October 18, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

[Posted by Ted H]

We're so freakin close! I changed my mind about what I was gonna write about about 876564678 times in the last month. For a stretch of time, I was sure it was gonna be a story involving vampires (you know, REAL vampires, not the faggot Twilight vampires) but I never felt 100% sure about it. Naturally it would be a James Blake sequel where the universe he inhabits gets expanded, but would it be interesting? Sure, I got the supernatural shit all squared away with this guy, but usually supernatural and horror go hand in hand. There are some weird shit out there than can truly terrify, and vampires don't really do that right now.
Then one night, an idea struck me for a completely different story, one that would actually be scary and uncomfortable if done right. Once it struck me, it didn't let go, and I knew I just HAD to run with it in November. The vampire story still exists in my head, but right now James Blake needs to do something closer to horror than supernatural.

So, for 2015 I will be writing another James Blake novel, getting a much needed break from Safe Haven. SH has become something of an on again off again romance. When we're clicking, it's magical...when we're not, I gotta hear from her bitch mother.

The Blake story will be titled "Pure Human" and of course I'm not giving any hints as to what the story is about. Part of the fun of reading/writing these is starting off normal and slowly cranking up the crazy.

Follow along or even go so far as to join me this November by following the link below. Next week is my Halloween story (which is also a James Blake tale, just to pregame)and then we're off to the races!


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