August 12, 2012

Safe Haven - Naked Man Has A Name

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[Safe Haven - Naked Man Has A Name]

Jezus made his way back to the Hub and into the tech area, where anything that required a computer was done. There he found Kendall staring blankly at a computer screen, the same way he was when Jezus left earlier. “Any luck with the gun?” Jezus asked as Kendall blinked and looked away from his screen. “No,” he said “I don’t think anyone here has even heard of a fingerprint, let alone know how to dust for one, so recovering it doesn’t accomplish shit.”

“I don’t care. None of that explains why you’ve been looking at a computer screen. I’ve fucked…twice today. Even if all you’ve done is look at porn, it doesn’t justify nothing.” Kendall rolled his eyes as he held up a piece of paper. “Remember this?” he asked as Jezus shrugged. He wasn’t all that interested. “It’s all the numbers of the men in that whore house when you and the two idiots first charged in after that guy who took the rifle.”

“Oh, you mean naked man,” Jezus said as Kendall rolled his eyes again. “Naked man has a name,” he said as he referenced to the computer screen. “I checked every number on this list and this guy is the only one that looks close enough,” Kendall said as Jezus looked at the profile. When citizens were forced to have numbers branded to their hands, some basic information was also taken down for a profile to store on file. Jezus was now looking at the profile of a “John (No Last Name Provided)” with a picture that looked pretty damn close to what Jezus remembered.

“So Mr. John is our boy?” Jezus asked as Kendall nodded. “Definitely the guy Rotting Cure attempted to run down the other day. I looked up everyone else and know where they’re suppose to be living. We’ll check them out after curfew just to be sure.”

“What about John?”

“John is a ghost right now. Where he used to live was shot up and nobody’s been there since the riot. Best we can do is pass the picture along to RC and let him deal with it. We got the girl to worry about for now anyway.”

“We’ll worry about that tomorrow. I got it covered.”

“I find that shocking and difficult to believe.”

“Yeah well I’m just full of surprises, partner. So get used to it.”

“Whatever. I’m tired. I’ll be in bed until curfew. Wake me when it’s time.”

Kendall got up and left, leaving Jezus alone with the computer. He punched in his own number to see the profile the city had on him. “Jezus Sanchez…” he read off the screen “…Male…Age: 32...Current residence Hub level 10, room 3...Residential Enforcer clearance level: low…Current status: Active.”

Jezus marveled at how bad his photo was when it was taken. He remembered how long he used to keep his hair and the photo was now a permanent reminder of how bad an idea that was. An idea then struck Jezus, who cleared the search field and attempted to find the mystery woman. He entered Female, age 18-40, and residence in or around sector 2, which is where Kendall and Will had originally picked her up. The results hit with 385 relevant results, to which Jezus sighed and walked away from. He didn’t feel like going through 80 images, let alone 300 more, and he figured it was best to let Duke figure it out for him.

Jezus pondered as to what to do now since his partner was unavailable for a while. After weighing his possible options, he decided to head back to Kate and hopefully see if she was still the way he left her earlier.

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