July 20, 2014

Demons Ascension - Rescue

[Posted by Ted H]

Act 3 is in full swing pretty much. May plan is to post the final parts of this by October...then I plan to do jack shit...maybe a little side project...all in preparation of NaNoWriMo 2014...


[Demons Ascension - Rescue]

            Brittany laid in her bed, tears streaming down the sides of her face as she stared up at the ceiling. A man she had never seen before had found his way in and with no effort at all threw her around the living room before dragging her beaten body to Stephanie's room. He had forced something down her mouth and within minutes she couldn't move. He had removed her clothes and positioned her the way they had found her twin, arms stretched out and feet straight. A rope had been tied around the bed and around her stomach and arms to keep her in place in case she could muster the strength to even move out of the position he placed her in.
            She knew she was going to die here. All she could do now was mourn he own life as the tears flowed and an occasional sob was moaned. At first she feared this man would force himself on her exposed and defenseless body, he defiantly had been eyeing her in a lustful way the entire time, but he never touched her after laying her out. He desired something else from her, she did not know what it was, and he was impatiently biding his time. He just stood over her, only God knows for how long, and watched her cry and shake.
            After what felt like an eternity, he looked her in the eyes and smiled. "No fear," he whispered" You are about to become part of something greater." He then reached into his gray trench coat and pulled out a large curved blade. Brittany couldn't bear to watch and darted her gaze towards the window where her eyes went wide at the sight of Lyle outside, aiming his gun.
            Bullets crashed through the window and into the man as Brittany tried, yet failed to scream. Every round hit the man, but he did not bleed and he did not fall. Instead he looked to the window, Lyle no longer there, and ran to it ready to slash with his blade. The man kicked a hole and jumped out, wondering where Lyle was.
            She then felt hands on her and looked over to see James with a small knife of his own as he began cutting through the ropes, muttering to himself about some plan. He then noticed she was conscience and told her not to worry, but she could see in his eyes that he himself was worried. "She's alive, John," he said but she couldn't see her brother "We need to move her now. Stay ready."
            James cut through both ropes around her arms and he quickly and feverishly worked on the rope across her abdomen. He cut the rope loose and pulled her up by her arm. Just as he was about to hoist her up over his shoulder, she felt herself be pulled back down to the bed and saw the man had returned as he grabbed James by the throat and lift him up.
            "You dare?" he screamed just before his head snapped back from a gunshot. He fell backwards as James dropped to the ground. "James, talk to me," John shouted as he ran over, gun in the air. "I got her," James said as he climbed to his feet "Just make sure that demon stays put."
            John circled to the other side of the bed where the man fell then looked back at James. He quickly tried to fire down when the man snapped at the pistol and grabbed it, causing John to fire harmlessly into the man's chest. "Just go! Get her out of here!" John screamed as he struggled with the man. "Lyle!" James screamed as he pulled Brittany off the bed and began dragging her towards the door "Lyle, where the hell are you?"
            Brittany wished more than anything she could scream or say anything because all she could do was helplessly watch as the man quickly reached down for his knife and effortlessly drive it up into John, who immediately dropped to his knees and became quiet.
            "No!" James said as he dropped Brittany and rushed at the men. The man pulled his knife out and prepared to hurt John again when James jumped his from behind and pulled him away. John grasped at his wound and struggled to breathe as Lyle appeared where the window once stood. The man drove backwards into a wall to shake James but he held on for life and refused to let go. "Get out of the way!" Lyle called as he aimed his gun but James couldn't hear him. The man then dropped forward and flipped James over him, James pulling the gray trench coat as he fell and the man pulled free. Lyle then fired his gun at the man until it clicked empty, hitting him in several places including the head which caused him to drop.
            "Get John out of here, NOW!" James screamed as he scrambled to his feet "I'll get the girl." Lyle reached in and grabbed John as he fell over, and began pulling him out of the house. James had his one arm tangled in the trench coat, but ignored it as he ran up and placed his arms under Brittany. He picked her up as he awkwardly made for the hole to follow Lyle and John. Before he reached the hole, the man appeared with unbelievable speed and lifted them both up by their throats.
            Brittany was still able to breathe but it looked like James was about to turn purple as the man glared at him with a twisted face of suppressed rage. He said nothing as he wound up and hurled James through a wall and outside. He then tossed Brittany back onto the bed, he arms and legs falling perfectly the way they had been laid out before, and he cleaned off his blade from her brother's blood."
            "Get away from her, you fucking scumbag!" Lyle screamed as he charged back in, the man barely paying him notice as he swatted Lyle back out as easily as if he were a fly. Brittany began to cry again as she watched the man calmly walk back over to her bedside. "My ascension begins," he said as he raised his knife. Brittany was able to scream again at that moment, but it would not last long.
            Lyle was able to get to his feet again and shake off the fall he took. By time he was able to approach the house again though, a large green fireball erupted from inside the bedroom, blowing him back down. The man had claimed her soul as his own, and was now on the verge of accomplishing his goal.

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