "One sec," he said as he got out and went to the back.
            "What are you doing?" Jerry asked as he saw Jack pull out a tarp and motioned to the corpse they had. The body was partially covered in snow, but it was still obvious what it was. Jerry and Jack got on opposite sides and pulled the open tarp over it. "Think anyone will get nosey?" Jerry asked as they climbed back into the truck. "Nah," Jack said "The smell isn't that prevalent since it's so cold. We won't take that long anyway."

            Few people took  notice of the men as they entered the diner, but those that did rarely looked away as they approached the front counter. "You boys need something?" the nearby waitress asked. "We need gas," Jerry said "Know anyone around that's still open?" The waitress made a face as she thought to herself. "Not nearby," she said while shaking her head "Your best bet is DeWitt. Know how to get there?" Jerry nodded "We have a map, just looking for gas without having to go that far."

            "Well, sorry I can't be more help than that," the waitress said while looking back and forth between the two. "Hope you don't mind me saying, but you two look like shit. You sure you don't need anything else?" Other people started looking over after hearing the waitress. "I could use a coffee I guess," Jack said as Jerry shrugged in agreement. The waitress nodded. "Be right back," she said and was off.

            The two sat down at the front counter while Jerry looked around. It was a narrow front with booths lined up at the front windows. It felt almost too clich├ęd for Jerry to believe it. There weren't too many people inside eating but what struck Jerry as odd was most of them were now paying attention to him and Jack. Some were still carrying on a light conversation while others were just staring, but almost everyone had an eye on the two new people in the room.

            "You boys passing by or just new?" an middle aged man next to them asked. "Passing by," Jerry responded "What's it to you?" The man smiled "Well most people know that this town all but shuts down at night. Even the gas stations are closed by midnight."

            "Well this place seems awfully busy," Jerry said.

            "Well it's mostly laborers or people who head into DeWitt or even Syracuse for their morning commutes. Breakfast is still important ya know."


            "You boys must've been driving a while now, it's damn near 4am!"

            "Shit," Jerry said as he turned to Jack, who had buried his head in his hands.
            "When did we leave?" he asked. "11...maybe?" Jack responded without looking up "Ted did say about 5 hours depending on traffic."

            "Where you two going that can't wait till morning, anyway?" the man asked.

            "Uh...DeWitt," Jerry said quickly "Just need some gas to get there."

            "Where you from?"

            "...South of here," Jerry said, suddenly wishing the man would stop talking to them.

            "South?" A woman down the counter said suddenly "But that's not possible. No one has come from that direction all week And anyone who goes down that way..."

            "What's it to you, anyway?" Jerry said defensively.

            "Ain't nothing," the man said "Just rumors. No one's had time to travel down that road and figure it out, no one important anyway. Others haven't come back. Word is something weird happened out in Cazenovia. Word is the army is snooping around, too."
            "You were there," the woman started again "Have you heard anything? I have a sister and-"
            "We weren't in Cazenovia!" Jerry yelled, everyone in the diner now looking right at him.
            "You came in on Route 92," the man said with a puzzled look "You pretty much have to hit Caz in order to get all the way up here."
            "Back roads," Jerry said while nudging Jack.
            "You would have hit three gas stations long before the one across the street if that were true. The only gas station on 92 before this one would be in Caz. What's happening?"
            "I don't feel like waiting for coffee anymore," Jack said as he and Jerry quickly made for the exit. Various people in the diner called after them as they left, but were ignored. The men broke into a run as soon as they were outside.

            "What about gas?" Jack asked as they climbed into the truck and Jack fired up the engine.
            "We'll figure something out, but let's get the hell out of here," Jerry said as they drove off. They breezed through Manlius and were on the way to DeWitt. "Think they were right?" Jack asked "About the army or something?" Jerry bit his lip. "I hope not. Though why haven't we been hit by them by now?"
            "Cuz Ted got us there sneakily enough?" Jack suggested as Jerry gazed out the window and looking at the sky. The snow had pretty much dissipated and the sky was clear. "The weather was bad..." he said to himself and realized how exposed they were in a truck with no blizzard covering them. "Lights off," he said as Jack quickly made things dark.
            "What's w-" he asked as a loud metallic "THWACK" sounded. "What was that?" he asked as Jerry screamed "Get us out of here!" Even in the dark he could see the sound came from something landing on the hood of the front, a small hole was now present. "Drive!" he yelled. "I-I can't" Jack said as he floored the gas pedal but the truck only slowed down.

            "Guess we should have waited for that coffee," he said as the truck rolled to a stop and sat in the dark for the inevitable.

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