June 29, 2014

Demons Ascension - Cocky Moron

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[Demons Ascension - Cocky Moron]

            "I'll drive," James said "You shoot." He climbed into the driver seat before John could even protest. "I got him, don't worry," John said just as Bradford's car was tossed out of the alley and into traffic, causing multiple accidents and a pile up. John climbed in the back as James took off down the other side where there were no cars. Croatoan leaped after, clearing the overturned car and ran after.
            "How's you aim in a moving vehicle?" James yelled as he pulled into oncoming traffic.
            "Better than yours," John said as he fired at Croatoan "Just don't crash into anything."
            James could not shake the demon in the oncoming lane, so he switched to the right side and tried to speed passed slower traffic. Croatoan kept pace by jumping on cars and easily cut down the distance. "I have an idea," James said as he began to taper off speed "You have another head shot in you?"
            "Whatever you're planning James, I swear to God it better work," John said as he reloaded. James cut in front of a truck who had also seen what Croatoan was doing and was speeding up to get away. James watch Croatoan easily jump well in front of the car and stand in its path, preparing to do again what he did to Bradford before.
            "That's right you cocky moron," James yelled as John hung out the window and lined his shot up. James floored the gas as he sped towards a waiting Croatoan. "Now!" he screamed as John fired, Croatoan taking another shot to the head as he stumbled backwards and did nothing to impede the incoming vehicle. Croatoan went up and rolled right over the car and landed awkwardly on the ground behind them. He was just attempting to get up when the truck from behind slammed on the brakes, but couldn't stop in time and rolled right over the unsuspecting demon.
            Other vehicles were caught off guard by the sudden truck stop and collided into it, causing yet another pile up. Croatoan ended up pinned by the truck and several cars. By time he collected himself and threw the vehicles off, James and John were long gone. He decided they were not worth pursuing and he had more important things to prepare for. He figured two mortals incapable of ultimately stopping him were of no concern at least until after his ascension.
            "Where are we going?" John asked as he climbed into the front passenger seat. "The apartments," James said.
            "We're going to where he lives?" John asked, not at all happy with the revelation "I thought we were trying to escape this guy?"
            "We need to get Amanda."
            "Look, I know you like her, but-"
            "She's next on his ritual list."
            "How could you even know that? No one could have guessed Bradford was next."
            "This guys real name is Croatoan. He's a demon from hell trying to become a god. He needs to make seven specific sacrifices in accordance to some ritual. He tried this before but failed in the eleventh hour when his final sacrifice didn't work out."
            "What happened?"
            "No one knows. But he's made sure everything required for his next attempt is perfect, making sure everything is where it needs to be at the perfect time. But with Amanda, he's kept close in a personal way."
            "If I were him, I'd make damn sure nothing went wrong with the final sacrifice this time around. Seeing me with Amanda last week must've really ticked him off."
            "So not only are we going to where this demon guy lives, but we're going to also attempt to kidnap his final sacrifice. I've seen him choke a man out with another man's small intestines just for shooting at him, I can't imagine what he'll do to us for messing with his ritual."
            "We get Amanda out of the city and Croatoan can't complete his ritual. What time is it now?"
            "We get Amanda out and we keep her alive past midnight. Then we can do our end-zone dance."
            "Great, thumbing out noses at a god-demon."
            "He's not a god yet."
            "Wait, Amanda's suppose to be the seventh and final sacrifice. Bradford was only the fifth. Who's number six?"
            "I don't know. He's already made his star points, I'd bet number six is in the center of it all, in the apartments."
            "That could be anyone in there."
            "Maybe the location of the final sacrifice doesn't matter, maybe Amanda is number six, it doesn't matter. We get Amanda out and hide her from Croatoan."
            It didn't take long to get to the apartments. "Wait here!" James said as he got out and ran for the entrance "Keep the engine running!" He ran under the scaffolding, trying not to notice that Marks paint job from before had burned away and Croatoan's name was once again in proud display. He made it to Amanda's room and franticly pounded on the door. No one answered. "C'mon," James said as he pounded again, then tried the handle to find the door unlocked.
            "Amanda?" he asked as he walked in and searched every room for her. The entire apartment looked unchanged from the last time James was in. The computer sat open, boxes unpacked and bed sheets tossed. "Did she even make it back?" he asked himself as he double checked everything, then immediately crossed the hall and kicked in Croatoan's door.
            There was hardly anything in Croaotan's apartment. The standard furnishings sat bare and unused, the kitchen as clean as possible and the windows were covered with thick curtains. The bedroom was empty of furniture and instead the entire room was covered floor to ceiling with a black substance that looked like melted candle wax but smelt like rotten fruit.
            James covered his mouth as he tore down the curtains in the living room for better light and searched about anyway for Amanda. She was nowhere to be found and he was growing worried. He thought maybe Croatoan abducted her and stashed her somewhere while he took care of the other sacrifices.
            He thought of returning to Dennys and asking someone there if someone had come for Amanda after he left or at least where Amanda went if she was still alone. He returned to the elevators and ran back outside to find numerous cops waiting for him with their guns drawn. John was behind them all with his hands up in confusion. "James Blake," the lead officer said as he holstered his gun and approached "You're coming with us. Keep your hands where we can see them."

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