July 7, 2013

Million Dollar Zombie 4-3

[Posted by Ted H]

I've found I do my best writing when I should be working...thus, this update is brought to you by: Me, working on the clock and when I should be doing other things that are much more important.

Realized after the fact that this part is mostly dialogue...which is what you get when it's mostly 2 non-black people failing to hotwire cars...

[Million Dollar Zombie 4-3]

            Five minutes alone with a metal coat hanger, and Ted was able to pop the lock on most car doors. From there, Marko would attempt a hotwire while Ted sat lookout. The street was relatively empty, and Ted wondered where are the dead people went. "I got nothin," Marko said as he climbed out, failing to start the engine of another car. They had been making their way down the street towards the college trying every car they came across.
            "I thought you said you were good at this?" Ted asked.
            "I am," Marko protested.
            "Is this why you didn't tell Jay you could hotwire? Cuz you suck at it?"
            "My Uncle Lou taught me how. He also taught me how to break in faster than you can with your abortion tool...just not as quiet."
            So...how come we don't have a ride out yet?"
            "I dunno, but something's up with these cars. Might be related to why there's no power in the area either. Maybe that's why no one ran. They couldn't."
            "Well that doesn't help us now. Wanna head back?"

            "No," Marko said bitterly "You really think help would come?"
            "Maybe the army is planning some sort of sweep. Ya know? Comb through, save anyone alive and strait up kill everything else?"
            "You're a moron."
            "What's the worst case scenario? Since you're being so pessimistic about our chances, I'm sure you've thought of it already."
            "The army? They'll nuke the town."
            "The army isn't going to drop a nuke on us."
            "Not a nuke, but something."
            "That can't happen. Yeah, we're in the sticks, but Cazenovia is on maps. People WILL notice when this place gets eradicated."
            "Just wait until they find an excuse."
            "Whatever. We're not in immediate danger."
            "The idea of getting blown off the map sounds pretty immediate to me."
            "Then we're not in any immediate-immediate danger."
            "We're fucking dead either way."
            "Dude, the apartment is secure. Nothing is going to come after us as long as we're careful."          

            "And how much food do we have? You literally cleaned house when you moved out and your neighbor only had food in his fridge, which in fucking toxic now. He has, what, three bags of chips and a bunch of beer. Jay is fucking dead, if not from the bite, then from the fact that we have no way of treating his open wounds."
            Ted stayed silent for a moment before scanning the street. There was the occasional moan in the distance, but nothing that could be seen. "There's a health center or some shit nearby," he said "There's probably some gauze and stuff we can use for Jay. Worst comes to worst, they've at least got to have an aspirin." Marko shook his head. "I'd rather leave."
            "Yeah, well, we can't," Ted said.
            "Bull shit."
            "You wanna hump it on out of here, be my guest. We ain't gettin far with Jay hurt the way he is though. We at least need to deal with his leg."
            "There needs to be some car somewhere that works."
            "Are you even listening?"
            "I'm NOT saying here," Marko said, raising his voice as he balled his hands into fists.
            "Jerry and Jack will come back. We just need to sit tight. We can't drive out and walking out would be suicidal."

            "We can outrun those things. If we're smart-"
            "Jay can't walk."
            "We'll come back for him."
            Ted stood in silence at Marko. "We can't just leave him alone."
            "I thought you said the apartment was secure."
            "I don't wanna talk about this here," Ted said as he and Marko walked into the courtyard of a nearby church.
            "Hear something?" Marko asked as the two began hearing moans of the dead.
            "Not behind us..."Ted said as he snuck forward and crouched. A snow pile blocked their view of the parking lot, but they knew that the dead had suddenly gathered recently.
            The two snuck over to see that a mass of zombies had gathered right outside the nearby drug store. The front doors were ajar and zombies were pushing their way inside. "There a sale?" Marko asked as Ted eyed around towards the back to see someone crash out the rear exit. "Look," Ted said as he pointed him out. "It's one of those idiots from last night," Marko said as the man began climbing up the snowy and icy hill; the only other way out besides going passed the horde by the entrance. "Think he found supplies?" Marko asked. "Let's find out," Ted said as they ran.
            The hill behind the drug store let up right into another parking lot; this one for the health center. Ted and Marko didn't need to battle any hills, so they were able to cut across much faster and were able to intercept. "We're robbing him, right?" Marko asked as he held up his gun. "We don't really have the ammo to waste, do we?" Ted said as the man ran out into the health center lot and stopped at the sight of the two.
            "So you are both still alive." he said.
            "Ryan, was it?" Ted asked as Ryan nodded.
            "Never really remembered your names though," Ryan said.
            "Ted and Marko," Ted said as he pointed to each accordingly. "Jay's still alive, too." Ryan made a face. "Where is he then?" he asked.
            "Apartment," Ted said.
            "Anything good inside?" Marko asked.
            "No," Ryan said "Place was pretty much tapped. We can't stay here though. They'll catch up eventually."
            "We're just gonna hit up the health center real quick, if there's anything still inside." Ted said.
            "Not sure, but you don't have any time, unless you want those things following you right away," Ryan responded.
            "What if we have a distraction?" Marko asked.
            "I'm not doing that," Ryan said.
            "I'll do it," Ted said "Marko, just make sure you get enough shit. I'm trusting you on this. Ryan, you do whatever the fuck you want."
            "You sure about this?" Marko asked.
            "I know this town," Ted said "I'll be fine. Just keep the back door unlocked for me."
            Marko nodded and Ted took off for the street to head off the incoming hoard. "What about you?" Marko asked Ryan. "Supplies sounds good," he said "We can probably search faster together." Marko shrugged. "Whatever," he said as they headed for the entrance to the center. "Let's split up, gang," Marko said sarcastically "I'm sure that won't end badly."

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